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28th Mushroom Festival and meeting Chef Carla ‘The Chew’ Hall!


Winter sunshine


This Friday and again today, I headed down to the neighboring town’s yearly huge book sale. They advertise that there is over 70K books and I do believe them! Being the book lover I am, I can’t pass up a sale. There was even a geocache in the parking lot to look for. Too bad it was so cold yesterday. I had looked at it via the satellite shot a month or so ago and didn’t I sit down ‘across’ from where it really was at the end of a bridge. The problem is I couldn’t reach right for it. I actually wondered up and down the bridge for about 15 minutes. I went back on the website and emailed a guy who had found it after 3 tries. He sent me back a detailed explanation. Today I had Brian. I swore it was the ‘right’ on my side, but it was on the other side! Then I couldn’t find my pen, so had to use a pencil in the SUV.

We didn’t go hog wild book wise. In fact Sean didn’t buy anything.

We decided to go to the New Castle (Delaware) Farmer’s market, but took a detour so Sean could see the old area of the town. Brian and I had been there a few times. I got out and took a few photos, this being my favorite:


See the trio of tree and fence tops?

We then headed to the farmer’s market. I was having major hurt issues with my knee down to the back of my calf.  Think I did something Friday night getting out to retrieve a cache.  (That’s an entirely different story!)

At the market, we found young Amish people selling donuts. They were much more in cost than the ‘DD’, but they are larger and fluffier. Best I ever had! Have to be careful eating those!

We also went to ‘The Hut’ and when we pulled in the parking lot, we saw Sean’s old Taurus that he traded in 1.5 yrs ago! Someone who works there owned it. I think Sean was super surprised. He took good care of that car (his 1st car) and when he saw it, he said ‘that car took me back and forth to Penn State many times’. Where he traded it in for his newer Taurus is about a 1/4 mile away.  But the chances of us seeing it again, just wow.

We went to get gas, found another guardrail cache at the station next to it (drove in circles a bit, guess the attendant wondered what we were doing) and then hit the Goodwill where I found a few bird tchotchkes, one of which is a Marjolein Bastin for Hallmark.

I mainly bought crafting books at the sale earlier, ribbon embroidery and drawing for my mom and a few historic fictions along with crafts for me.

It was nice to have Sean along. He was a little depressed at first, some job issues going on in the family and I guess he feels that his time in the sun isn’t coming along fast enough in the job field. The economy is still not great and I think Sean will have to move away from here when he is done with his schooling.

Giveaways for Christmas


I just came back from seeing the great giveaways that will be offered from Nancy at ‘The Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe’ blog coming in the month of December. You have to go over there now and leave a comment to sign up for some awesome prizes like cross stitch charts and floss trims and custom dyed fabric. Yay, I knew that would perk you up! There will be 25 giveaways for 25 days-so check in each day to see if your name is mentioned. Sounds like a good deal. Thanks Nancy!!

Awesome vintage finds


I took some photos of my new stash from Friday. I am tickled with the framed photo trio and the big bag of vintage greeting cards! Good finds. I haven’t been feeling that great from being overly warm at night and I have been dragging during the day, so I enjoyed looking at these yesterday.

Here is sweet Irene:

I asked the Facebook gang if I should replace the mat as it’s just an ugly yellowed piece of paper. To have such a sweet photo shoot, the previous owner sure didn’t do this trio justice. Most said to replace it with a gray tone mat to go with the flow of the photos better. One artist said that your eye goes right to ugly yellowing paper. One said it gives it character. I may hold some of my pretty scrapbook papers to see. What do you think?

Then I found these interesting portraits, many from Lancaster, PA.

One had this stamp on the back-an old Ben Franklin. It’s damaged by maybe worth at least $5-more that a cent as it originally cost.

1930s McCall’s paper dolls (both sides of sleeve)

She’s so sweet

I found this little frog with the waterlily hat. He’s only about 2 inches high.

I’m still going through the bag of cards. Here’s a few I like so far:

and the inside….that name tickled me

And this one wasn’t even used:

Today I needed a change of scenery and we went to the Delaware Farmer’s market again. I was not thrilled with the produce today. Of course Friday produce will be better. I did go in a little ‘antique’ stall (mostly books and records-lps) but I had seen a little bisque bust similar to one my pal Carole has, but smaller. Last week it was marked $20, but they were going to lower it 5. This time around when I said could you do better the man said $12. I found her on eBay and she’s a Limoge look-alike and had a boy partner. She was about $35 on the site!

I told Brian we should have a stall like this and he went humph. : )

Geocaching on a whim and when you are tired don’t go hand in hand most times. We ‘almost’ looked for 4 today and only found 1. The one we found was at a train depot-one where you see scenic Delaware. Easy as pie. There was one in Pep Boys we couldn’t find as the GPS was bouncing between a guardrail and near the road-a busy road. One was a park and we didn’t feel like walking trails at 5:30 at night. We’ll have to go for a picnic sometime. The last one should have been easy, but my GPS went out and it involved some bushwacking. We went in the woods a bit, saw where someone had made a fire in there-close to a baseball field and the Police athletic building. No dice.

I thought this was interesting. At the place where I bought the bust, they had a 1939 NY World Fair book. The cover was almost off, but it had some great photos. They wanted $20 and I thought that was steep. When we got home, I asked my mom if someone in the family had been to that fair and she said she had! Will have to try and get the book cheaper for her next time.

Heat and hiking


I was all gung ho to score a few caches today over in Delaware. This ‘first state’ is so close to us and we enjoy it’s tax free shopping too. We went out about 2:30 and it was quite warm by then. We headed down to the Delaware Museum of History and this was pretty easy to find. No problem-o.

We headed a few miles down the road (near Joe Biden country) and found a lovely park there. Geocaching takes you to places like this!

There were about three caches in there. I had a big bag with me-water, the fan/mister bottle, Off!, etc. Brian forgot his water!

Look at those steps. I knew I was going to have climb them again.

I was joking around near the parking lot…ha ha for the time being…

Yahoo-here’s the one in the woods

I had had a baseball cap and and was starting to feel kind of funny after this was taken. As we walked back, I brought up another cache on the GPS and we headed for that. We saw it was way up a steep path and Brian went up it first. I went down a bit and found another less steep path. But after I went up, there were more stone steps and I got myself winded and started feeling sick. There was a cool stone bench and I sat there for a while, but Brian was suppose to find this one and he had no luck. If I had felt better, I know it was within 30-40 feet somewhere down a path, but I was feeling too yucky to look. I want to go back here in the cooler weather as I now know where to look.

Oh well…should be gorgeous in the autumn!

Back to those stairs up there. I had to sit down on them twice and I was feeling crummy. An old man walked by me too! Gee, he must go there for a daily walk! I practically crawled to the car.

So we stopped for gas and a cool drink. Oh, we went to the Winterthur parking lot, but I got out and went right back in the car again. I had Brian looking under trees, no luck. He needs to develop better stealth!! : )

I knew about one at Chadds Ford Winery and we stopped there-easy peasy. We would have bought a bottle of wine, but they were closed.

I bought some trinkets from The Oriental Trading Company for these caches as many don’t have that many goodies in them. I got those rubber bracelets, Pirate maps and ‘Kindness coins’. I added a bunch of these to the above boxes today.

Then we were near a Quaker Friends Meeting and there was a micro in there. I walked down the road near the cemetery and the GZ was a big evergreen tree-huge son of a gun. I looked and looked for the cammo film canister and then Brian looked. We couldn’t find it! Rats.

Saw this-what’s up with this?

And this little lamb…

Didn’t catch the name, but I think it’s on the Geocaching site, so I’ll go look again.

We went through Wendy’s and I got their salad with chicken and fruit-not bad. I mentioned to Bri that there was a cache directly across the highway. First I thought it was near the supermarket (which is changing hands), but it was behind the Walgreen’s! So cute.

First log of this kind! I had trouble getting it out-used a wire from a little flower I had!

So….no more hiking for me in this kind of weather! A nice shower helped, but I’ve had back issues from sitting on the floor (too long) to sort through things. I never learn.

Making a bundt cake tomorrow and some yummy foods for the 4th!

20 Finds!


A few days ago, Brian and I were ‘hiking’ in a lovely park near my hometown. As with most geocaching adventures, the coords took us into a pretty wooded area. I’ve been to Rose Tree Park many times, yet not that far into it. We actually found two caches that day! The first was an aspirin type bottle just lying under a tree. I think it was ‘muggled’, meaning non-geocachers got their paws on it. I signed the log and hide it in the tree a bit better.

Here is Brian with the larger cache. I am going to find some more goodies to add to these containers as most are kind of pathetic. I just hope whoever finds it, leaves stuff for the next seeker.

I think this was a challenge to take your photo near the old lifesaving station in Virginia Beach. Easy enough.

This was my first micro-film canister size I found Saturday. It was lying on the ground like the one from the other day! I didn’t have a pen to sign it! I know where I put it, but alas, someone came along and may have moved it! That would mean I have to hunt for it again to sign it.

The above was found in a park near an old 1700 Grist Mill. It’s so pretty there. My brother Ken and Colleen had some of their wedding photos taken here. I also went looking for a ammo box all by myself. I felt safe as I saw other people walking the paths, but the hide was up a hill on a 45 degree angle. I should have had someone with me or at least a walking stick! I really was huffing and puffing when I got up to the fallen tree! I guess the ticker is working good. ; ) Getting down was a bit harder-no not again will I go solo in the woods.

This is near cache and the path is way down-I was crazy!

Pretty park

We had my mom here from Saturday to Monday. We took her to my father-in-law’s on Saturday. You read what happened there. We went to Carraba’s for dinner. The next day, we went up to Lancaster county. There’s a place up there called Flower & Craft Warehouse and everything in the store was 50% off, even marked down things. It was a bit overwhelming. The previously marked down things were outside in a red and white tent without proper lighting. I mean I could see enough to buy a few items. I got a big metal watering can for $5 and spray paint in a pretty green for $2-so I painted the watering can! It was white with ‘brush strokes’ of tan-kind of ugly. I wanted to get some summer like flowers for a big antique blue Ball jar I bought in Chincoteague. I got exactly what I wanted and will share the arrangement when I put it together.

After we went shopping we went to a diner a few miles down the road. It was shipped on three tractor trailers from Texas a few years ago. They did a great job restoring it! The food was good, could have been a little better. I got a turkey club and it was ‘half’ the size of the one I got in Atlantic City for about the same price!

So on the way home I mentioned geocaching. My mom got all excited as I’ve been telling her about it. I got my phone out and lo and behold, there was one in a town nearby. We had a little run-around until I looked at the map and there was the church. I found it within a few minutes and took the box over to her. It had decent ‘swag’ (goodies) in it and we took two things and left a few. Mom snagged a pen.

The next one was in a Lowes parking lot. That was closed and the GPS lead us near a cart return area. Now how could it be there? It had to be around the lamp post. Now from the help of another cacher for a  ‘not find’ near a lamp post, I learned you can lift those ‘skirts’ at the bottom. I mentioned this to Brian and he went over, pulled it up and there was the cache container! : )

So knowing this…there are a few I (we) have looked for and someone did tell me that one was indeed inside the skirt area (near wires) and then one near a grocery store was probably in the same kind of  location. It sure is a learning experience.

So we went back to one of the first areas we tried to find one as now I had clues from the logs and another geocacher that a stick was indeed a sign of where the cache was. There was a big electric box and Bri took the stick and stuck it under the box and felt something-a cache! Yay!

This was a bit damp.

We had looked near a lamp post in our town and it was full of old wasp nests! When I got home and read the logs and people seemed to say it was near there, but there was also one of the big metal electric boxes again-so thinking it’s under that.

Thinking I was on a roll, we stopped near the one near our house. I got out briefly and looked around. I’m not sure what I’m looking for. People said it was easy, but now I’m thinking it’s across the  street inside a guard rail. I think I’ll message the cache owner to see what it is.  That’s the most frustrating one so far!

I am at the stage of this hobby where I want to now hide some caches. I thought I had the perfect spot and called the Land Conservancy of my area. Seems of all the areas they sponsor and fund, the spot I picked is private land. The woman was so nice and said next month, they are making a trail a bit further down the road from the ‘mystery cache’ and I can surely hid one there-yay!

Yesterday and today are perfect, low humidity days. I did a fair amount of weeding, but I so need to mulch. My herbs look awful. Maybe we will do a run to Lowes after I do grocery shopping! : )

Tomorrow-summer blooms around the yard.

Some more flowery ATCs and things


If you catch my blog and voted for me for my contest piece, thank you! I haven’t checked, but I think I’m in 4-5th place out of 18. I showed this piece in about 4 different places and I got about 21 votes. I said to Sean 20 would be nice and since one was my own-I got 20!

Anyway, Brian and I took a walk in the park. We tried to find the cache there that we couldn’t find about 2-3 weeks ago and now there are 2 feet weeds and poison ivy coming up. We couldn’t find it. I then saw there was a good size one near our township building and in under 10 minutes, we found it!

Right under the azalea bush there-lol

We drove near here and just couldn’t find where three were-we didn’t get out of the car for two. I am getting a little nervous about ticks now, so I’ll have to really start pinning my hair up and wearing lighter colors of clothing. I did take all that outfit off when I got home and brushed my hair well.

Here are some art pieces I made recently

My Groovy ATC

That’s me and I’m pretty sure I was hula hooping.

This was to have a Vintage theme. I made a copy of an inside cover of an old book of mine that’s about 100 years old for the background there. The oval is from an old book. The  ‘creating charm’ is from a store bag that had old advertising stuff on it.

I originally made this for the trade. Can you see the Viewfinder slide and the 8 ball? Then I added a sticky flower stencil I added glitter too. Too cool.