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A new collection


Right before our anniversary last month, I was in a gift shop browsing around. They happen to have a 25% off sale on Vera Bradley quilted items. I know they’ve been around a number of years, but lately I’ve been eyeing up their smaller bags as I just can’t handle a big purse anymore. Sometimes I’ll take two purses on trips, the big one with all the cosmetics, etc and the little one to use for shopping. So I saw the chartreuse, black, gray and white one and decided to get it. I love it and it’s little compartments for my phone and wallet…well I didn’t have the wallet until I found it on eBay! I also got the other ones-they all have names-I know the red one has Scarlett in there.  I’m waiting on an eyeglass case for eBay.

They were a fraction of the price of the ones in the store and they were new with tags! The little one in the front has my MP3 player in it and I’ve had it a few years.

That’s my back massage chair. And they are all machine washable. I have enough right now, but I like the backpacks, but they are up there in price.

Made this ATC for a ‘feather’ challenge. I happen to have an old rip off calendar and Elizabeth Denison was intriguing to me. She had to ‘make do’ with accessories, and she used feathers! Another swap bot lady sent me the sweet little feathers as she saw on Swap-bot I was in that challenge and she was sending me a ATC also.

I got two ‘gadgets’ in the mail yesterday. First an ‘extender’ so our WiFi could get to the bedroom part of the house. It took a bit to set up as the software wouldn’t work right. I had to get my laptop to find the device and it did. I can use my iPad in the bedroom-look at movies in bed, i.e.. The second was the Magellan eXplorer device. I had to become a premium member of and I think my phone app is easier to read. Plus I had to go download local caches from the website. The phone app finds them for you! I think I’ll have to try it to get use to it, but I’ll need my glasses on as the screen is a bit tiny. If my pal Carole can find around 150 with hers, I hope to find at least 10 to begin with.

And some of my gardens are shaping up nicely. So many weeds to contend with!  I did a lot of work on Friday and did a bit more today, but I was very achy. I moved some ferns from the fairy garden and dug up Lily of the Valley slips. They are taking over! They bloomed so early, I didn’t get to enjoy their scent that long.

Check out this gorgeous petunia hanging basket. It has Pink Lemonade and Picasso petunias in it  and  is close to 3 feet wide. It was $22-around here-easily $35.

Below there is a Mt St. Helen’s Azalea which is new. Brian cut down the one hedge and I think we’ll gradually cut out the rest as they are old and are more brown than green.

I really am not going to garden on Sunday, but we will have something on the grill. I cooked last night, but couldn’t tonight.

Some more paper goodness


 I really do try and tidy up my collage stuff, and then creativity gets in the way. I start seeing  paper connections and before you know it, I have the scissors and glue out again! It really is good therapy for me lately anyway.

The background for this card was made from snippets of scraps as I was sorting.  I love that little girl and  in my mind’s eye, I can see her skipping around in her butterfly wings.

Another little flower girl for the series.

Sadly, this is the last challenge I made for a Flickr group called ‘Art n’ Soul’. We were to take a torso and decorate it. I made like a fairy dress influenced by the unusual photos of ferns I have. I used a real fern frond too! By the way, that’s light switch is my souvenir from the Van Gogh exhibit, now in the dining room.

We had a bit of a scare this morning. We live in a ranch house and don’t have phones in the bedrooms (we do again now-we put it in the kitchen 6 yrs ago and never had a problem). Didn’t Brian’s dad get a bad nosebleed at 2 am this morning and tried to call us for several hours from 3:30  am on! We didn’t hear it ringing. After the second call, his dad should have called 911. I had several very bad nosebleeds when I was little and was told to sit quietly. He kept leaning forward as he didn’t like the blood doing down his throat. Anyway,  the woman police officer finally woke us up out of our slumber at 6:30! Brian got his act together and headed to the hospital as his dad finally wised up and called 911 around 4:30 or so. The doctor may have chemically treated it (like they did me-not sure, but one of the worst pains I’ve ever had) and Brian took him home. Bri had to clean a few areas that got a little messy. I suggested he stay over a few nights a week, but he isn’t going for that, but should consider it until he gets a job. Since Sean is living here and is an adult, it may not be a bad idea. Old people living alone is not good.

Crafty weekend


I signed up for some more Swap-bot swaps and pulled out my papers and things to work on 3 Artist trading cards for that. Then I decided to play around with some ideas and use a few items I purchased at Tinsel Trading Company up in New York. This is a sampling of what I did and I’ll show you many of them up close:

The daylight savings had us a bit off yesterday…a 11:15 am breakfast (let’s call it brunch) and then the other meals were more on time. We had delicious Trader Joe’s organic tomato soup and Kaukauna cheese on crackers for lunch. Best ever. Also had Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken, rice and sauteed spinach, and a Blue Moon beer. ; )

More later….

Challenges on Flickr


There’s a fun group on Flickr called ‘Crowabout’. You have to ask to join and I wish I participated more in the weekly challenges, but I have about 6 ‘collages’ I’ve made over the last year or so. I actually use the elements a bunch in other personal projects, but the challenge is to use at least 3-4 of them in your collage. The collage can be digital, cut out, printed, (which I prefer) and then made into an ATC or whatever.
This is the one for last week. I like how Cupid is peeking over the top of the ATC.
I’ve been busy over the weekend with little projects as I am sick with what feels like a cold now-non-stop nose blowing today. Love those Kleenex cool touch tissues. Brian tossed some spaghetti and meatballs together for dinner.
Collage a Day No More
I used the girl, the border and words from a collage sheet.
Watching the Superbowl (but not ‘watching’ it like I’m really interested). Madonna is something for 53. She’s 15 months ‘older’ than me. I heard she has a young 24/25 yr old boyfriend and that disgusts me. If you are old enough to be someone’s mom, you are too old to date them. It probably won’t last. Look at Demi and Ashton.

‘Collage Artist’ Book review


I decided to share some books from my own personal library with you! I have 100s of books in all genres, so it may take a while to pick and chose and to review them again, so I will probably surprise you in the process.

So….yesterday was a good mail day as I got Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler in the mail.

I tend to really enjoy the big books of craft or the ones like this that are more specific to certain art. I have also participated in and have received some awesome mail art. I will have to locate them to share.

My dear friend Greta  from CA. has made most of these including the clever squirrel on a broomstick. : )

One from Finland

And a few more from Kelley out of CA

The authors first remarks are basically about how getting mail is a dying art. They state that no one gets mail as no one sends it anymore. It’s true isn’t it? This is one reason why I did the challenges with pals and strangers a like over the last five years as I have always loved to get mail! I can think of another friend who is the same way, correct Ms. Carole?

As a collage artist, I think this is a super fun book to browse and get ideas from. The authors share tons of ideas. They make cool rubbings from items like mail slots and find discarded business cards in a park to use. One suggestion is to make an envelope out of candy wrappers. I have a big box of ‘scraps’ and I will surely start making more art envelopes. I remember one year I did a neat fold for a Christmas newsletter, like an Origami piece. I couldn’t decorate 30+ envelopes for the Christmas cards, but I can decorate them with a few stickers. I guess you could make a master envelope cover and copy it too! (Did I tell you again how much I like having a copy machine)? : )

The authors give you templates for envelopes and some really cute postage related stickers.

And don’t forget postcards and doing some cool calligraphy or block printing (even with rubber stamp letters).

I don’t want letters to go by the boards. Letters are cool. My maternal cousin Ann is the best letter writer (thinking about her now, I need to give her a call if I can find her phone number-two years have gone by now). She wrote long handed and also would include things she cut out like intricate snowflakes, photocopied art work and handmade ornaments. A now deceased pal Sandy would write personal letters to me with her Christmas cards and most times I would send her a letter back.

Let’s all sit down and write a note to someone, maybe even use a postcard or better yet, make your own postal art!

Better start living up to my blog name


I worked on three projects last night, one of which was:

The little love bird is new and a Martha S. piece. I have the copy machine with the printer and the edging is some copied music I accordian pleated.

Today I remembered that there was that fab book sale a few miles away down in Hockessin, DE. I called the library and sure enough, it was running a few more hours. I high tailed it down there and if they were going to close at 3, they would have been crazy-the place was jam packed! I hesitated buying a bag for $6 and finally did. Well, you know I can’t just buy one book. I had such a heavy bag, I had to leave it near the door and go get the car first. I got a few for my mom.

Of course we were saddened (and I shed a few tears) over the passing of former Penn State football coach Joe ‘JoePa’ Paterno at the age of 85. The scandal from a few months ago hastened the poor man’s bout with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Sue (who gave communion to Sean a few times at church), his 5 children and 17  grandchildren. There is quite a memorial now outside of Beaver Stadium near his bronze statue.

Off to my mom’s to take her to the doctor tomorrow. I know she is nervous about her reoccurring issue over the last 50 odd years.  Keep her in your thoughts.

Good move


I went to a new doctor today who was young with a MS and DO after her name which means she has a bit more training than an MD. She sat and talked with me over 30 minutes. I can’t remember the last time a doctor did that with me. I felt like she was really interested in my well being. As usual, my blood pressure was high the first time the nurse took it. At the end of our chat, she made me lay down and took my blood pressure again and it was 12 points lower. I had to get blood work, so went ahead and got that done in the next building. This was the same doctor who said Brian had pneumonia last week. I told her he still had a terrible cough and she said he could call and talk to her about getting a chest x-ray. Call her without an office visit? Wow, that is nice. I’d never hear that from the other office. And at the other office I put my foot down when the last doctor left me waiting in the exam room for 20-25 minutes or more, like my time isn’t important-this happened many times. So I am to continue the medication I’ve been taking a while now. I was happy to weigh my lowest on a doctor’s scale in a while, about 12 pounds since the last time.

I did better at work. It’s rainy and wasn’t crowded.  I was also on a register by myself. The only thing I had an issue with was when a lady wanted to pay her store bill with a debit card (sent her to another register after trying a few times). I did a return and several coupon orders. I think it’s sinking in! I got to leave 45 minutes early as it was so slow and I closed the register. The manager helped with the last few steps.

I may go see my mom, but my brother who lives with her has been sick and I hope the germ isn’t in the house. She’s been a bit depressed as her car needs repairing and she can’t drive. I should take her shopping a bit.

Here’s a gift tag I made for the Bookmark in the other post:
Christmas tag

Update-I added a few more Cross stitch items to the tab above. You will go directly to Paypal and check out and I will mail the item off to you the next day.