The countdown…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be an employee for Peebles! I am still not sure what kind of clothes to wear-tops with sweaters, etc. as I don’t know how hot and cold it is there. I wore a corduroy jacket to the training and we were in the break room and I was warm and removed it. I did see a space heater on the floor in there though. I have a form fitting top pulled out of the closet for tomorrow-it’s a bigger size than I have been wearing, but believe me, I have plenty of outfits to chose from! One reason is because I was looking for some slacks I purchased last year over the past week. I bought 4 pairs as they fit me so well-but they weren’t in the closets or armoire. Brian hadn’t gotten down all my clothes from the attic (for a brief second I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of clothes-ha ha-nope)! I poked my nose up in the attic and pointed to a few bags, one of which was a Peebles bag! It contained stuff at least 8-10 years old. I think the stuff had been in the guest room closet and I needed the room, so it went up in the attic. Found a little girl’s dress, it had to be mine and it was home sewn, a pretty yellow gingham with a yellow ribbon around the bodice. I’ll have to show it to you. Needless to say, I filled up two bags for donations with the old clothes. I did kept a sweater my late mother-in-law had brought me back from France (with a UK label). It’s very 80s looking. I guess I’ll have to show you that one too-lol.

I went to our church’s bazaar yesterday and got the bushel of white mushrooms, so tonight I had to make an early dinner for Sean, so made an onion and mushroom fritata with a side of asparagus. I’m waiting on Brian, but I’m getting hungry, so I’m off to eat!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes…be good sinuses. : )

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