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Love this website and played with a few of my photos on it last night (need to take a few head on shots).

Corn Maze


My weekend job at a Renaissance faire-lol

Sometimes wearing rollers to bed keeps me up all night! (My hands aren’t that big)

Yay, very funny!
And I hope you noticed me winking at you up in the left side bar…here’s another silly one:

Peep peep!


Peeps Mobile from Penna.!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It reminds me of my car a bit-minus the Peeps topper! : )
PA license plate of the Peepmoblie
I decided to go through my Flickr photos for a blog topic. I just gave my niece the ‘Peeps’ hat they were giving away at the National Harbor store and she loved it. She’s a hat gal like her auntie. So you all know this is a Pennsylvania company? Here’s their fun VW that was at the Abbey Road on the River show. They were a sponsor there.
Who doesn't love 'Peeps'?
Well the heater is fixed-it was a bit chilly for a few mornings here.
Got my chipped molar fixed today-my mouth is sore, but more on the bottom where I didn’t have the chip. The bottom left teeth have been patched and worked on so much and with all the air blowing and water and stuff at the dentist, they are really hurting now. I have Anbesol right here whis is helping.
Now I can reveal something-B. had an online phone interview with LivingSocialdot com and they sent him a ‘Dear John’ email today. Very disappointing. I would apply if I had more experience. I was in the other room listening to him on Thursday and he sounded tired and could have known more about the company. He tends to talk fast on the phone and was asked to repeat what he said several times. Bummer.
We’re going down to Ocean City, NJ just for overnight coming up this weekend to spend time with some former h.s. classmates of mine. One of them opens his home and yard to us-third year I think. Mom and Sean are invited to the shore, but not the get-together, but to enjoy the beach and scenery. Sean may not go, he’s not sure with his work load. I think we will probably go to Atlantic City that evening and head home early the next day.
Anyway, they asked me to bring dessert-will probably do chocolate chip cookies and bring a few bottles of wine. : ) And it’s my mom’s 81st birthday on Friday, so it’s a gift to her too.

Just for fun!


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I’m sick with that bad cold that seems to be going around. Had to crash after dinner for a bit, I hardly ever do that. Meds are helping.
We are again expecting a Nor’easter to blow through here-but ‘only’ -10″ this time around. Sean is anticipating not going to work as they usually want to keep you off the roads when the wind is that rough. I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can grab a few items we need.

Show and Tell


My hometown had a giant yard sale last weekend and we went down on Sunday. We drove around looking for houses that had a lot for sale and stopped at a house that Brian and I had been in over 20 years ago when it was for sale. It needed tons of work back then, so we passed. I did mention to the people there that we had been in it and the lady said her brother-in-law (standing there) had fixed it up and was still working on it. He was a young guy, so I’m thinking someone had bought it after we had looked at it and then they bought it. The house didn’t look that different on the outside, so I hope the inside was nice. It had been crammed with stuff way back then.
Anyway, they had some neat things, some of which were tied up in a bag for a few dollars. I wanted the little red plastic person with the jointed body, but the other things are pretty neat too-like the ‘3D’ glasses with both lens that are the same color of fuchsia, the little mirrors (one with a real mirror) and the other cute things-I’d say from the 60s at least.
Bag of goodies!

I’m still deciding on the cross stitch meeting. Part of me wants to go and meet Rachel and part of me says-well, do you really want to stitch in front of other people? I’ve only stitched in front of my family and the tv. It’s in a converted barn. And who is to say that they all will be stitching all that time. I know when women get together it’s mostly talk. I should go this one time and decide from that. I know, just go will you!

Hump Day Humor


I’m trying to be find something funny while it snows and sleets outside. It may make for a lousy commute for Bri. It is suppose to warm up to 40 in the afternoon, so that will help.
Here’s a
Housewife’s National Anthem

My kitchen tis of thee,
Sweet land of misery,
Of thee I sing.
Place where the biscuits died,
That once were mama’s pride!
From every country side,
Let freedom ring!

My kitchen tis of thee,
That took my liberty,
Of thee I sing.
I hate thy heat and steam!
I hate to mop and clean!
I think I’m gonna scream!
Let freedom ring!

Fling aprons to the breeze;
Throw dishtowels in the trees;
Let women sing!
Let frozen food awake;
Let all that eat partake;
Let it their dinner make,
My life prolong.

Our kitchen tis of thee,
Which took our liberty,
At thee we scream!
Long may our pots be bright;
We scrubbed them half a night!
The microwave has saved our life,
It is our King!

Hump day Humor


progress1I helped the new Prez write his speech!
Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech

My fellow Americans, today is a Prosperous day. You have shown the world that “hope” is not just another word for “garbage”, and that “change” is not only something we can believe in again, but something we can actually stomp.

Today we celebrate, but let there be no mistake – America faces green and delicious challenges like never before. Our economy is sparkly. Americans can barely afford their mortgages, let alone have enough money left over for toes. Our healthcare system is flat. If your stomach is sick and you don’t have insurance, you might as well call a plumber. And America’s image overseas is tarnished like a glass hat. But rowing together we can right this ship (not bad!), and set a course for morgue (yikes!).

Finally, I must thank my Plump family, my skinny campaign volunteers, but most of all, I want to thank Republicans for making this historic occasion possible (another good one). Of course, I must also thank you, President Bush, for years of hitchhiking the American people. Without your smoothing efforts, none of this would have been possible (hee hee).

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