Man in the Moon


This was a candy wrapper! I did buy the milk chocolate bar at a store in Peddler’s Village (from Razzle Dazzle) for this vintage illustration of the “Game of the Man of the Moon”. I added the dragonfly and red hearts. The ribbon had been wrapped around the bar which only lasted until tonight as it was so chocolaty and creamy.
The next card is from a baby book my mom found at a book sale. The photographer is Lisa Jane who does a great job with babies. I have her holding a rose to go with the Buddha verse. I think it looks sweet.
Single Flower 4"x 4" Collage

Busy yesterday and today. I borrowed Sean’s car to go to my hometown to get my hair fixed and to also visit a bit with my mom and her dogs. The poochies are good-the little guy is a bit skinny from his ordeal. They were both so glad to see me and Kelsey acted like a circus dog standing on his back feet begging to be loved. I gave him lots of attention.
I got my hair done with more blond highlights and a little side bang. Then I took mom to Carrabba’s and I think she enjoyed the blackberry Sangria the most. We went into Macy’s and they have some decent sales and a few 70% off rack. I bought mom three very nicely made tops for a total of $23. I dropped by Kohl’s on the way home looking for some slacks that fit me well and they didn’t carry them at that store. Of course they had 80% off racks-really loaded down. I got a cute blue and gray Vera Wang 3/4 length sleeve top that I wore today and a few other tops and a cute cotton dress. I had gotten rid of three bags of clothes, and will probably do another closet too!
Brian and I took Cosmo to the vet today. He cries going and coming home. I noticed my van is really hot under the second seat-not good. Anyway, my little furball weighs 15 pds. I let him out of the carrier in the van and held him a bit, but he then went under the second seat and then back into the carrier. He’s been really sleepy tonight.
Tomorrow I am going with Sean to a Walmart so he can get new tires. Maybe there will be a Kohl’s I can look for the slacks in!
And my Uncle Don is still in the hospital and I can’t seem to get through to him as the phone just rings and rings. He’s in a private room now for a few days. I’m wondering what will be next for him.

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