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Longwood’s Christmas lights 2013


Mum’s the word, but not at Longwood Gardens


Two lips-I mean tulips!


Just a little play on words there. Ha ha!

Happy May Day!

My son  Sean and I headed over to Longwood Gardens a few days ago so we could see most of the tulips in their full spring glory. I can pretty much say I felt like I was in Holland as the waves of colors and the varieties of tulips were amazing!

LongwoodG4_13 020

Hi Sean!

LongwoodG4_13 023

LongwoodG4_13 038

LongwoodG4_13 042

There were other pretty flowers like poppies

LongwoodG4_13 001

Pansies and such

LongwoodG4_13 007

Tower of Jewels

LongwoodG4_13 062

Canterbury Bells and Begonias

LongwoodG4_13 066

And many more gorgeous things and plants!

Orchids were the only thing ushering in Spring around here


On the 23rd, Brian and I met my mom and brother over at Longwood Gardens. I bite the bullet and renewed my yearly pass. I say this as I was wondering if I could do the walking there after the past few months. Actually this is bazaar thinking on my part. I ‘need’ to go there for my gardening, flowers and photo fixes. My brother just bought a pass too! He will be bringing my mom out here now. That’s pretty neat.

Brian went along too. As we were walking in, a lady ‘waved’ a ticket in front of his face and said ‘do you want a ‘free’ ticket? Before I could say anything, he said ‘no’! He said he figured I will get a free pass for him via my membership, but still, you have to pay attention to what someone is offering. 😉

It was a nice display and mom said she liked it better than the flower show.

(Brian took a lot of photos too, I can’t remember which he did and I did, so we both will take credit for these).

This was so pretty to walk in to see from the blustery, but sunshiny day:

LongwoodOrchids13 002

Yellow is one of my favorite flower colors.

LongwoodOrchids13 008

LongwoodOrchids13 015

LongwoodOrchids13 058

I mean ‘wow’!

LongwoodOrchids13 047

LongwoodOrchids13 052

I’m a big fan of true blue flowers too! Who doesn’t love these Blue Poppies?

LongwoodOrchids13 069

I think these are African Daisies or mums?

LongwoodOrchids13 022

LongwoodOrchids13 028

Did I mention I like Chartreuse too? Maybe this is a bit more lime color.

LongwoodOrchids13 100

Warm colors are nice too.

I like this one for the demo effect-look at the gardeners’ hands. LOL

LongwoodOrchids13 004

And what they were making:

LongwoodOrchids13 105

Oh I could show you 80 more photos or more! I will be uploading them to Flickr. You will see them in my sidebar there.

LongwoodOrchids13 064

A nice man took this on Brian, my mom and me.

Mom has been a bit worn out from her long walk and standing a lot, so I hope brother will push her around in a wheel chair sometimes. Can’t wait for them to see the rest of the gardens!

In the next few days, I’ll share with you our daytrip to Crystal Cave and Roadside America!

Back on schedule


I went back to the preschool this morning. It was rough getting up that early, but I was pretty much ready to go by 8:15, so  I have a little time to myself.

The kids arrived mostly late, and a few of the little boys were misbehaving today. I brought some rewards stickers with me. I asked them to answer me ‘fine, thanks’, to the question, how are you? A few wouldn’t answer me. The one little stinker ‘A’ tore his sticker in half and threw it away! He did everything he could think of to misbehave (he had time out), but when I rewarded a few of the boys extra stickers, the little stinker ‘A’ thought he better tell his mom he was really good today! The other teacher said he was! I don’t believe in not telling the truth. I mean think of one good thing ‘A’ did, but tell his mom he wasn’t listening well at all. The other little boy ‘L’, wow, what a change in him! I gave his mom a thumbs up. I think ‘A’ was taking all that in. There is a little guy who reminds me of Brian at that age from the photos I’ve seen. Because I was doling out stickers, he may have kept giving me big smiles. Gotta love that.

I took down all the trees, but left a few decorations in my bay window for a few more weeks. I haven’t used my dolls that much, and I enjoy seeing them. If you go to the Brandywine River Museum at Christmas, you will get the pleasure of seeing Anne Wyeth McCoy’s vast antique collection.

Definitely because I am a little stronger, but still achy, I do want to do spring cleaning a bit earlier this year. The first thing I want to do is clear off my ‘eBay’ table. Actually the first thing I have to do is tidy up the Christmas storage boxes.

I have to share a funny geocaching experience. Brian and I had been down to my hometown to take my mom on a few shopping errands. When we were on our way home, I noticed a geocache in my hometown was up again! We were heading in the right direction, so turned down State Street. The GPS zoned in on a black bench and two chairs. Remember it’s night time and it’s a nano. It was mostly deserted…and then I saw Mr. Policeman heading down the middle of town. I quickly sat down and put the phone to my ear! Brian was going to give up, but I said, hold on, I want to look where people’s hand won’t normally hit, the back and on the bottom . Yay!

Unfortunately, earlier that evening, my mom got knocked off balance by a step up display’s corner at Old Navy. She was grabbing the coats she was looking at while I was grabbing her to save her from hitting the step too hard. For some reason she ended up laying flat on the display! The manager of the store was in a department close by and he didn’t even come over to see what was going on and if mom was okay!  She was alright, but very sore. She did shop for a few items for my brother’s birthday yesterday. I wrote customer service about the above. I got a phone call yesterday from HQ and they are sending mom a $50 gift card! It sure pays to speak up!

The orchid show is coming up at Longwood soon! Here’s a few from their orchid room.




Longwood Christmas 2012


I was a bit apprehensive about going to display this year with my arthritis issues being so bothersome. I had missed the autumn display because of it. What I think is saving me more than anything, and go figure is the cream version of ‘Icy Hot’! I’m going to smell really good (got to figure out what perfume will mask it), but if I am getting this relief-hallelujah!

We headed over around 4:15 as you want to go and see the light displays the most. It was a frigid 29! That’s cold for these parts. I was bundled up, but I was still cold!


My mom had given me a new coat, had to return it and chose this one with the giraffe print. My pal Sherry made my hat (that I bought from her).

003 Up the first walk way to the conservatory. Boy was I freezing!


The sun was setting nicely. Not sure what those streaks in the sky are.


As we entered the conservatory. They’ve had other Moravian stars for years.

Then we saw this all white tree! I was going to do that, but we used the ‘tinsel’ tree which called out for red (to me).


The star of the show to me was the table! Wow, it was probably modeled after one Mr. Dupont had back in the 1920s,




I really loved the library/music room also!








This was a living wreath-it’s a common houseplant.


We went to the little cafe and had their mushroom soup (not as good as it usually is, kind of on the thin side).  We went to see the train display which was a bit of a walk. Sean took photos there.

Then we went to the DuPont house. Imagine having a green house in the middle of your house!


I was so happy to do all this walking after the month I had. : )

Please vote for me!


I’m in a Christmas tree contest for about another week over at the Country Living magazine Pinterest board. If you like it, please simply click like. The prize is an Amazon Kindle. Please read what I wrote about the tree, etc. under the photo there.

This was the first day in over two weeks that I got in the car and went some place besides a doctor’s office. I did fairly well except for getting in and out of the vehicle. I went to a nice nursery place between my hometown and here and as my late grandmom said ‘the prices were dear’ like $64 for a paper decoration. I got some neat photos there.



Did a Longwood Gardens ‘drive by’. I’ll get there in late Dec./early Jan.


We looked around Pier One and I selected a few things for my displays. They have very cute things there if you are looking for little gifts for people. I will ‘sniff’ them out after Christmas too!

And I made these retrospect ‘covers’ for Facebook. I still need 5 to get to 200 geocaches.



Yes, these are new collages!


I need to live up to my blog name. I have worked on these for a week or so. Some aren’t even finished, but I thought I’d share. I like the lady with guitar a lot.

I’m trying to utilize rubber stamps that I have a ton of too.

Photo HuntSeasonal

This was taken last year at Longwood Gardens in mid November-

Look at all the leaves on the tree then!

Bright yellow leaves

My father-in-law got his power back after 4 long days. On Tuesday we had called PECO and they said it would be until 11 pm Friday. We found a hotel room for him right away and Brian went over to take him to the room. He wouldn’t budge out of the house. 4 people and two policeman could not make him move out of his cold, dark house, so there he stayed with a dying cellphone. Talk about stubborn. Brian will have to make him promise if something like this happens again, he will heed to his wishes of being safe in a warm room. The man is 89 years old and a bit frail. This made us all stressed out and tense all that time. I would never do that to Sean.

Lights and Music pt 2


I got my mom on Wednesday and wanted to treat her to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I’ve been to the one in Lancaster and found some of the sides a bit salty. This one is halfway between mom and me, so we stopped. Lucky for us we got  the ‘early bird’ special for $7.99 each. We got a 6 oz piece of sirloin, two sides and roll for that. We also got onions and mushrooms-$2 more (each). Very good steak. We like deals like that. I think it’s Monday-Wednesday, but double check. And were the sides salty-the green beans had ham in them and they certainly were.

Yesterday I took mom down to the Habitat resale store and she enjoyed looking at the books for 10 cents each or 10 for $1.00. I only bought 3 books, a stainless steel serving bowl and a Birthday bear. I will buy a bear once in a while if it’s really cute-and it was $1.

We went over to Longwood Gardens around 6:15 or so and Brian came too. We got mom a chair and we headed over to the little cafe. She couldn’t decide what she wanted. I knew I wanted the cream of mushroom soup and I got some cold lo mein which I didn’t care for.  Bri got half a large ham and cheese and mom finally got mac and cheese and a hot dog (from the kid’s menu). I didn’t know she had eaten a Hershey bar until I found the paper left on the sofa! She had eaten it beforehand and I think it killed her already weak appetite.  We all nibbled a chocolate pecan tart.

We then went over to the main Conservatory and saw this:

Well that’s the lovely Conservatory

Part of the Bruce Monro light show exhibit…I’ll have to come back to see the Conservatory when it’s darker outside

They like Proven Winners plants here-that’s a big thumbs up!

The lake lights were starting to look pretty-we saw them a few days ago when it was pitch dark, so neat.

The Italian Water Gardens looked neat at night-sat this on a wall.

They also had CDs made in water lily shapes

I sat this on the side of a life preserver case as the shutter was getting so slow

It was a hike to ‘The Meadows’ to see this display:

These are plastic water bottles!

The last part was really hard to photograph without a tripod-it was the woods to a tree house dotted with lights similar to the lake lights. Someone said it looked like ‘The Wizard of Oz’

I think my mom enjoyed being pushed around! It was about a 2 mile walk.

Brian and I took mom home and we headed to a few geocaches on the 13th. This was after hitting Chick-fil-a. We didn’t know it was free sandwich day if you wore a cow costume! So… I knew where one was as a fellow cacher told me. We got to it and it was basically out in the open. The other one, which we tried to find a few months ago was right were I thought it was. We then went to a ‘new’ one and that was so neat! We were near trash bins-ugh!! A cache would never be on one of them. There was a fence there and I leaned over and saw a wooden thing in the extreme corner. I touched it and it moved-it was so cool-

I was so pleased with myself!

We skipped dinner and headed to the Maria Muldaur concert up in Kennett Square. She is a spunky, sassy and bluesy 68 yr old now. I don’t think she enjoys singing ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ that much, though I think it was her biggest hit. Afterwards she went to a counter to sign her CDs and didn’t act too thrilled with having to do so. I have seen a few other artists smile and thank people-not her. I didn’t buy one. We went for some pizza and had the place to ourselves.

We had a busy week! More heat expected too. My flowers are just shriveling up. : (