Updated April 21, 2012

  • Frog Fun-kitties and frogs-Art Stitch-personal project-30% completed
  • All Our Yesterdays- little girl with bike and flowers at the beach-DMC-personal project-55% completed
  • DMC butterflies in a heart with DMC linen floss on Sugar maple multi-color cashel-personal project-25% completed
  • African Violet sampler-personal project-35% completed
  • Freebie of Audrey Hepburn from Cross stitcher-25% completed (had to change all the colors! )

This is the DeVinci piece-La Scapigliata beginning of 2/11. Have made some progress on it since.

I enjoy adding ornament to this every year and probably need a second one soon!

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  1. Dianne, I don’t know how you find the time for all you do! I used to cross-stich, but I looked around the house and I don’t see a completed framed project since 1988! I love the little cottage…

  2. Dianne, I see you do cross stitch also — I will be in the SE area of Pa. soon. Can you suggest any goode needlework shops to check out while I am there. Were going to be in the Brandywine area, Kennett Square, etc. I do know about Strawberry Sampler.

    I see one titled Fireside Stitchery — have you been there?

    Thanks, Pam

  3. Hi Diane

    I came to visit and see the news, as I expected you blog is always great, I like to spend sometime reading…

    Have a nice weekend


  4. Hi Diane,
    You mentioned that you had Prairie Schooler freebies and I am willing to pay for the following that I need:
    1990 Wreath
    Sow Dry
    Pull Toys
    Quilt Block – basket
    Quilt Block – flower
    Two Carnations
    I also collect them and would love to be able to stitch these. Thanks, Laura

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