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I’m still a blogger!


I see it’s been a month since my last post about our Florida trip and I wasn’t finished posting about it.

I haven’t been on my laptop because it’s getting old and one of the buttons broke off. I made a replacement, but it’s easier for me to pop on my iPad to check email and Facebook.

But on the other hand, the virus software has been updating for 45 minutes and I had 1,300 emails. I just put them in order as who sent them and get rid of most of them as I’ve seen them on the iPad.

I need to upload several folders of photos to Flickr. I have my sidebar with my newest photos to keep a little updated.

That being said, I have had dental woes and an illness. I’ve had 3 root canals and one extraction in the course of a few months. I’m on my 3rd round of antibiotics as the latest root canal was just a week ago, and an emergency one at that. One of those toothaches that wasn’t relieved right away either. And it ruined my crown as she had to drill through it. I am getting a dental implant in July.

I had a cold or allergies a few weeks ago which set me back a bit. Then my son came down with a flu like virus. He was feverish and achy. It is taking him a bit to get over the coughing part. My son took me up to a green house on Monday and I was pretty good. By the next day I was coughing and then by Wednesday night I had a 102.4 fever. I was pretty miserable. I’m not coughing that much, but not as feverish today.  The aches and pains were horrible.

I was glad I opened the laptop to leave a post. I do want to keep blogging!


Giveaways for Christmas


I just came back from seeing the great giveaways that will be offered from Nancy at ‘The Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe’ blog coming in the month of December. You have to go over there now and leave a comment to sign up for some awesome prizes like cross stitch charts and floss trims and custom dyed fabric. Yay, I knew that would perk you up! There will be 25 giveaways for 25 days-so check in each day to see if your name is mentioned. Sounds like a good deal. Thanks Nancy!!

So be careful


I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the debates about using Pinterest and copyright issues.  They ‘basically’ own the photos you put up. They can do with them as they please, even sell them. I get a bit nervous using other’s photos and make sure the original link to the blog or source is connected to the image. I’m not as worried about recipes. If a person has a blog, they should consider that their images may be used. I’m not one to water mark every single photo. I have all my photos on Flickr which makes them copyrighted-did you know? I use about 95% of my own images on this blog. I noticed some pals use a lot of people’s photos to explain a topic, etc. Just be careful…someone may get unhappy. I’ve been asked if my images could be used and most times I say yes. The one exception was an android or iPhone travel app. I think a little compensation would have been nice and I said no.

Sow with me!


I got some neat snail mail today from my pal Zoey out of Michigan. In the pretty card she included some Burpee ‘Night and Day’ Nasturtium seeds. I went on Burpee’s site to get a photo and they didn’t have one, so I found it elsewhere:

T. majus Pale ivory-yellow contrasted with bold mahogany adds an appealing zest to any container or border. The compact, 12 inch plants are covered with a vivid flush of either color. Sure to be a favorite. Germination code: (4)
By providing adequate water and clipping seed heads, your Nasturtiums will reward you with a profusion of 2 inch blooms from July to fall’s first frost. The flowers make a lightly spicy edible garnish, too!

Well, Ms. Zoey-I ‘accept’ your challenge if you can call it that! : ) Thanks so much for the seeds and thinking of me!

Zoey said she’ll do container sowing and I’m thinking of both container and in ground sowing. Last year Zoey had gorgeous Nasturtiums and mine were ‘so so’. I had sent Zoey some Nasturtiums I found at the Longwood Gardens gift shop (from Renee’s Seeds). I want to see photos from both of us in the late summer!

Well it’s been another slow week for me. I finally went out yesterday (after a week) to do some produce and a little grocery shopping (at a Dollar General) as I just needed to just get out! I am still getting congested and I had a bit of a cough along with it. I need to get my teeth worked on in a few days. I think sinus issues that drag on are the worse! Sean had sinus issues but he is doing well. He also used the humidifier for two nights. I think I need the machine for my chest congestion.

We had a dusting of snow a few days ago and we are expecting maybe an inch tonight. It’s a boring winter and I hope it stays that way as the next month or so will be busy for us. We are going to NYC in a few weeks and then Bri and I are taking that weekend at the B&B that was postponed in November for my birthday for his birthday in March.

Red as a rose and other things


Welcome Cardinal Sign

Red, red rose
Indian summer
Dreaming in Red Skinny card
Ruby red daylily
Today I had lunch with my high school pal Heather. We get together now and then which is nice. I so enjoy talking to ladies my own age instead of just men or my mom. Goes to show that many of my good friends are around my age. I have friends in their late 30s and I tell them I’m kinda like an auntie, but we share many of the same interests. : )
Sean went along for the ride, dropped me off and Heather and I went in PF Chang’s for lunch. Afterwards, Sean and I strolled along in some high priced stores (I check out the sales or sale rooms-but got nothing today). We then went over to Home Goods and I got some new towels, tea and a few little things. That fancy shamancy gardening place had a sale-actually what the sale price is should be their real prices-lol. I got some hot pink phlox in a big pot. When I got home I noticed it had powdery mildew on it. I know that is common with phlox, but should I wipe it off? I let Sean pick it out while I waited at the register, so I didn’t see it until I got home-not a good move. I think the gardening is continuing all summer here. I am really pleased with how my gardens are coming along. I would like to mulch the veggie garden as it looks really dry.
No big plans for the 4th-my oldest brother is turning 57! Wow! ; )

Blue, blue, blue Wednesday


Blue Morning Glory

Blue glass

Blue Poppies

Blue Graniteware coffee pot
Even though this isn’t summery oriented, here is a blue Christmas tree…
Christmas Tree 2006

I was working outside for a few hours with the weed whacker late this morning until the spool wouldn’t stay in place anymore. I was almost finished what I wanted to do too. Did the front sidewalk, the back patio edge and pond. Then the pond looked nasty, so I drained that out a lot and a tiny frog popped up! There use to be a big one in there. Guess he moved out and let ‘Elvis’ move in. So I got out the half moon edger and did almost around the entire pond. Things look better when they are edged-so nice and neat. I worked the ground enough for planting some flowers and I added three in the pond garden. I came in took a shower and tried to relax again outside (did I mention how nice the weather is today?) until I saw pots needed watering, so I did some of that and planted polka dot plants and another unusual plant in the fairy garden. Whew! I’m bushed!

Welcome Roamy to SE Pennsylvania-mushroomland!


Lots of Mushrooms too!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Roamy arrived from Canada, nodded his cap and disappeared out in my yard for the longest time. I knew exactly where he was-with the gnomes and fairies. This ‘special’ group resides in the town (outskirts) next to Kennett Square, ‘The Mushroom Capital of the World’ where there is a Mushroom festival every September-the 26th year is this year! There are lots of ‘magical’ mushrooms in our garden! Roamy is posing here on one.
Look at this interesting group!
Meeting my Penna. Gnome pals
A cool party gnome
Roamy in particularly liked this guy as he looked so ‘cool’ with his shades and cocktail. Said he loves Jimmy Buffet-no kidding! : )
Roamy knows I love gardening and he said he wants to be a florist-so he stopped and smelled the Sweet Bay Magnolia:
Roamy sniffing the Sweet Bay Magnolia
Checked out some petunias:
Roamy under the orange petunias
And wondered if he could take some of these viney things with him so he could pretend to be Jack in the Beanstalk:
Beans like Jack in the Beanstalk
He visited a girl and bunnies in the herb patch:
Statuary and Roamy
After his tour of our yard, he was swooped up and taken on a weekend trip to Baltimore, Maryland.
Here we go!
He had lots of fun and saw interesting sites:
First we took him to the 27th floor of Baltimore’s World Trade Center. He was a bit scared until Mr. C. showed him the wonderful Baltimore sites!
Looking at the Inner Harbor with Brian
He look bigger than the cars way below:
Roamy on the 27th floor
Roamy likes the orange form the Orioles
And look at the snazzy Oriole jersey and hat!
We here are big Phillies fans (just to let you know).
He saw the sign for the Flag house, but we didn’t go in as it was closed.
Roamy on the Flag House sign
We went to the Baltimore Aquarium but Roamy hide in my camera bag as he didn’t want to be fish food!
Roamy with Aquarium behind him
Our last stop was Ft. McHenry where the battle of 1814 to ward off the British inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner’ when he saw the flag still flying overhead. See the cannons behind him, there were lots of them!
Roamy at Fort McHenry
So Roamy would have been happy to stay here in PA with all my special pals:
Golden lady telling me about fairies
Even the inside ones!
Roamy inside
Always remember to…

Dreams are so important

Roamy will be moving on to Sherry next….