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Hello there Christmas!


It sure is funny what you find on outings! I went with Brian when he deposited his check and we found a cute little store up in Kennett. They had healing kinds of things, and a mixture of art, jewelry and even a lending library of wellness books. I told Brian to go back up sometime and pick me out something. We then went looking for a new geocaches. The hardest part with these were finding places to park. The one we didn’t really try to find had cars zooming by-I just didn’t feel like having people watch me poke around, so we went to one I tried to find in June and I could see it under this big electrical box from the car!

I needed something at the Dollar General, but before we went in there, I hit the Habitat for Humanity resale store. The first thing I see is a sign that all Christmas items were 50% off! That included trees. So one really stood out-prelit with at least 400 lights and it had tinsel woven on the green branches. It was under $40 and I know this had to be over a $200 tree. We got the box and it looked new. I will have to load it up  with ornaments to cut back on the brightness. Right now I have both autumn stuff and the tree up. I’ve never had a tree up in November before! It took only a few minutes to get up too.


I have to mess with the branches a bit. I was trying out some holly up near the top there.

I’m really excited to decorate it. I have a lot of work to do to get it tidied up in the living room. I also received a big gift order and that box is in there too.

Finally some Christmas spirit! Not feeling great as my hip and back had dampened my enthusiasm. I did go to the physical therapist and she thinks my issue is the ‘gel’ between my back ligaments  that is all shifted to one side. I have to do a form of a push up several times a day, 10 times a session. That is killing my arms. I think it is helping a bit. My insurance won’t pay for the PT (it sure doesn’t pay for much, and has a rule about pre-existing conditions, which is crazy for people over 50).

I went back to the church on Wednesday and the kids were mostly good. I’ve worked here 2 months now! We had my middle brother and our mom here on his birthday that night and I made yummy vegetable lasagna for dinner.

The next day, Brian and I took Mr. Cosmo kitty to the vet for a check-up. He is a good weight for his age and is pretty healthy. But, she did take a peek at his teeth and said that a few looked like they needed to be extracted at $20-200 a tooth! He’s had a tartar issue all his life. I can’t see subjecting an old cat to anesthesia either. Signs he is having issues is eating really slow or chattering when he eats-he does neither, but I will watch him. I am still working on paying off my own dental bill. Geesh.

Sunday evening I was invited to a ladies’ tea at the church. Sounds nice!

Photo Hunt-Clean


Cos cleaning, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I don’t have many photos associated with ‘clean’, though all my photos are ‘clean’. : )
I love Cosmo’s little tongue showing here. I may tack on cleaned up gardens if I run across any photos.

Brian and I were out in the yard all afternoon today. He was trimming the forsythia along the road and hedges along the house-this took 3 hours. I was planting more seeds and a few polka dot plants I had gotten. There is a pretty shade of pink in that plant this year. I needed to fill in bare spots. I also stuck more nasturtiums around different gardens. We are enjoying low humidity all week, so not many posts as I want to be outside.
My brother had tickets to a Phillies baseball game for yesterday at 1:00. The guys decided to go at the last minute and by a small miracle got there around 2:45 after having to go to my mom’s to get the tickets. The Phillies didn’t play well at all and got swept at home by the Dodgers. That hadn’t happened since the 1940s! The guys enjoyed being in the stadium and that gave them their baseball fix for the year. Tonight the team is playing awesome in Baltimore and so far are winning. Crossing fingers (they won).

Here’s Sean at Citizen’s Bank Park with the statue commemorating Phillies announcer Harry Kalas who passed away suddenly a few years ago. Coincidentally, a pal of Sean’s dated Harry’s son for a few years.

While the guys were gone, I cleaned out a yucca and Red Hot Poker garden near the road and planted yellow Lantana, yellow Marigolds and different colors of Celosia there. I also added nasturtiums and a few moonflower seeds there too.

Aligning of the universe


I don’t know guys, this is a pretty unusual coincidence. My friend Karin, who is a chef instructor in Illinois, showed me the label of a package of mushrooms she was checking in for class. So the mushrooms were from-can you guess? Yes-Avondale-right down the road from me as a matter of fact-about 4 miles if that.

Karin’s photo:

So I asked my friend Nicki, whom I have know since 8th grade, if that happens to be the mushroom place her husband works for and she replied (this is all through Facebook) Yes, and he delivers to Illinois! Get outta here, right? I bet Nicki’s hubby even handled that exact carton. Small world!
I haven’t heard from the store down the road. And now I have to decide if I really want to be a babysitter. I have a family in mind, but I want to meet them. It would be the time of day when I am getting dinner ready, but then I could surely make something earlier in the day.
I had Cosmo to the vet and having a pet is so expensive these days! It was $150 for an exam, a few shots and a tube of heart worm stuff. They also suggested since Cos is a ‘senior’ now at age 11, he should get his blood pressure checked and blood work. And his teeth cleaned. Wow-that’s a lot of stuff and about $450 more. I forgot about the flea and tick stuff-which I think I can get online. I can get the treats that help the tartar issue. A vet I had for my other cat use to scrape the teeth right on the exam table! Just like plumbers-every little thing they do they charge you for it.
I so needed a walk in the park-it was around 60 degrees out, so lovely. I dropped the noisy cat off and headed to the township park. A younger woman got out at the same time and disappeared for a while, like a gazette she pranced off! I did a few rounds and took a few photos with my phone.

And my car with a lovely tree behind her:

We had some tasty brisket in bbq sauce and smashed potatoes for dinner. The meat is pre-packaged. I have a sore spot in the back of my neck and have ice on it. I think it’s a pinched nerve from picking up the cat in his carrier. It figures.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day


Thanks to Ladybird Ln. for sharing the lovely traditional Irish blessing.
We are having some nice weather here in Pennsylvania. After I got the corned beef browned and settled in it’s beer braising bath, I took a walk around the yard. The daffodils and other spring flowers will be blooming soon. The croci are already! I came around front and Cosmo kitty was peeking out the front door and I decided he should get a chance to enjoy the nice outdoors. He’s really good on his harness and his sniffing was a bit out of control and he was stopping taking some long whiffs. I had to pull him along and then he hisses. I see that the deer made some meals on my hedges along the house. If they don’t grow back, I think we have to cut them down along with the nibbled on holly bushes. We have so much wilderness behind us, you’d think the deer would be happy, but no.
The corned beef was good. We had cabbage, potatoes, carrots and green beans also. I made a sauce but added a little honey mustard to it which was tasty.
Tomorrow it will be in the 70s! Wow!

Collage card #100!


Well this is actually yesterday’s card, but I did it tonight (Sunday). I’ve been busy! And this is the second try. I had a Santa sticker that I traced around with black-off that came and I covered it with the same paper. The middle is from a box of yummy peppermint sticks. The bottom is a row of snowflakes with little clear beads.
Then for today, I did this one:
Dream in green and aqua 4" x 4" Collage Card
I got a sheet of these beautiful porches and doors and my mom gave me a little book of lovely papers. I like how it all came together. I hope you are noticing that I use little bits here and there. Like on the back of the butterfly-that’s a piece of the tag I saved from a week or so ago (the owl one).
The tree is up! It’s only lit and beaded. I better be careful what I add because there’s a lot going on with the lights as I am using LED candle lights with clear lights. Sean gave me the new star.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Mr. Cosmo is enjoying the space in front of the tree as the curio table is in front of the fireplace.
Cosmo posing
Since I moved the tree next to the bay window, the window will not be over dressed-maybe a few snowbabies as the tree is quite brilliant. This is a good excuse for me to tidy more. I am learning my lesson. ; ) Please ignore the cords and a few things under there. Cos looked so cute, I had to take his photo.

Man in the Moon


This was a candy wrapper! I did buy the milk chocolate bar at a store in Peddler’s Village (from Razzle Dazzle) for this vintage illustration of the “Game of the Man of the Moon”. I added the dragonfly and red hearts. The ribbon had been wrapped around the bar which only lasted until tonight as it was so chocolaty and creamy.
The next card is from a baby book my mom found at a book sale. The photographer is Lisa Jane who does a great job with babies. I have her holding a rose to go with the Buddha verse. I think it looks sweet.
Single Flower 4"x 4" Collage

Busy yesterday and today. I borrowed Sean’s car to go to my hometown to get my hair fixed and to also visit a bit with my mom and her dogs. The poochies are good-the little guy is a bit skinny from his ordeal. They were both so glad to see me and Kelsey acted like a circus dog standing on his back feet begging to be loved. I gave him lots of attention.
I got my hair done with more blond highlights and a little side bang. Then I took mom to Carrabba’s and I think she enjoyed the blackberry Sangria the most. We went into Macy’s and they have some decent sales and a few 70% off rack. I bought mom three very nicely made tops for a total of $23. I dropped by Kohl’s on the way home looking for some slacks that fit me well and they didn’t carry them at that store. Of course they had 80% off racks-really loaded down. I got a cute blue and gray Vera Wang 3/4 length sleeve top that I wore today and a few other tops and a cute cotton dress. I had gotten rid of three bags of clothes, and will probably do another closet too!
Brian and I took Cosmo to the vet today. He cries going and coming home. I noticed my van is really hot under the second seat-not good. Anyway, my little furball weighs 15 pds. I let him out of the carrier in the van and held him a bit, but he then went under the second seat and then back into the carrier. He’s been really sleepy tonight.
Tomorrow I am going with Sean to a Walmart so he can get new tires. Maybe there will be a Kohl’s I can look for the slacks in!
And my Uncle Don is still in the hospital and I can’t seem to get through to him as the phone just rings and rings. He’s in a private room now for a few days. I’m wondering what will be next for him.