Collage card #100!


Well this is actually yesterday’s card, but I did it tonight (Sunday). I’ve been busy! And this is the second try. I had a Santa sticker that I traced around with black-off that came and I covered it with the same paper. The middle is from a box of yummy peppermint sticks. The bottom is a row of snowflakes with little clear beads.
Then for today, I did this one:
Dream in green and aqua 4" x 4" Collage Card
I got a sheet of these beautiful porches and doors and my mom gave me a little book of lovely papers. I like how it all came together. I hope you are noticing that I use little bits here and there. Like on the back of the butterfly-that’s a piece of the tag I saved from a week or so ago (the owl one).
The tree is up! It’s only lit and beaded. I better be careful what I add because there’s a lot going on with the lights as I am using LED candle lights with clear lights. Sean gave me the new star.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Mr. Cosmo is enjoying the space in front of the tree as the curio table is in front of the fireplace.
Cosmo posing
Since I moved the tree next to the bay window, the window will not be over dressed-maybe a few snowbabies as the tree is quite brilliant. This is a good excuse for me to tidy more. I am learning my lesson. ; ) Please ignore the cords and a few things under there. Cos looked so cute, I had to take his photo.

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