I’m a lady in her middle 50s from se Pennsylvania who loves domestic life-meaning her family, gardens, stitching, baking, trying new recipes, paper crafts, photography, blogging, geocaching and kitty Cosmo.
The Domestic Goddess from Pa.

100 Things
1. I’m named after both my mother Jeanne and my father Carl- Dianne Carol.
2. People usually call me ‘Di’ which I don’t like. Mom calls me Diadsie.
3. Born Nov. 19, 1959
4. Born in PA
5. Grew up in PA
6. Attended Delaware County Community College and West Chester University.
7. I ‘turned’ Catholic in 1983 before I got married.
8. I am a ‘liberal’ Catholic if there is such a thing.
9.I have been married to the same man, Brian for over 31 yrs.
10. I have one son who graduated from Penn State with a degree in Geography/Climatology (May 09)

11. I am of a melting pot of nationalities but mostly English, Swedish, Danish, French, Irish & German. I had my DNA tested and first was Russian and second was Irish.
12. When I was 2 we lived in Fort Pierce, Florida for a year, but the heat was miserable.
13. My parents divorced when I was about 13, but they had lived apart for many years.
14. My father wouldn’t look at any of his 4 children at the court proceedings at the divorce. He passed away Feb. 16, 2008 alone.
15. I have 3 brothers, 1 older and 2 younger.
16. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece.
17. My niece and I are the only females in our immediate family for 40 years-she resembles me.
18. I love to cross stitch & have done so for over 34 yrs.
19. I mainly cross stitch for different charities and have done so for over 11 yrs.
20. I also love to garden and putter around in the yard every day in nice weather.
21. I’m 5′2 and 1/2. The 1/2 is very important.
22. My favorite food is chocolate.
23. I love iced tea, especially home brewed with lemon, but raspberry is good too.
24. My favorite movie is ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and I have a collection of memorabilia from it.
25. I am a liberal democrat.
26. I have one cat, a boy named Cosmo who has a blog.
27. I try to read at least 10+ novels a year if I’m lucky.
28. My current favorite TV show is The Voice.
29. My favorite actor is probably still Harrison Ford with Tim Daly as a close second.

30. I wanted to be a early childhood education instructor.
31. After I volunteered at my son’s school, I changed my mind, but I still love little kids.

32. I have to drink my hot tea in a mug.
33. I don’t like coffee, but it smells good!
34. I was the corresponding secretary for the PTO (not PTA) at my son’s school one year.
35. I was computer illiterate until we got a computer in 1993. I taught myself how to make a webpage and can do html.
36. I love folk pop music.
37. I have been a fan of James Taylor’s since I’ve been 13.
38. I have seen JT 5 times in concert and his daughter Sally once.
39. I have also seen the following in person:Sir Paul McCartney, Carole King (with James Taylor), Boz Scaggs, John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins & Hall & Oates, Jim Brickman, Linda Eder, Barry Gibb, Josh Groban, Bonnie Raitt, The Go Gos, Patti Smyth, and Billy Joel!
40. I was born the same year as the Barbie doll and I have a huge collection of them.
41. I have a Thumbelina doll that I loved to pieces and even cut her hair.
42. I contracted Lyme Disease in 1998 and still have symptoms from it.
43. My favorite chain restaurant the Olive Garden.
44. I live about 1/2 hour from where I was born.
45. I would like to live near the ocean someday.
46. I use to have medium brown hair, now it’s golden brown-dark blonde.
47. I have hazel eyes with specks in them like my maternal grandmom.
48. I wear bifocal glasses and don’t like contacts.
49. I would love to be a backup singer for James Taylor at least once.
50. The best trip I ever took was a car trip to New England with Brian when we were newlyweds.
51. I love to bake, esp at Christmastime.
52. My favorite color is teal/aquamarine.
53. I like skirts better than shorts, but I wear shorts too.
54. I met Brian at the wedding of his first cousin to my brother.
55. Brian lets me cut his hair and I still do so after 30 yrs.
56. I was shy and quiet in high school and people thought I was stuck up.
57. I love brownies of any kind. I’ve never found any as good as Rachel’s (from the 80s).
58. I could eat chicken salad from ‘The Little Inn’ everyday (it’s under new management).
59. We still live in the first house we bought back in 1986.
60. We moved in when I was 7.5 months pregnant with Sean our only child.
61. When I am uptight, music usually calms me down-chocolate helps too.
62. My favorite perfume has to be flowery and expensive-like Lancome’s Miracle or Estee Lauder’s Estee. Perfume usually bothers my sinuses though.
63. I loved M*A*S*H the tv show, but not the movie version.
64. I wished that Alan Alda was my father at one time.
65. I have ESP sometimes. I recently got stung by a bee and remembered thinking about it a day or so before it happened.
66. I have a thing for tall, medium stature, dark haired men like Tim Daly and Hugh Jackman.
67. I married an average sized guy with brown, curly hair.
68. I get bad vibes when I go in places like ‘Ford’s Theater’ (I see dead people?)
69. My brother Don and I would put on shows for the family. He always out sung me.
70. Someone died in the bedroom I sleep in. It doesn’t scare me-well sometimes.
71. Growing up, I use to babysit all the kids from a nearby neighborhood.
72. I love anything Victorian. My living room is somewhat decorated that way.
73. I have excellent handwriting for a lefty. I used calligraphy for our wedding invitations.
74. When I was practicing the calligraphy, I wrote the name Sean Matthew out of the blue. (that’s our son’s name).
75. I would like to see the west coast one day and also visit friends & relatives there.
76. I have yet to go to New York City. Thanks for x-out reminder Barbara!

77. 9-11-01 left me with an anxiety issues for a few years.
78. I live in between NYC and DC and was thinking it was the end of the world that day.
79. I have at least 500 books or more.
80. My books are mostly non-fictional.
81. I have a huge cookbook collection too-at least 100 + books. My favorite is Fannie Farmer that Brian gave me.
82. I hate to have piles dirty clothes in the house, but sometimes I let the dishes sit overnight.
83. I grow zinnias almost every year because they were my maternal grandmom’s favorite flower.
84. I helped to pay for my grandmom’s grave marker.
85. My family and I were with my grandmom when she died June 18, 2000.
86. In high school I had a crush on a soccer player who I got to pose with me for a photo at out 30th reunion in Nov. 2007. He’s now a ‘friend’ on Facebook.
87. I love The Food Network!

88. I use to watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus and had a crush on Michael Palin.
89. I have several things in my ‘beauty routine’ to do before I go to bed-one is using Vick’s vapor rub in the wintertime.

90. I love to do crafts and draw portraits (though I haven’t done the later for a long time).
91. My favorite flower is the gardenia.
92. I like lap dogs like Eddie from Frasier.
93. Cats have always loved me as I love them.
94. I’m a packrat, but so is the rest of my family.
95. I have a gap in my front teeth as does my older brother.
96. I love getting things in the mail.
97. I have sold stuff on eBay for over 13 years.
98. I love taking photos and digital photography opened up a whole new world for me.
99. I wanted an emerald engagement ring, but settled on a diamond with two little emeralds on each side.
100. I am really good at putting things together without directions.

101 (since I went to NYC) I had a breast biopsy in Nov. 2007 and couldn’t eat or drink anything for about 21 hours. It was benign. : )

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  1. I came across your blog and “borrowed” your 48 things you could are less about. for my blog! It was fun! I came across you from your post on Celebrity Baby Blog.

  2. Great lists… now I remember, Avondale is in Delware County. I grew up and lived most of my life in the Lansdale area. Lived near Wash DC for 5 years, and now in Florida for 5.5 years. Going back to PA for good (I think?) in June! We have similar music tastes (I guess it’s the age, I was born Feb, 1958). I will have to visit your blog some more… getting tired tonight!
    No, Avondale is in Chester County.