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It’s a favorite childhood toy party!


Thanks to Scrappy Jessi for hosting this fun event.

Ok, when I was really little I loved my Thumbelina baby doll. Here I am with her and my mom (with the funky 60s do with the faux braid and me still parting my hair on the left!)

And here she is about 41 years later, a little worse for wear:

The poor thing needs a good scrub, which I will try to do if I think about it, but I should ‘honor’ her presence, since I have had her this long. I had cut her hair and chewed on her fingers back then. She’s been through a lot with me.

Here is a photo of my brother and I at Christmas playing with our Flintstone building blocks. We use to fight over them:

When I was a little older, I started to love Barbie and her friends:

They could also do with a little sprucing up. Poor Barbie’s fanny is peeking out of the lace in the back! I also have my original case and a few others dolls (somewhere). And I do have some newer collector’s Barbies in the guest room. I was wise and kept most of them in their boxes. My favorite-the Van Gogh Sunflower Barbie and the Vera Wang bride.

I also loved my coloring books, crayons, markers, drawing pads, chalk boards, books, Silly Putty, Fuzzy Wuzzy soap, Lite Brite, Spirograph, play dough, two wheeler bike with the banana seat and monkey bars, board games like Mouse Trap and Monopoly and even checkers! I could go on!

I wanted to add a few of my son (21.5 yrs old now) :

Here he is with his dad using his magna doodle board.

And here he is showing us his creation (he’s about 3 here):

And last but not least, his favorite bears Snuggle and Boo (very well loved):

The day after


Thought you’d like to see a photo of me and Valentino:

Me and my froggie

It’s a Webkinz ‘Love Frog’ from Brian! LOL Some of my tribe friends and my niece (big age difference there) collect these adorable critters. I bought one-the lion I named Lil’King as pictured below. You can adopt them online and give them rooms and earn webkinz cash to buy fun things. It’s a nice distraction from housework and the bleakness of winter (see my baggy eyes above)! Yeah, I know, I’m that old and playing on a website. I love Solitaire and Quizzy’s quizzes. : )

We also like to snap photos of them doing stuff around the house. : )

Here’s Lil’King checking out my yearbook:

Penncrest Lions

‘Listening’ to James Taylor

Lil’King and JT

And finally-for you cross stitch enthusiasts :
Lil’King and DMC
Checking out the DMC colors!!
I hope I made you smile. : )
Brian gave me a lovely card, a small box of Dove chocolates (never enough), and a Commodores greatest hits CD as I heard ‘Brickhouse’ on the radio a few months ago and thought it would be a great song to exercise too.: ) We went out to dinner and I had NY strip steak and Bri had lasagna.
Have a great weekend.

Found this neat place

Standard lets you search for your favorite books, music and movies so you can make a neat table like this. These aren’t all of James Taylor’s lps, but a nice sampling of them. I have my list of movies up on Myspace-the link is in my sidebar.

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I’m still working on the Photo Hunt about plastic. I think I’ll just point you down to that plastic college ID of yours truly!
Got up a little late as I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 am. Driving sometimes does that to me since I am over alert (a good thing, when I am on the road).
I happened upon ‘Meerkat Manor’ on Animal Planet-what funny little creatures. I know the producers, etc. don’t want to disturb the balance of nature, but how can they let the little babies die from starvation? I was hoping they take them back to a animal rescue, if there is one out there.


Cats do like dogs!


Nancy sent me this photo (part of a series) in an email this morning. The email showed photos of these 5 dogs and a cat who were rescued from a hurricane and placed in a car. My favorite was this one. The photo before this showed the orange tabby cat making it’s way over the front seat to the group of dogs in the backseat. Ahhhh.
Cat and dogs cuddling