Happy St. Paddy’s Day


Thanks to Ladybird Ln. for sharing the lovely traditional Irish blessing.
We are having some nice weather here in Pennsylvania. After I got the corned beef browned and settled in it’s beer braising bath, I took a walk around the yard. The daffodils and other spring flowers will be blooming soon. The croci are already! I came around front and Cosmo kitty was peeking out the front door and I decided he should get a chance to enjoy the nice outdoors. He’s really good on his harness and his sniffing was a bit out of control and he was stopping taking some long whiffs. I had to pull him along and then he hisses. I see that the deer made some meals on my hedges along the house. If they don’t grow back, I think we have to cut them down along with the nibbled on holly bushes. We have so much wilderness behind us, you’d think the deer would be happy, but no.
The corned beef was good. We had cabbage, potatoes, carrots and green beans also. I made a sauce but added a little honey mustard to it which was tasty.
Tomorrow it will be in the 70s! Wow!

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  1. Not in the 70’s over here, we won’t be seeing that for a while! lol Right now it’s 25F but supposed to go up in the 30’s with lots of sunshine. We had quite the rainstorm last night so that’s started to melt all the snow. I can’t wait until I can sit out there and enjoy the sunshine…just a little too cool still!

    Your St. Patrick’s Day meal sounds delicious. I’ve never made corned beef and cabbage. I guess it’s because we’ve never celebrated that day! lol

    Hope your day is a good one! xoxo

  2. 171 ATCs?!!!! In a year?! WOW! Do you have any pics to show?

    By the way, your picture looks very, very familiar. You weren’t featured in Artful Blogging or Where Women Create were you?!

    Thanks for stopping by!!


  3. Your corned beef dinner sounds good. I don’t think I have heard of cooking it in beer.

    It sounds like you are having great weather. We got to 60 degrees yesterday, but today it’s back down in the 30’s.

    I just came from Pea’s and I think you have gotten her hooked on ACT’s! Her work reminded me of yours. I think you have inspired a fun hobby for her.

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