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A new stitcher in the family?



I got up to use the computer, and Cosmo scooted over to where I had been sitting and stitching. Brian thought he looked cute and I suggested he put my stitching near Cosmo’s paws. These are cute shots and they gave us a good laugh.
I’m going to the GI doc with Bri later in the afternoon. Our time schedules are really off and we both are a little light-headed today. Whoa!
I enjoyed the finale of ‘Life on Mars’ last night seeing that Sam Tyler was really from the ‘far’ future in a spaceship that was about to land on Mars. Didn’t see that coming-but the name of the show should have been a hint. I enjoyed seeing his ‘dream’ about living in 1973. Too bad it was canceled. I do like the show ‘Cupid’. Jennifer said it had been on before, somehow I missed the first time around.

A little better


I didn’t get my act together until after dinner. Brian and I both slept better, but he’s still having GI issues. He brought home cheesesteaks and only ate half of his-I ate all of mine. I took kitty for a walk as I see I’m not the only one who gained a few more pounds this winter. ; ) I then got the rake and cleaned out a few more spots and completely wiped myself out. Bri did come out and clean up the debris, hoping that moving around would help. I can’t believe how much tall grass got in my irises and roses. They are going to be a bugger to weed.
I was happily stitching on a new cross stitch piece-Herb Bouquet, and lo and behold-that blasted linen-I was a stitch or so off. I was thinking about stitching around it, but it messed up a stem on a plant. Rats.
Herb Garden Bouquet  cross stitch begins
So that’s about all the excitement besides Sean having to write 5 papers by May and not getting a good grade on one he worked so hard on. A Facebook friend and former high school pal John, said he would take a look at Sean’s papers to help him. He use to help under grads at Harvard with their papers. What a nice guy. I told Sean and I think he appreciated that.

The rug


Here’s the rug my father-in-law gave us last week. Cosmo loves it!




And my amaryllis has 4 blooms on it now! I was wondering what to do with the bulbs later on…I know they need to rest, but any secrets to getting them to rebloom or is it a big process? I should ask the people at Longwood.  Speaking of Longwood, I think I’m skipping 20 minutes in the cold for the ice skating. I was waiting for Sean to get back to school and he did about 4:20. He just sounds so thrilled with being there. I had a blah day-blasted hormones!

img_3690This is on the center of my dining room table. I’m still packing away Christmas stuff, so when I get that cleaned up, I’ll show you the entire table! : )

Our tree is still up


Last year I was ready for the tree to come down (it may have been too red even). This year I’m quite enjoying it. Because I had to set up my mom’s tree, it took away from me wanting mine up as I knew I’d end up taking hers down also. This year she figured it out, so I was off the hook. I took a few things off the walls and have a pile of Christmasy things to put away. My storage area looks so dishelved, I have my work cut out for me, unfortunately.

Sean and I went  out for a few hours Sunday to look around a few more stores, though I am broke and shopped out. I can’t believe how many decorations and gift bags are left over at most of the stores. I am being really selective, trying to find things to use for crafting.

When we got home, Sean headed for a pal’s house to watch the Eagles football game. He missed out on a good roast beef dinner. I cooked most of it before we went out and had Bri keep it warm at 170. I only had to do a few things like cook the potatoes and warm up the peas. And how neat was it the Eagles won! Our local sports teams are in general doing great this year.

Sean and I are hoping to go to Longwood Gardens tomorrow-our second try. The kids are going back to school, so that should cut back on the crowd. Then Sean heads back to school on Saturday.

Cosmo Capers blog has been getting lots of hits because a pal added him to a cat blog. I just can’t keep up with everything!

Hopefully my next post will include pretty photos!

Sneak Peek #2


We are a bit out of focus-gotta get Bri to use that camera more. Plus Mr. Cosmo didn’t like posing with his hat on, the poor guy!
Used ornaments I haven’t used for years! Well you’ll see a portion of them on Monday. I found a big box of those ‘bubble’ ornaments at the Goodwill last year-about 18 of them for only $2. I was going to make photo ornaments-maybe sometime down the road, but I like them so much the way they are too. I actually have two more big crates I didn’t look in yet! I know the one is the Victorian stuff. I plan to go through and donate some of the ones I was looking at today, just not my style anymore.
I have a terrible tickle on the right side of my throat-not all the time, but enough to be annoying. I think that’s where I have post nasal drip-drip. As soon as I get out of the dust, I’ll be better! Happens every year (and I worn a dust mask the last few days).

Watch this space


…for my latest cross stitch finish. For some reason, I diligently stitched on it since late July, to early August until now. I have a few stitches left. The designer didn’t use quality paper (yet charged $10 for the chart) and many of the symbols were terrible to read or rubbed off. I had to improvise a few stitches, but you can’t tell. And I did use the tape that Lee sent me-thanks again. I want to do a quick Halloween design next.

I went down to my hometown Tuesday afternoon and got my hair done and so did mom! Colleen gave mom a reverse bob-very cute. We went to Olive Garden for dinner (mom’s had the same tummy bug or whatever I had and I wanted to give her a treat) and then hit Micheal’s Craft store. I didn’t pick up anything to buy for a long time, then I saw a ‘now you can knit socks’ book, but didn’t see the correct weight of yarn in the vast collection in the store, so I scraped that(but it’s something I want to try). I purchased some stickers and papers-some with a Christmas flair!

I’m still thinking about having a table at the church Christmas bazaar, but then it may be better to have a yard sale  which wouldn’t cost me $35. Our basement really needs to be tidied up.  I had a sale years ago, but not sure that people want craft books and baskets. It’s a lot of work too.

So watch this space! : )

Update!! It took me 2 hours to finish this. Then I washed and pressed it. Introducing Sleeping Kitty by Ellen Maurer Stroth:

I can’t believe a strand of my own hair showed up so well too!

My inspiration to do this piece, my own brown tabby Cosmo!

C’ya in a few


Update- 8:11

Mom and I are in the gorgeous room at Caesar’s relaxing. I’m through for the night as is she. The guys went to play miniature golf. We’ve been here since about 12:30 (we got here in no time and used Sean’s new GPS system which is really neat-wish we had gotten one at that low price) and met Bri’s dad in a nice restaurant for lunch. We didn’t go on the beach yet, just looked around the rather expensive/high end new mall. One store, all Victorian style things, had stickers-the kind I use for my crafts-$25 for the little package! Are they kidding? We had a gift card and used it in a candy store.  Bought some salt water taffy for one thing for my blogger anniversary give away!’

The room is really for handicapped, but it’s really big-like a small apartment- a sofa, ottoman plus a table and two chairs(and a huge bathroom). I took photos. I hope we can sleep ok though.

We ate in an Irish pub style restaurant in the new mall I had chicken pot pie, Mom had pork tenderloin stuffed wih apricot,  Bri had fish and chips and Sean had salmon.

We lost moola. I won’t be playing anymore. Sean did win about $12 and I think that Bri and Sean won $30 and split it.

Guess we’ll go to the beach tomorrow. I’m on the internet as it’s costing $13 a day and I might as well get my money’s worth.


We’re off for a few days to the glitzy shores of Atlantic City until late Tuesday. We were a little late getting stuff together as we got our portrait taken for the church directory early on Saturday. It turned out okay, but the guy took an excellent shot of Sean by himself which you’ll see in a month or so. Think I’m saving the other portraits for Christmas gifts. We bought a package  with unframed prints. The photographer wasn’t much older than Sean and an English chap. He hardly let us settle in at all and ‘click’ went the camera. My eyes were closed in the first one. The last photo he took, the one we liked of Sean so much, well he made him say something silly. I had asked if he was going to let us say ‘cheese’ so we have time to pose. Some people are in a rush and there was no one waiting their turn.

Anyway, here’s one I took of Sean for a cute frame I bought that matches my Woodland Walk sampler:
I’ll share the framed piece soon.
Take care!

Calming activity


I woke up with a terrible ‘storm’ in my sinuses. I knew I was probably in for a few hours of torture, and I was correct. It’s almost 3 pm and I just sneezed for the first time today. It’s my fault. We pulled out three pieces of furniture in the family room yesterday (oy vay) so I could pick up coins, scissors, needles and assorted things before the rug got a thorough vacuum. Me without my dust mask. I should have know better. But at least I have my beloved Gingher scissors back!

We went to church last night as we usually do, and I noticed a familiar face a few rows up from me (when she turned to the side). Here it was a lady I graduated from high school with! I hadn’t seen her in at least 20 years, but I know that she lives in the next town over, but I’ve never seen her anywhere! She was with her brother (I’m assuming) and his family and they go to church there all the time. She was with a guy about her age. Wonder if she’s tying the knot? I know she never has. Interesting. We didn’t speak as Bri and I leave most times after Communion. How do you feel about someone using Purell right after you shake hands during mass? I smelled the stuff and it was the lady behind me! I would never do that.

~Update-after doing a wee search on Google, found out the lady above just lost her father who was from the same town as my mom! So I called my mom and she believes she remembers the man from high school as being popular in shows! Small world. Both the lady and her brother do reside in the next town.

So my calming activity-paper crafts. I think making my clipboard collage (will show) and my little ATCs, really relaxes me. Cosmo the kitty tries to help to, but I know his fur bothers me. He cuddles up on my lap several times a day. Checking out Sean’s paper about polar ice, etc. didn’t do anything for me, just make me tense. My boy is smart, but not a writer. He’s technical minded like his Uncle Dave.

My next door neighbor is cutting down two huge trees. He will have no shade in the side next to us anymore. He is getting help, but he’s my mom’s age, late 70s, so he better watch himself. Probably healthier than a mule!

Clipboard collage
Clipboard collage I painted the moon graphics with this awesome shimmery watercolor paint from ‘Five Below’ which was $1 (same as the clipboard-$1)

Never grow old ATC
Never grow old ATC

Sailor Boy ATC