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28th Mushroom Festival and meeting Chef Carla ‘The Chew’ Hall!


Crazy over homemade soup


You know when you have lots of leftover meat and you want to make something that doesn’t taste, well, ‘leftover’? I was joking about the ham I had left-ham croquettes, ham omelets, ham salad, fried ham and then what I did make ‘Ham and Bean’ soup.  I have to say I found the recipe in my email inbox, thanks Food & Wine. This link will take you right to the recipe!

hambeansoupWhat was really yummy were the croutons made out of baguettes! You cut them in slices then cubes and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika. (They would be nice in salads too).

But it was a good, hearty soup. We ate it before going to the tax office. I had some after work for lunch the next day too.

Not too much new, except my phone! Got another Samsung Galaxy-but a Blaze. It’s really nice! The voice recognition works much better than the older phone, as does the GPS. That’s one of the reasons why I picked it out. It took the above photo too.

We have some plans for an overnighter coming up. We were originally going to try and go LA, but Sean decided not to go and we couldn’t really afford it.

Stayin’ cool


Not much to report in this neck of the woods. I’ve been wondering outside a little bit, watering things, maybe pulling out a weed or two, but that’s about it. Can’t muster  up going out in the heat over 90 much. Yesterday, both guys were gone for a few hours so I did a little baking and cooking and also made this:

I had gotten the eagle stamp up in Lancaster and thought a new ink pad was black. It turned out to be pink, so I restamped over the pink in black. The pink made a shadow effect.

I was in Big Lots and ‘Larry the Cable guy’ has his name on some mixes, one of which was beer bread. You have to use a bottle of beer and some butter. I made it and it tasted like an Auntie Ann’s soft pretzel with a hint of beer. ; )

I also made a big bowl of Sean’s favorite, potato salad and a cucumber salad from Everyday Food magazine. You peel an English cucumber in long ‘ribbons’ and add diced celery and onion to it. The middle seedy part you put in a blender (I have a bullet one) with a little mayo, Cilantro (love it) and Champagne vinegar (who has that?-I used apple cider vinegar).  Very nice and refreshing with the breaded pork chop.

Tonight I am whipping up Spaghetti All’Amatriciana-it had a lot of bacon in the sauce part! It’s simmering and then you are suppose to ‘process’  the sauce, but I like it chunky. The house smelled so good when I was cooking the bacon. Should be tasty!

I’ve wanted to go geocaching, but it’s too hot. I’ve been looking up some more in the area I have missed and have one to hide, but figuring that one out.

Also am trying out a few contests and sweepstakes through Facebook; I figure that’s a safe way to do so. Someone has to win.

Pass the bottle of Zinfandel please. : )

Happy St. Paddy’s day!


As many of you know, I got my DNA test done and Irish came in second! I am still wrapping my head around that one! So as a ‘newly’ found out Irish lass, I wish you a great green day! I’ll be adding the corned beef to the crock pot shortly!

Here I am in my green outfit I wore to Lancaster on a little trip with Sean. The flower is a vintage one from the shop in NYC. I need to make a proper clip out of it.

Which turned out to be probably my last shopping trip for a while, Sean and I went up to Lancaster and we stopped in Intercourse, PA at ‘The Old Candle Barn’. This was a display in one of the rooms which I fell in love with. I am going to try and replicate this a bit (heck I probably have most of the things in this photo, I bought the trio mini vase set but in clear-like $8).

Brian and I are going down to Maryland next weekend. Remember the trip we were suppose to take last November for my birthday? It’s all paid for and we had to use it by next month, so we are going. We get our breakfast, so will have to do a few meals. I am happy to take photos, I don’t have to go to town buying things. He is getting a pretty cool gift I bought last Saturday at Big Lots. I think he will enjoy it as it wasn’t expensive.

Fat Tuesday din din


I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Wow-it’s early! I saw that Carole/Pea was going to have pancakes, so I got to thinking waffles are almost the same thing. I found this recipe and it’s really a keeper. I ‘made’ buttermilk with white vinegar and milk-like 1 teaspoon to a cup of milk. Thanks to for this winner:

Waffle House is a famous chain of restaurants that has been satisfying American palates since 1955. Waffles were often regarded as something to eat for breakfast. Because of Waffle House and their 24-hour service, waffles became a favorite treat no matter what time it is. This just goes to show how delicious these waffles are. What makes it different from other waffles is that it is very dense and it has a slightly sweet flavor. Just like most versions, the Waffle House waffle recipe is easy to make. There are just a few differences on the ingredients and how it is prepared, thus, making it uniquely delicious.

Waffle House Waffle Recipe Ingredients

1 1/2 cup All-Purpose Flour

1 teaspoon Salt

1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda

1 Egg

1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon White Sugar

2 tablespoons Butter, softened

2 tablespoons Shortening

1/2 cup half and half (mixture of 50% milk and 50% cream)

1/2 cup Milk

1/4 cup Buttermilk

1/4 teaspoon Vanilla


Mix the dry ingredients like flour, salt, and baking soda in a bowl.

In another bowl, slightly beat the egg.

Use an electric mixer to blend the sugar, butter, and shortening together with the beaten egg.

Add the milk, buttermilk, vanilla, and the half and half until well-blended together.

Pour the flour mixture and mix it well with a spatula or you may use the electric beater to make mixing faster and easier.

Chill the batter in the fridge preferably for 12 hours. This is the secret of Waffle House as their batter is already prepared early and chilled until it is ready to use. This, however, is optional. If you can not wait too long to have your waffles, you may skip this step.

Preheat your waffle iron or griddle and make sure that the Teflon is well-greased with cooking oil. As it is heating up, take the batter out of the fridge to thaw. When the waffle maker is ready, pour enough amounts of the batter and cook it for approximately 3 to 4 minutes or until it achieves the right texture that you desire.

These Waffle House waffle recipe is enough to make 6 waffles.

Extra Tips

You may double the measurements of the ingredients for a larger batch. If you want the waffles to be a little more fluffy and creamy, beat the egg yolk and the egg white separately. Use an electric mixer for the egg white to make it look like cake icing. Allow the waffles to cool down a bit before serving, especially if you are cooking for your kids, as it may be too hot if served right after it is taken out of the waffle iron.

You may put butter and some maple syrup on top before serving.

You may also serve it with fruits such as strawberries or ripe mangoes.

These waffles are so delicious, you could eat them as they are, without any toppings or syrups. Now that the top secret recipe of Waffle House is revealed, you may now enjoy great-tasting waffles right at the comfort of your own home.

We used syrup and almond butter! I saw on Dr. Oz where almond butter helps you like milk to sleep and I had gotten some for Brian. It’s really yummy. We also had turkey bacon and sausage and applesauce.


Brian’s dad had his MRI yesterday, but hasn’t heard the results yet. He says he feels slightly better, but we don’t like his leg going out on him. My aunt’s memorial service is in a couple of days. We weren’t asked to come, but it was in the paper.

Cooking made easy


I found this on Amazon a year or so ago. I had it on my wishlist and never got it. Then I decided to open up an Amazon charge and they give you a $40 gift card, so I finally got one!

I made the basic  red sauce lasagna for dinner. My substitutes were -no cook noodles, ground turkey and low fat ricotta. I sauteed onion and garlic to dress up the turkey when I cooked it. The noodles were too wide to put in the pan long ways, so I had to break them all. This made them fit sideways and made 3 perfect servings in each section. I think it needed a bit more sauce, but all in all pleased with it! It also came with it’s own little spatula.

 I plan to try other recipes-chicken and broccoli, lobster(!), etc.

I also had a nice Caesar salad with lemon garlic dressing.

Happy Thanksgiving


Cooking at Thanksgiving, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I hope everyone had a nice dinner!
I’m a bit late for a post as we are now finished dinner and waiting a bit for the clean up. All was pretty good-The turkey could have come out of the oven and rested longer. The side dishes were good-sauteed Parmesan Brussel Sprouts, ‘Smashed’ Yucan Gold Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans with sauteed mushrooms, Amish Sweet potatoes and Cornmeal stuffing with apple, pear and onion. This was the first time Brian ate good for a while. Sean is working overnight and is a bit anxious about that. I didn’t take any photos as we all look so blasted tired. : )
(Painting by Doris Lee)

Update-Sean left almost an hour ago for his overnight shift at Walmart. I go in from 4-8 pm. I’m still getting sore feet and knees. Ah the joy of standing so long! I go tidy up a lower shelf and sit on the floor sometimes.

The countdown…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be an employee for Peebles! I am still not sure what kind of clothes to wear-tops with sweaters, etc. as I don’t know how hot and cold it is there. I wore a corduroy jacket to the training and we were in the break room and I was warm and removed it. I did see a space heater on the floor in there though. I have a form fitting top pulled out of the closet for tomorrow-it’s a bigger size than I have been wearing, but believe me, I have plenty of outfits to chose from! One reason is because I was looking for some slacks I purchased last year over the past week. I bought 4 pairs as they fit me so well-but they weren’t in the closets or armoire. Brian hadn’t gotten down all my clothes from the attic (for a brief second I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of clothes-ha ha-nope)! I poked my nose up in the attic and pointed to a few bags, one of which was a Peebles bag! It contained stuff at least 8-10 years old. I think the stuff had been in the guest room closet and I needed the room, so it went up in the attic. Found a little girl’s dress, it had to be mine and it was home sewn, a pretty yellow gingham with a yellow ribbon around the bodice. I’ll have to show it to you. Needless to say, I filled up two bags for donations with the old clothes. I did kept a sweater my late mother-in-law had brought me back from France (with a UK label). It’s very 80s looking. I guess I’ll have to show you that one too-lol.

I went to our church’s bazaar yesterday and got the bushel of white mushrooms, so tonight I had to make an early dinner for Sean, so made an onion and mushroom fritata with a side of asparagus. I’m waiting on Brian, but I’m getting hungry, so I’m off to eat!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes…be good sinuses. : )

Homemade crockpot cheesy potato soup


I literally yanked out the crockpot and tossed about four ingredients in to start with. Mind you, many were not the correct ingredients. I ‘should have’ used southern style cubed hash browns and I bought shredded ones. Also used veggie broth instead of chicken, but tossed a packet of chicken broth into it. I also added a touch of dill, garlic salt and parsley. It’s nice to have your dinner almost ready at 5 pm. I then whipped together the flour, milk and shredded cheese and stirred that in. I had a package for cornmeal and made that quickly. It was about a $7 meal! I’ve been challenging myself that way with the tight economy.

Great chicken recipe


You don’t even have to write it down. I think I have it memorized after making it a few times. Get a pound or so of extra thin sliced chicken breasts. Mix up two egg whites with two teaspoons of cornstarch with a little lemon juice (the secret sticking ingredients). Then roll them in breadcrumbs, parsley, salt and pepper and grated lemon peel and fry up in olive roll. I did this entire ‘plate’ in 15 minutes. Enough for leftovers!

We are getting ready for our weekend excursion to National Harbor. Never been there, but pretty close. I believe I just read our hotel is fairly new. Sean isn’t sure if he wants to go because of having school work again. I said he could sit in this lovely area and do work as well as he could at the end of the sofa. Sometimes he gets a bit grouchy as he thinks the trips should revolve around him. He threw cold water in my face when we were in Chincoteague a few weeks ago as he thought the area was boring. He got to have his fun the night before. And I remember I stopped going on family trips when I was younger than him! He’s not paying anything this time around. I plan to be listening to music the entire time. Please send some good vibes as my lower back has been bothering all week. It’s awful in the morning and is better as the day goes on. I alternately use heat and ice. Crossing fingers!