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Finally saw Silver Linings Playbook


With all the local hype associated with this movie, it was about time that Brian and I went to see it.


Sean had seen it in the fall with a date and then they went to the diner where a scene was filmed. Also, we lived under 3 miles from where it was filmed (for 2.5 years in an apartment complex as newlyweds) and wanted to see the different neighborhoods and they did look familiar too! Tina Fey and Todd Rundgren are from close by this area. There was a scene when Bradley Cooper’s character was talking to the principal of the high school. I know several people, including one of my bridesmaids who went to ‘Prendy’.

This is a neat shot from the movie. I’m not sure if I ever ate here, but we have been by the Llanerch Diner many times.


Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence were really good in this movie (this was suppose to be Halloween, hence the waitress in the funny outfit-lots of locals here).

We’ll have to go explore down here, just outside of Philadelphia, one of these days. I think there is a tour that correlates with the scenes in the movie.

Today, Brian and I went on what I thought would be easy caches finds, but alas they weren’t! We saw places that we have never been to, so that’s really one of the main reasons to cache! The phone navigator wasn’t working great though. Got some more exercise!


Yay, my new glasses got really dark today!

Brian look perplexed at a bridge cache. I saw a picture of what we should have found, and we surely didn’t see it.


We did find a pretty awesome one that looked like an electrical box on a sign for a restaurant complex.


You find some you don’t!

The best time for a long time


As previously mentioned, my classmate from high school had a new movie that came out a few days ago called ‘Phantom’. So my other friend John suggested a bunch of us go see the movie last night (Sunday) and we did, many with our spouses. There were close to 20 of us there and we of course got all excited when we saw Wayne in shots (another class mate who is an actor) and I recognized Todd’s daughter who played Ed Harris’ daughter in the movie. Todd really had to do his research on Russian submarines! The year was 1968. Lots of action and a twist at the end. The guys will love this one!

At the end of the movie, Scott, our reunion coordinator had Todd on the phone and we were all cheering him on. That was very cool.

Afterwards, about 11 of us went to a sports bar a bit down the road for a late dinner. We gave my other pal Tom a ride in the Cruiser. It wasn’t too noisy and we got to catch up with my ‘back yard’ neighbor Bethann who came to her first reunion/mini reunion get-together!


I’m next to Tom and John is on the other end. We play ‘Song Pop’ on Facebook and usually are pretty neck to neck.

All in all a great time! So glad Brian and I went.

Working, tidying and watching movies


Yes, that’s my life this week. Though I didn’t go in Wednesday, I still have to get up early to call to see if they need me to fill in for someone sick. I worked Monday 10-3 and Tuesday 5-9. Today it’s 5-8. I worked an extra hour on Tuesday. I watched three movies-an ‘Indie’ film called ‘The Tree of Life’-more visual than a ‘regular’ movie; ‘The Help’, which was really good and featured Jessica Chastain who was also the mom in the first movie-totally different characters-she’s awesome. Then Wednesday Sean brought home ‘Water for Elephants’ another good one based in 1931.

He uses ‘Redbox’ now-a $1 a night and they are springing up all over the place.

Wednesday I was cleaning in the family room. I got halfway finished and pooped out. I am going to tackle the kitchen a little tomorrow. I may be having company for dinner on the 1st if I have off.

Sean gave us a Kodak printer for Christmas. It’s wireless-nice feature. But I am loving that it’s a copy machine too. I can do a bunch of stuff for my collages which I need to get into again. I have a pile of really old books and I can utilize the artwork and then if I really don’t like anything else about the book, toss it-well maybe-lol.

Off to read a few pages of my next read-book #13 for the year-a record for me!

Watching the Debbie Reynolds auction Live!


I heard about this when Debbie and her daughter Carrie Fisher were on ‘The View’ a few weeks back. You can probably catch some of it here.
Deb is doing pretty good with Marilyn Monroe costumes fetching over $500,000 each for two of them. Marilyn’s ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ dress (pictured here) got over $1 million! Even the dress that Judy Garland wore only in the screen test for ‘The Wizard of Oz’ sold for $910,000! I’ll try and grab some photos. It’s going fast, but It’s the first of many as Debbie has over 3,500 costumes plus many more items (next in December)!

These were only used in the screen test for the movie if I recall correctly and sold for $510,000!

The biggest seller (I’m updating here) is the Marilyn Monroe ‘Subway’ dress from ‘The Seven Year Itch’ that fetched $4.6 million!

Thumbs up!


A few hours ago, I went back to the eye doctor and a young man (not sure if he was a doctor or assistant) not much older than Sean looked at my optic nerves with a fancy machine. I had to stare at a green star twice while an infrared line went down the screen for 5 seconds. He said everything looked fine, no glaucoma! I feel truly blessed, but also feel for my mom who just had her umpteenth needle in her eye yesterday. She still drives and plans to come out here on Friday. Unfortunately most of us will get cataracts and glaucoma sometime down the road.

Happy 15th to my third nephew Kenny! He’s a talented guitarist, artist and now ‘remodeling’ an old Ford Falcon and doing a great job with that. All that talent started to shine when he was just a little tyke.
Sad to hear of the passing of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor. She said she lived her life to the fullest when she was well. She sure did after having 7 husbands! She was a beautiful woman with her violet color eyes and perfect face. I thought ‘National Velvet’ was one of her best movies.
Speaking of movies, my favorite two were named ‘Best in Film’ on ABC last night. ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. : ) They were both made in 1939, 20 yrs before I was born.



Watching 4" x 4" Collage card, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I made this after talking to my uncle who gave me very short answers and acted like he didn’t want to talk. I feel so bad for him laying there in the hospital for over two weeks. He is still very weak.
Sean and I watched a kind of creepy movie called ‘The Lovely Bones’. It was suppose to take place in Norristown, PA, about 45 minutes or so from here. The author is from Malvern where Brian grew up. What’s creepy is the 14 yr old girl gets murdered by her neighbor. I was the same age as her in 1973. I had the same pencil box. We now have the same green lidded candy dish as the neighbor. Yikes. So after Susie is killed, she’s in like a pergatory and she sees big things and wild things. I guess my collage is influenced by that and this guy Randall who makes the same size cards and sells them for $25 each. There’s an idea!
Brian went to get bloodwork today, so wish him luck. He may have to get a few things checked out. His dad is getting his cataract consultation on Wednesday. I asked if he would not get the surgery on the 19th for obvious reasons (like I only have one birthday a year and he hasn’t been to the eye doctor in 15 yrs.).
I’m in the process of my pre-holiday cleaning. I can’t stand to have to clean and decorate-too much work. My back has been bad, especially if I sit on the floor or do too much leaning over. Ugh.

Hey, did you recognize Nancy Drew up there?

Went to see my Uncle


Sean and I went to see Uncle Don on Saturday afternoon. I mentally get myself ready to go in a hospital, especially one I have recent scary memories about-like taking Brian to the ER in 4/09 and me having all those mammograms and the biopsy in 11/07. So as I walked past those places, I tried to focus on being sweet for my uncle who use to call me ‘baby doll’, etc. We get off the elevator and there was my mom and she says, I want to prepare you as he doesn’t look good at all, etc. I don’t know about you, but I want to be the judge on how I think people look and she made me all nervous and I had that post nasal issue and a funny feeling in my tummy. Uncle Don was covered over up to his neck, though it was hot in there. He was laying down and he’s only about 130 on a 5’11” frame, so he’s all skin and bones. He was tired as they had him up and walking a bit. His color is a bit pasty too. He asked how Bri’s dad was and also asked Sean when ‘Joe Pa’ was coming on (Penn State football). We only saw him for 15 minutes and left! I bet he went right to sleep and I hope he saw the game. He has a lot of contraptions around him too. It’s hard to go and stare at a sick one. I think he appreciated us saying ‘hi’ at least. He probably will be put right into a nursing home.
And Brian got his dad to the eye doctor for the 1st time in at least 15+ yrs. He of course has cataracts (age 87 like Uncle Don) and needs to have them removed. The eye doctor said he wouldn’t pass a driver’s test either.
After we left the hospital, my mom and her friend followed us to the Chester County book sale about 10 miles or so away. They had tons of books and we purchased a few and found some gems like a book about the town where mom grew up (Lansdowne, PA) and a book about the Brandywine area (where we live now). We parted ways and Sean and I went in the adjacent mall and got a Five Guys burger as we basically skipped lunch.
We started to watch ‘The Lovely Bones’ later and we looked up the movie on Wikipedia and found out that the author, Alice Sebold grew up in the same area as Brian did! Cool. The movie is based in Norristown, PA., about an hour from here.
Turn your clocks back people!

Good Walking Day


Good Witch 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The scent of fall (plus spent mushroom dirt-ugh) was in the air today as Sean and I went to the park-for the second time this week for me! Don’t faint! I’ve walked over a mile in two days. We have a lovely park (and I was going to bring my camera and forgot) a few miles away. Sean use to run on the h.s. track, but now that school is in session, he’s gone back to the park. He’s doing 3/4 mile, but stops a few times. I really try not to stop on my 1/2 mile. I did feel better today-not as achy.
I decided to do Glinda today. Who doesn’t love Glinda with her big pink bubble and equal bubblegum pink gown? I also loved her crown! I knew the movie was old when I was a kid (at least 25 yrs or so when I first saw it) and I couldn’t believe she would have a crown that looked plastic like my toys-lol. Did you not love her voice, rather high and Munchkin-like?
I thought my handmade paper made a great bubble!
Here is a comparsion of the two cards-I didn’t use the first as a reference, but used the same swirls and the homemade paper in different colors.

Comparsion of the two witch collage

Photoshopping and Planting


Two things I have been doing. Late last night I was working on a photo of me when I was about 6-7. It was taken for a contest for ‘cute kids’ way back when. Neither my brother or I won. Here’s the original-encased in plastic that was then bend. I had to use a filter over it to help with my forehead’s mark. I’m not totally happy with this-forgot my right arm and I just couldn’t get the forehead any better. But that is the correct color of the photo now.


to this:


And one of my 3 siblings and me:



Couldn’t help compare this to my pal Barbara’s kiddos as she has a big boy and a little boy with a boy and girl in the middle. Dave is 12.5 yrs older than Ken whereas Don and I were 1 yr and 8 days apart.


Then I was potting up baby coleus my Flickr pal Joy had left at her house for me on Tuesday. I hope they grow nice and bushy!



Tonight I watched Kate Winslet’s Oscar winning performance with Sean. ‘The Reader’ was a wonderful movie, but does have nudity and sex in the first half hour…so if you want to rent it, I’d watch it with the over 21 crowd.


I have to make something good for dinner today as for two meals yesterday we ate take-out. I am having ‘a visitor’ now every 3.5 weeks and it’s pulling me down. I’m hoping it will lead to longer times between-mom said she had this issue too. It ain’t easy girls.