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Chadds Ford in 5 minutes


Chadds Ford Historical Society

Sun setting over Chadds Ford, PA, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

On the way back from my mom’s house, I asked Brian to turn down Creek road to where the Chadds Ford Historical society is located so I could get my Instagram shots for the day. I was really pleased with these shots of the beautiful landscape and building.

Sideview of Chadds Ford historic society.

The side of the Chadds Ford Historical  Society

The Chadds Ford Historic Society-Pennsylvania

There’s something about the sun raising and setting that adds a special ambiance to a photo.

Road to Chadds Ford historic society

We did a little caching on the 23rd near the state line in DE. First we went to Mill Creek Meeting house. What a quaint place. The GPS pointed to a group of trees, but the hint was ‘metal on metal’ and we found the bison tube near an old chain link fence.


This is the side facing the road.

The Quakers are a very peace loving group. Brian is a peace loving person too!


We then went down a side road where this place use to be.


There were quaint old homes back here that had been renovated. I’ll have to go down this road some other time to take more photos.

We found a cache in a guard rail- but near the end of it-a pink pencil box and another cache in a guard rail in a magnetic key box. Brian took this photo and I used an Instagram filter.


We get to see such pretty sites on these little excursions!

We’ve had heavy rain late in the afternoon for days. A few days ago we saw this:



Sean went for an interview up in the city of Lancaster yesterday the 27th. We tagged along hoping the big farmer’s market would be open, but it wasn’t. So we looked for a geocache around the corner. It was opposite a convenience store. We started to look for it and the shop guy poked his head out of the door and said ‘you’re cold’…as we were near a phone pole. He said he could see it from up where he was standing and I backed up a bit-there it was under a smelly trash can (the kind with wheels) ugh.

Sean was in with the guy at the LanCo Conservancy for over an hour. It’s only part time work through September. It’s also 45 miles one way from our house. Some things to consider. But maybe the guy knows somebody. It seems it is who you know these days.

I went to see an Orthopedist doctor today. I guess the young lady I was seeing before was an assistant. Seems she got the issue with my back wrong. I have lower left ligament issues. The doctor thinks that my fall last year even shifted my pelvis a bit. And the physical therapy that caused me pain was all wrong for my issue! Now don’t you think they would have figured that out the first time I went there? I am to get an MRI, but in the process of seeing if the insurance will pay for it.

We lost an old apple tree yesterday. Down it went in the direction of the yard, not the bank. We don’t get the previous owner’s reason for planting trees on a bank. You can’t pick the apples without a long tool. They weren’t so great and the deer and wildlife were enjoying them today.


The tree was behind her.

I thought I’d get a break from doctors and have two things to do the week of the 8th, 45 minutes in opposite directions, Monday and Friday. When it rains it pours-literally.

Well hello, Mister Buck


Brian happened to see this fella down the bank through the kitchen window. He put the zoom on the camera…

He brightened my day. My own day was blah as I didn’t sleep well. Sean and I get along really well, but last night he pulled a fast one on me. We had bbqed ribs, hotdogs, deviled eggs and pasta salad all ready for dinner and one minute he said he was coming home and the next he said he was eating fast food with a few buddies he ran into even though he had seen them the night before!  If we had more meat, I would have had at least one guy over. Times are a bit tough on the food budget. Not happy. I can forgive, but not forget. He didn’t get dinner made for him tonight. I was hoping to see my mom today, but I ended up crashing at 3:30 with the cat. Maybe tomorrow.

Candy and Cookies


Something about being stuck inside makes you want to bake. It may be to pass the time or to even use up ingredients that are in the kitchen. My Facebook friend Angela said yesterday that she was baking chocolate chip cookies. I had bought bulk at BJs Wholesale so that was a perfect thing for me to do today:

This is a no fail chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just found! For years I used the butter Crisco recipe and they were good, but got hard after a week or so. If you want this recipe, let me know as it has only about 8 basic ingredients.
I was reading a December or January magazine and they said to crush up your candy canes and put them on top of melted white chocolate. So Big Lots had a bag of the chocolate for about $2.00 and that’s what I did last night. Very sweet, so a small piece will do once in a while:

I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spread it on lightly greased wax paper. Then I sprinkled the broken candy canes on it and popped the tray in the fridge. I broke it up with a knife when it firmed up again.The hardest part was taking the cellophane off the candy canes.
Sean went to work today at noon, so that spared him the early morning icy spots. He has to be in there tomorrow at 8:30-ugh! Then it seems his hours will be more part time-4 hours a day.
I still look out the windows and think of the deer. I am glad he didn’t have to trudge in this deep snow-well he wouldn’t have been able to. I haven’t seen a deer in days!
Off to eat some spaghetti-that should hit the spot. : )

Thursday Thunkies


1. Have you ever played Bulls***?
Probably under another name. We use to play all kinds of card games. My grandmom even taught us poker!

2. A dog licks you on your face. Are you disgusted or thinking it was sweet?
A puppy-sweetness, an older dog-would wonder what he licked before he got to my face.
3. Tell us about a fun/special memory you have of a grandparent.
On my gosh, my grandmom Ruth helped to raise us! There are so many memories. She use to scold us and then chase us with the yardstick or a neon orange Hot*Wheel track. She loved her costume jewelry and wore a lot of it at once. Around the house she would just toss on whatever was clean-floral tops with plaid skirts. She did all the cooking and we got use to pot roast, meat sauce and spaghetti, chicken and dumplings and stew. I do continue to make my own versions of her meals.

4. Have you ever pet a rat?
I believe the neighbors had one and I did!

5. If I walked into your kitchen, where are the cups?
Do you mean like coffee mugs-they are on the right on their own shelf-a must have.

6. Since you already let me in your home, I found the cup and had water, now where’s the bathroom from the kitchen?
Ok-you make a left and another left-first door on the left!

7. Have you ever pet a turtle or tortoise? Had pet turtles, so yes!

Back home again


We had a few ‘interesting’ days away-10 mile back-up Monday for ‘nothing’ except a part of the Garden State Expressway had one line and one truck blocking a lane. It took 1.5 hours to go 10 miles-the worst traffic jam ever.

But we got to see sights like this:


The Atlantic City Convention center where the Miss America pageant use to be held and this today:

A pod of dolphins at the Cape May Point beach in New Jersey-about 10 or so were following the boat.
Somewhat closer up and circled-


More later!