Cats can paint!


This is an app for the iPad2. So much fun watching Cosmo play with it. I have a protective cover on it.

And this is a video of my front window made from the iPad:

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  1. That is hilarious, makes you wonder what Cosmos was thinking when that mouse kept disappearing! lol Such an awesome app and it was so neat to see his ‘painting”:-) I was at Staples yesterday and was looking at the iPad2, a bit beyond my price range right now but something to save up for!

    Your window decor is gorgeous and so whimsical, love the way you have it all placed.

    We have a major snowstorm going on right now, it started after lunch and is supposed to continue into the night so I dread the sight that will greet us in the morning. I’m just glad I decided to stay in today and spend my spare time visiting my bloggy friends:-) xoxo

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