Aligning of the universe


I don’t know guys, this is a pretty unusual coincidence. My friend Karin, who is a chef instructor in Illinois, showed me the label of a package of mushrooms she was checking in for class. So the mushrooms were from-can you guess? Yes-Avondale-right down the road from me as a matter of fact-about 4 miles if that.

Karin’s photo:

So I asked my friend Nicki, whom I have know since 8th grade, if that happens to be the mushroom place her husband works for and she replied (this is all through Facebook) Yes, and he delivers to Illinois! Get outta here, right? I bet Nicki’s hubby even handled that exact carton. Small world!
I haven’t heard from the store down the road. And now I have to decide if I really want to be a babysitter. I have a family in mind, but I want to meet them. It would be the time of day when I am getting dinner ready, but then I could surely make something earlier in the day.
I had Cosmo to the vet and having a pet is so expensive these days! It was $150 for an exam, a few shots and a tube of heart worm stuff. They also suggested since Cos is a ‘senior’ now at age 11, he should get his blood pressure checked and blood work. And his teeth cleaned. Wow-that’s a lot of stuff and about $450 more. I forgot about the flea and tick stuff-which I think I can get online. I can get the treats that help the tartar issue. A vet I had for my other cat use to scrape the teeth right on the exam table! Just like plumbers-every little thing they do they charge you for it.
I so needed a walk in the park-it was around 60 degrees out, so lovely. I dropped the noisy cat off and headed to the township park. A younger woman got out at the same time and disappeared for a while, like a gazette she pranced off! I did a few rounds and took a few photos with my phone.

And my car with a lovely tree behind her:

We had some tasty brisket in bbq sauce and smashed potatoes for dinner. The meat is pre-packaged. I have a sore spot in the back of my neck and have ice on it. I think it’s a pinched nerve from picking up the cat in his carrier. It figures.

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  1. What a coincidence indeed! I always say it’s a small world for such a big world:-)

    Darn, I was hoping you had heard from that store, hopefully there’s still a chance that they will call.

    I think it’s ridiculous what it costs at the vet these days. When mom brought Tiger to one when she first got him, she was shocked at the costs for everything. When we had cats while I was growing up, none of them ever went to a vet and they didn’t need needles and such back then. My friend June has a 6 month old kitten and she was just told it would cost over $500 to have her spade, get needles and declawed. Money she doesn’t have! People just don’t realize how expensive it is to have a pet now.

    It was sunny and around 60 here too today but quite windy. Love the shots you took while on your walk in the park:-) xoxo

  2. Yes indeed Dora! I know I can buy the tartar ‘cleaning’ treats on Amazon and the tick/flea stuff online too-that will save me. I’ll get his blood work done early next year. He is really a healthy 11 yr old.

  3. Wow, those vet bills are high! I know my friend at work had to have hip surgery on her young dog and it was over $1700. Two years later she had to have it done on the other hip. I guess if you love them, you just find a way to pay it.

    I am glad I don’t have a pet.

    What a coincidence about the mushrooms. It really is a small world.

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