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One year ago


I was not to be seen in blogland for over 3 days. I had that gnawing pain in my gut and it turned out to be a bum appendix (with a benign polyp) and a case of pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t feel that bad from it really, but the shots in the tummy were not fun nor getting pumped up with medication. The guys went out and bought the Mariner the day after I got home, a big surprise!

So this January it’s all about the teeth. Went for a cleaning, they took x-rays and all the work that needs to be fixed sprang out from the shadows. Yesterday I went to the dentist and was there two hours. So nice of them to let me use an iPod with James Taylor drowning out the drilling-which I wondered why went on for over 4 songs. Seems I had 4 cavities and of course had the temp crowns made. My gums are hurting a bit, but so far I can live with it.

I declared Fridays for ‘Arts and Crafts’ on a Facebook post. I don’t necessarily mean all day, but it can be from paper collaging to baking for a few hours-I just want to produce something to share. : ) I need to do this for myself. I am happy getting help with the big jobs like the basement so I can think of being creative again. What was down in that dungeon (and still is) taking up space was insane. I have a few boxes to sort, maybe tomorrow if I can lean over.

I’m waiting to hear from a few online sites about writing articles for them. I submitted a blog post, so hello there if you happen to read this too. The child care leads seems to be going no where. I don’t have a premium account, not sure if that’s it, but it’s expensive. I got a background check thinking that may make the people happy-maybe I’m too old.

PC is having issues


Yesterday afternoon it got really dark around 12 and we had a downpour with lightning and thunder. I was in the family room and the power went off right after some electronic equipment made a terrible squealing sound. The power was off for a minute or two, but the laptops wouldn’t work for about 5 hours. Brian tried to get an internet connection with the PC and was getting a message about something being unplugged. He rebooted it, etc. and nothing. To make a long story short, looks like it needs some kind of network card that may have gotten fried. It should be around $10 if we are lucky and if that’s the problem. I do all my photo uploading on the ‘big’ computer as we call it, so I will resort to camera phone shots or photos on Flickr (I have over 11k there to chose from). Hope it is just the card. He can get on Windows.
We had two powerful storms go through! Wow-what a wild day weatherwise!

Cyber Monday


I started shopping way early in the morning and was pleased with making a few purchases this early. Found things for both fellows that they will be surprised to receive. I got some things off of Sean’s wishlist (most of it, he doesn’t have a big one) later in the morning. I still like to hit stores like Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx. Scored a few things for mom the other night at Tuesday Morning.
Speaking of mom, she bought or got me the bookmark at the Absecon lighthouse in NJ a few summers ago. I thought it would work on the 4″ x 4″ Collage and it almost fit! I used some ‘beautiful’ scrapbook paper (you can see the actual word here) and die-cuts. The neat part is the bottom which was handmade by a lady in one of my Flickr groups. We send each other things like this, which inspired me to do the cards. I’ve only been stuck a few times-this is about card #95!
I haven’t made too many Artist Trading Cards (the ones I show are bigger of course). I need to do a matchbox next for an exchange.
My brother who lives with my mom got a brand new vehicle. I wish I could be happy for him as he just turned 50 a few days ago. He never picks up the phone or speaks to me when he sees me or my guys. If he drives my mom around a lot I’ll be happy for her. He is holding a grudge and saying I didn’t help him and mom a few weeks ago. I was having issues and my van can’t be driven that far. Cross that bridge already!
Thinking about seeing the Longwood Garden Christmas display, but I have to see how cloudy it is tomorrow as heavy rain is coming later.
Oh! And the ABS and brake light issue-the poor van needed brake fluid!

A little weary


I think I mentioned that we could get Nor*ton antivirus for free from Com*cast. (I don’t want them to get mad). It took an hour to take the old software off the PC, not as long on Sean’s laptop. What took forever was doing a total scan of both computers-about 5+ hours each! Now what was this new software doing that our old one wasn’t? Makes you wonder! Sean had over 1 million MBs freed up on his laptop! I am happy to report that both computers are running well, yes even the 8 year old one with Windows XP! Crossing fingers.
My computer seems to be fine now thanks to it getting reformatted. I figure we saved $85+ not having to download the old program again for next year, so reformatting mine was much cheaper if you look at it that way. He let it slip about it being free and said he could download them on these computers-no thanks, I handled it!
I was not really up to doing yardwork today. I am having issues again-I’m now sorry I went through that procedure in March, but I tried it as the doctor thought it would help. I am a bit better, but so irregular in that way. I was pulling some weeds out of the sidewalk (we have bricks that Brian installed many years ago). I also pulled weeds across from my front door.
My life today was weeding out old files and pesky weeds. : )  I also cleaned out some links in my blogroll that weren’t there anymore or not updating. I plan to add more in the future. WordPress has an audio feature I may try later so you can hear my voice. : )

Poor Lil’ Ruby


Well it had to be done as I could not fix Lil’ Ruby’s issues with the low space in her recovery drive before it got used up completely. I called a guy named Fred who is almost a neighbor who also has a computer repair business (huge house-3xs bigger than ours). Said I should just clean her slate as when I installed Windows 7, I should have taken off Vista first. And one excellent thing he told me-all you Com*cast high speed internet users listen up-Norton Antivirus software is free on the Com*cast homepage! I won’t have to pay $89 bucks (or around that price) to renew the one we have. This is good as it’s costing more to get Ruby cleaned up! She’s the laptop I bought with jewelry stash as a gift to myself last year.
It’s wickedly hot around here. When I will go to my first Phillies game at the new ball park this Sunday, ( it will be 20 odd years since I’ve been to a game),we will be roasting in the mid 90s. I hope I can make it. I will be going in the concourse (is that what you call it?) a bunch. I have a few personal fans, but one is on a water bottle that makes mist-it is so great but they probably won’t let me bring it in.
Hoping to get Ruby back tomorrow.

Mama’s getting a new toy!


I gathered some things that I had been gifted with over the years-some necklaces, bracelets and earrings that I would never wear (not my taste)that belonged to someone else (deceased). These were ‘regifted’ to me over the different holidays, and I would just stick them in storage. I went up to the neighborhood jewelry store on Thursday to sell it. I almost got enough for the full purchase price for this:
It’s a Dell 15.6″* Inspiron* 1545!
With Windows* 7! Rolled over at Wally World to a better price! I wanted something I could take with me to bookstores, coffee shops, on trips and I needed a faster computer for games I play on Facebook. I still own jewelry that I like and I even left off two rings to be resized, one of which is my birthstone, but a blue topaz. Hey, I’m getting older and like everyone else, I need to downsize. It’s great to make a little cash in the process.
Brian doesn’t know about my purchase, but I think he’ll be ok. He was looking at a laptop on here and it was over 1k and I said no way. Can’t wait for my early birthday gift. It has a webcam and case, so if anyone has that, we could use it to chat.
Probably going to my mom’s to help her clean in her room. My brother is moving in at the end of the month.

Facebook fun


Happy Birthday MaryAnne! (my sister-in-law)
Playing around in Facebook and found this connection thing on someone else’s page. Most of the blue circles are high school pals:

Sent off a few packages and went food shopping Wednesday. Exciting stuff, I know. It was raining and about 65 degrees out, so wore a sweat jacket, that’s it. A deluge is expected later, so I get to do more inside stuff. I tried to find my pizelle maker-couldn’t. Oh St. Anthony!


Happy Thanksgiving



The above is a desktop I made a few years ago. If you click on it it will be bigger and you can add it to your computer.

I have a big dinner to get together and need to put the turkey in to roast by 11:30 or so as it says it takes at least 5 hours to cook all the way. My oven is pretty efficient, but I hope it’s thawed out well. I do use the Reynold’s cooking bags that help to keep the moisture in.

I hope everyone takes photos of their meals. I wish we thought to do that years ago at mom’s-especially when my brother made the turkey dance. : )

Have a great one!


Lilies and a toad


Lilies and a toad, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Took these photos Thursday night after a long day of gardening. Bri found the little toad in the grass and he posed for us nicely. (That’s Bri’s hand) The only lilies that aren’t mine are the white ones on the bottom from my last visit to Longwood Gardens.

Update Fri.afternoon-I’m going to get my eyes checked out in an hour. Actually the right has been getting really red off and on for about 3 weeks. The only drops that help are Clear Eyes-which may be giving me rebound red. Seems it started when I put hydrocortisone too close to my eye for a rash on my nose. Who knows?

I think my gums at least look better. See what middle age has in store for you!

I did finally figure out a virus software issue. We have one that not a lot of people have (Panda), it was recommended by a friend whose husband works with computers. It was giving me an error message in the virus protection area. I scanned the computer umpteen times and it was ok. Finally got it in my head to go to client downloads and there was a newer version and it worked. The dang thing needs to be renewed in a month anyway. I just love dilemmas like this-oy!