Working, tidying and watching movies


Yes, that’s my life this week. Though I didn’t go in Wednesday, I still have to get up early to call to see if they need me to fill in for someone sick. I worked Monday 10-3 and Tuesday 5-9. Today it’s 5-8. I worked an extra hour on Tuesday. I watched three movies-an ‘Indie’ film called ‘The Tree of Life’-more visual than a ‘regular’ movie; ‘The Help’, which was really good and featured Jessica Chastain who was also the mom in the first movie-totally different characters-she’s awesome. Then Wednesday Sean brought home ‘Water for Elephants’ another good one based in 1931.

He uses ‘Redbox’ now-a $1 a night and they are springing up all over the place.

Wednesday I was cleaning in the family room. I got halfway finished and pooped out. I am going to tackle the kitchen a little tomorrow. I may be having company for dinner on the 1st if I have off.

Sean gave us a Kodak printer for Christmas. It’s wireless-nice feature. But I am loving that it’s a copy machine too. I can do a bunch of stuff for my collages which I need to get into again. I have a pile of really old books and I can utilize the artwork and then if I really don’t like anything else about the book, toss it-well maybe-lol.

Off to read a few pages of my next read-book #13 for the year-a record for me!

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  1. When my son was here, he saw I was reading The Help. He went out and bought me the movie so we watched it last Friday. I really enjoyed it, too. Sometimes it’s’ nice to stay in and watch movies all day.

  2. Wow! My manager gave me “The Tree of Life” but I haven’t watched it yet. Seems like I have to watched it, by your recommendation. I am planning to sell my book for the lower price. I sell it here in my country. I think, the books is more valuable if other can read it rather than just stay at my bookshelves. I enjoy reading your post. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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