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The Presence of trees and other things


The Presence of Trees

by Michael S. Glaser

I have always felt the living presence
of trees

the forest that calls to me as deeply
as I breathe,

as though the woods were marrow of my bone
as though

I myself were tree, a breathing, reaching
arc of the larger canopy

beside a brook bubbling to foam
like the one

deep in these woods,
that calls

that whispers home

(so it’s not the woods, but isn’t this a wonderful tree?)

I had the rare opportunity to enjoy a walk at the park in January as it was in the 50s (this was on Thursday). I had my new-ish phone and captured this of what I think is a Sweet Gum tree. My fellow h.s.alumni , a movie director in California, gave me a thumbs up on Facebook (I sent the photo there first)-I was really flattered Todd. : )

So what else is new-sorting and cleaning in the super dusty and yucky basement-it was so bone chilling cold outside and I still needed to get Christmas stuff put away. I had a helper-thanks to Brian for sticking his nose in the dust. He’s making ‘smoke’ now. Good thing I took a Claritin. We had a nice roaring fire in the fireplace and he gave me a mixed drink of some peachy stuff and tequila-a bit strong. I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to get wood from under the Chestnut tree and it’s just not burning now. The ‘bought’ wood was fine, but I didn’t like the smell of it.

I got this today-a gift to myself and since I put so much moola in the iPad2, I wanted it to be protected:

(my protective cover has specks of dust under it, so little bubbles there)

You can see my messy wall desk calling out to me in the background. I am getting to that maybe tomorrow.

It’s a stand and the iPad can swivel from ‘portrait’ to ‘landscape’

I sent this to Zoey via email, not sure if she got it, but here’s catalog shopping at your fingertips! I got the case from eBags-funny I checked for coupons on the laptop while using the catalog app and found one for 20% off with free shipping. I really like that site. Got the case in two days! (Came from Penna. too).

(That’s my $5 ‘five below’ case, I think I’ll find a new use for it).

I got my mom the Le Pan tablet and she was upset as it froze up on her tonight. I went online and it said to just push the ‘reset’ button on the back. She is having fun browsing the web. She has an email account and Facebook but hasn’t used them yet, or any applications. It’s Android like the phones I am using. I got it for $180 and saw it for $350 on another website. She is enjoying it, but needs to learn how to clean out the cache.

 I feel a weight off my shoulders as we start to dig through the mess of the basement. I want a craft corner for messy projects, etc. We made a resolution to go down there once a month and do more sorting. I have about 5 blue Hefty bags and only a few cardboard boxes with stuff left to sort. I’ll be buying more plastic bins for sure. We had 3 bags of trash and several things for the Goodwill. I still need to whiddle it down.

Keep warm!

Taken from the iPad2

Winter Blooms


It’s so nice to see these blooms and ‘will be blooms’ during the bleak days of winter. The month is half over already, and as many of you probably do, I  also count down the days until spring.

The white Amaryllis has been blooming since Christmas! (This is the second stalk). The poinsettia came from the same place as the paperwhites-Terrain. They are about to bloom. I have them in a aluminum pie dish with sea glass in it.

The tree came down yesterday and I still have some the boxes in the living room. I have major tidying to do in the basement, but will need help with the lifting and stacking part. I’ve been having lower back issues (on the right) that I feel is from standing so long and vacuuming for 45+ minutes-all the pushing and pulling. Certain things are aggravating it, so I have to be careful. Then my right eye is really red in the corner. I called the doctor’s office yesterday and she called an antibiotic drop in for me. I can’t tell you the last time that happened (not having to go in for a visit-but I will if it gets worse)! I have to use it for a week and it’s still a bit red, but it was weepy and filmy Tuesday night.

I’m going to start my new year of dental repair on Tuesday. It’s going to be quite pricey and they said we could space out the visits. The first visit will be two crowns on the bottom and a filling. I have an older crown on top where the tooth underneath has a cavity. I hadn’t had my teeth cleaned for over a year, but went there 5 times last  year. This time they did bitewing x-rays and the very thorough dental hygienist  found all my issues. She was kind of rough, but surprisingly my  mouth only was sensitive in a few spots. I can never seem to be debt free with the dentist.

Sean is going to a GIS conference in New York City at the end of February, so I guess we will tag along. It’s been almost 5 years since we went up for Karin and Michael’s wedding. We will not drive in the city, but look for a place with bus transport right over the bridge. We learned the hard way. We will probably take a tour of Chinatown.  We’d really like to see the 911 Memorial. Not crazy that it is in February, but maybe it won’t be as crazy up there as it was in June. ; )

Of course I am loving the iPad2. It’s worth every penny. I do love my laptop and phone too. I have 23 apps on it and a lady on Facebook has about 150! A neat one is Hulu pro, sort of like tivo for your iPad. It cost $8 a month, but you can watch tons of tv programs and movies. For instance, I missed ‘Parenthood’ the other night, so I’m watching it in my leisure now. The picture is so sharp! If you take lots of weekend trips or are waiting for people at the doctor, etc. it’s a great device as you can sit all cozy on your sofa and do most of what you do on the web. Am I selling it to you good enough? LOL

Of course I need to get down to doing the crafts I love which I haven’t lately. Everything is gathering dust. I have some ideas up my sleeve and I also have some new yarn for crochet (and new stitches to try thanks to Pinterest).

Next holiday please


Valentine's Day lighted branch display

When I was at Kmart earlier this week, I saw they had pink, red and white smaller Christmas balls for 50% off. As you know, I never pay full price for anything if I don’t have to. So I bought a few boxes of them. I then went in CVS and they had the silvery white branches with white lights-$5. I have that neat red martini pitcher I found at an antique store that use to be in a train car up in our town many years ago. I love that pitcher! The birds were 50 cents and the mylar in red and pink were cut from garland. Under $10. (I made the ‘Love’ house out of a food storage box a few years ago).

And some new things for my winter alpine forest display

Winter display gnome and frog

Close up of trees and birds

Working, tidying and watching movies


Yes, that’s my life this week. Though I didn’t go in Wednesday, I still have to get up early to call to see if they need me to fill in for someone sick. I worked Monday 10-3 and Tuesday 5-9. Today it’s 5-8. I worked an extra hour on Tuesday. I watched three movies-an ‘Indie’ film called ‘The Tree of Life’-more visual than a ‘regular’ movie; ‘The Help’, which was really good and featured Jessica Chastain who was also the mom in the first movie-totally different characters-she’s awesome. Then Wednesday Sean brought home ‘Water for Elephants’ another good one based in 1931.

He uses ‘Redbox’ now-a $1 a night and they are springing up all over the place.

Wednesday I was cleaning in the family room. I got halfway finished and pooped out. I am going to tackle the kitchen a little tomorrow. I may be having company for dinner on the 1st if I have off.

Sean gave us a Kodak printer for Christmas. It’s wireless-nice feature. But I am loving that it’s a copy machine too. I can do a bunch of stuff for my collages which I need to get into again. I have a pile of really old books and I can utilize the artwork and then if I really don’t like anything else about the book, toss it-well maybe-lol.

Off to read a few pages of my next read-book #13 for the year-a record for me!

The countdown…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be an employee for Peebles! I am still not sure what kind of clothes to wear-tops with sweaters, etc. as I don’t know how hot and cold it is there. I wore a corduroy jacket to the training and we were in the break room and I was warm and removed it. I did see a space heater on the floor in there though. I have a form fitting top pulled out of the closet for tomorrow-it’s a bigger size than I have been wearing, but believe me, I have plenty of outfits to chose from! One reason is because I was looking for some slacks I purchased last year over the past week. I bought 4 pairs as they fit me so well-but they weren’t in the closets or armoire. Brian hadn’t gotten down all my clothes from the attic (for a brief second I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of clothes-ha ha-nope)! I poked my nose up in the attic and pointed to a few bags, one of which was a Peebles bag! It contained stuff at least 8-10 years old. I think the stuff had been in the guest room closet and I needed the room, so it went up in the attic. Found a little girl’s dress, it had to be mine and it was home sewn, a pretty yellow gingham with a yellow ribbon around the bodice. I’ll have to show it to you. Needless to say, I filled up two bags for donations with the old clothes. I did kept a sweater my late mother-in-law had brought me back from France (with a UK label). It’s very 80s looking. I guess I’ll have to show you that one too-lol.

I went to our church’s bazaar yesterday and got the bushel of white mushrooms, so tonight I had to make an early dinner for Sean, so made an onion and mushroom fritata with a side of asparagus. I’m waiting on Brian, but I’m getting hungry, so I’m off to eat!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes…be good sinuses. : )

Photo Hunt-Light


Overview of snowmen display, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s a view from above of my front bay window about 3 yrs ago. These weren’t even all the snowmen I have either. I under light the batting. Not sure what I’m doing in this space this year, depends on how busy I am.


Brian and I may go to a craft show on Saturday as it’s a big one and will be a nice day too. There’s also a large book sale going on. After we saw my uncle (alas for the last time last year), we went to the sale, though we were all shook up from seeing him looking so bad. Miss him. I brought home a picture he had drawn of Sean years ago and need to photograph it to share with you.

Belgium Waffles-yum


I finally located my Belgium waffle maker after it was missing for many years. I almost ditched it for a new one, but cleaned it up and started using it again. I had a whole grain mix that just called for adding liquids which was fine, but nothing compares to a plump ‘real’ Belgium waffle:

You just don’t want to do this:

Which I did on the fourth one! What a mess. I forget that the tablespoon of baking powder will really make them rise and overflow. Plus I didn’ t want to make a fifth one!

Here’s the recipe from the Food Network site:

Belgium Waffles
2 cups cake flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
Nonstick vegetable spray for coating waffle iron
Confectioners' sugar
Fresh berries
Whipped cream, recipe follows
Ice cream, optional

If you don't have Buttermilk in the house, here's what you can do:
Milk (just under one cup)
1 Tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice-let sit 5 minutes

Here's my doll Olivia with a new mask on:

And the remnants of the much talked about snow:

And the remnants of the much talked about snow:

Halloween is just around the bend


I ‘do’ Halloween decorating just for us as we’ve never had trick or treaters here which is a bit sad. I do love ‘nice’ Halloween decor such as owls, pumpkins and witches. The owl shown is a new purchase this year and I looped the cross stitch I did around his neck.
Girl statuary with glow of lights
I found the little girl up in the emporium in York, PA.
Halloween tree in a blue vase
One of the legs broke off of this little tree, so I kind of stuck it in this cobalt blue vase. I should hide the broken part, but it does not neat with the blue.
Cute little pumpkins. The ‘smiling’ one in the middle changes colors.
Halloween Barbies
I only have a few Halloween Barbies, but really like these gals.
Happy Halloween! Give all treats, no tricks if you can.

Me stuff-I had a tooth fixed today and looked like ‘The Scream’ painting for a few hours as my lip was pretty swollen from the injection. After it went down, I saw a big mark on the inside where the dentist must have gotten me with an instrument or something.  I’m still having sinus issues as was the dentist! Wow, we must need a hard freeze!

Baking and cooking-Yesterday I broke an egg on the stove top when I went to put it in a pot of water, so I mixed together Trader Joe’s gingerbread-yum! Had an egg sandwich today with one of the last tomatoes from the garden-that’s pretty darn good to still have a tomato when it’s almost November.  I made turkey chili for dinner which was pretty good.

For you


These were some of the sparse flowers I grew from seed. With the unusual growing season, only certain things (thinking tomatoes and zucchini) shot to stardom in my garden.

I had a few visitors on this Monday; our parish priest and a house painter, though not at the same time. Father only stays for about 5 minutes for family updates. We talked cars a little since he drives a Chrysler Sebring (a gift from the parish a few years ago). He asked if my car was a ‘mustard’ color-I replied ‘Inca Gold’.
The painter’s sign was seen up in Kennett-we need the short sides painted and over the roof. I hope he’s not too pricey as the paint is peeling over the roof.
Brian is over with his dad as he couldn’t get his cell phone to work right. We go to the concert tomorrow night. It’s a bit cool tonight, so I better take a jacket with me tomorrow. Can’t wait. I love to go to at least one concert a year.
It was a glorious day here and will be for a few more days.

I put up a sunflower wreath and added the sparkley metal one to it:

I’ll be taking down the beachy decor soon, but since I just dusted it, I took a few shots of it: