Updated Oct. 25, 2013

I’m trying to collect all of The Prairie Schoolers, somewhat like baseball cards. The below list is all I need now! Contact me for a trade or whatever suits you best. Some of the ones listed are still in print, the others are marked with OOP. I can probably locate the newer releases or trade with you! These are all that are missing except for the newly released ones. I think I have most of the freebies too.

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The ones I need:

#2 Country Fair II (OPP)

#4 The Bremen Town Musicians (OOP)

# 12 The Three Bears (OPP)

#38 Prairie Lodge (OOP)

#39 Farmers Market (OOP)

#44 Bird & Berries (OOP)

#54 Garden Beasties (OOP)

#63 Christmas Samplers (OOP)

#64 Christmas Alphabet (OOP)

#73 Christmas Samplers II (OOP)

#75 Prairie Garden II(OOP)

#101 Christmas Strawberries

#131- Home Words

#149 November

# 152 April

# 155 Stars & Stripes

# 156 Boo To You

#158 Christmas Eve

#160 February

#161 June

#163 Signs of Spring

#164 October

#165 Sweeping Cobwebs

#166 Snowy Nights

#169 Folk Eggs

#171 Sunny Days

#172 Christmas Favorites

#174 Cats, Bats & Witches

#175 Santa’s Night

#176 – August

#177 – January

#178 – Bunnies

#179 – 3 Billy Goats Gruff

#180 All Hallow’s Eve

#181 Head’s Up

#182 Reindeer Round

#183 O Christmas Tree

#184 Vintage Eggs

#185 The Three Pigs

#186 Little Red Riding Hood

#187 Fables & Tales

#189- Boo Moon

#190 Happy Christmas

#191 Nordic Christmas

And a few of the yearly Santa cards

Complete list of TPS-Thanks to the Yahoo groups fan page…

I.P.- In Print
1-County Fair I
2-County Fair II
3-Noah's Ark
4-Bremen Town Musicians
5-Wedding/Birth Samplers
6-Barn Cats
7-Punch & Judy IP
8-American Primitive IP
9-Johnny Appleseed
10-Prairie Christmas
11-Sunshine & Shadow
12-Three Bears
13-Prairie Year
14-Holiday Homestead
15-Village Sampler
16-Prairie Flowers
17-Woodland Sampling
18-The Three Pigs
19-Rabbit Folk
20-St. Nicholas
22-Borders & Corners
23-Prairie Year II
24-Prairie Birds
25-Up on the Housetop
26-Wedding/Birth Samplers II
27-Nursery Rhymes
28-Stockings & More
29-Christmas Miniatures
30-Nursery Rhymes II
31-Adam Names the Creatures IP
32-Christmas Ark
33-Christmas Collection IP
34-New World Sampler
35-Prairie Garden
36-St. Nicholas II
37-Holiday Harvest
38-Prairie Lodge
39-Farmer's Market
40-Band Samplers
41-Still Life
43-Father Christmas
44-Birds & Berries
45-Garden Samplers
46-In the Woods IP
47-Santa Rides
48-A Christmas Visit IP
49-Garden Verses
50-Prairie Seasons
51-Christmas Past IP
52-Prairie Year-Rounds IP
53-Santa Moon IP
54-Garden Beasties
55-Garden Blooms IP
56-Garden Birds IP
58-Old St. Nick
60-Spring Samplers
61-Garden Alphabet
62-Kris Kringle
63-Christmas Samplers
64-Christmas Alphabet
66-Autumn Samplers
67-Wedding/Birth Samplers III IP
68-Animal Alphabet
69-Prairie Village I
70-Prairie Village II
72-Two by Two II IP
73-Christmas Samplers II
74-12 Days of Christmas
75-Prairie Garden II
76-Farmer's Alphabet IP
77-Summer Samplers
78-Kitchen Table IP
79-Christmas Village
80-Old World Santas
81-Songs of the Season
82-Christmas Trees
83-Winter Samplers
85-More Friends
86-Home for Christmas
87-Christmas Trees II  IP
88-Old World Santas II IP
89-Village Green
90-Spring & Fall IP
91-Summer & Winter IP
92-Welcome Home  IP
93-Harvest Time  IP
94-Barnyard Christmas IP
95-Christmas Traditions IP
96-Woodland Santas IP
97-All You Can Eat IP
98-A-B-C  IP
99-D-E-F  IP
100-American Strawberries IP
101-Christmas Strawberries IP
102-Redwork Santas IP
103-Blackwork Angels IP
104-G-H-I IP
105-J-K-L IP
106-M-N-O  IP
107-Just Hatched  IP
108-Farm Fresh  IP
109-Starry Night IP
110-Santa & Friends IP
111-P-Q-R IP

February 2004

112-S-T-U  IP
113-V-W-X  IP
114-The Needle's Eye IP
115-Pins & Needles   IP

August 2004

116-Y & Z   IP
117-Prairie Stars IP
118-Mittens  IP
119-Stockings IP

February 2005

120-Garden Gloves IP
121-Bunnies & Chicks IP
122-Wedding/Birth Samplers IV IP
123-Country Seasons IP

August 2005

124-Folk Art Christmas IP
125-Santa’s 12 Days 1-4 IP
126-Santa’s 12 Days 5-8 IP
127-Santa’s 12 Days 9-12 IP

February 2006

128-Birdsong l  IP
129-Birdsong ll IP
130-Country Wise IP
131-Home Words IP

August 2006

132-Autumn Leaves IP
133-Winter Wind IP
134-Christmas Day IP
135-Good Saint Nick IP

February 2007

136-Spring Has Come IP
137-Summer Breeze IP
138-Measure of a Year IP
139-Rain, Rain, Go Away IP

August 2007

140-Pumpkin Patch
141-Thanksgiving Comes Again IP
142-Cranberry Christmas IP
143–Button Up 

February 2008

144-Farmer’s Almanac IP
145-Weather Wise IP
146-Daffodils IP

August 2008

148-When Witches Go Riding
149-November IP
151-Santas & Snowmen

February 2009

152-April IP
153-Welcome Spring IP
154-July IP
155-Stars & Stripes IP

August 2009

156 – Boo To You (Aug 2009) IP
157 – Holly Days IP
159 – Fall Fields IP

February 2010

160 – February (Feb 2010) IP
161 - June IP
162 – Tortoise and the Hare IP
163 – Signs of Spring IP

August 2010

164- October IP
165- Sweeping Cobwebs IP
166- Snowy Night IP
167-To All a Good Night IP

February 2011
168- May IP
169- Folk Eggs IP
170- As the Crow Flies IP
171- Sunny Days IP

February 2012

176 – August
177 – January
178 – Bunnies
179 – 3 Billy Goats Gruff