Photo Hunt-Light


Overview of snowmen display, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Here’s a view from above of my front bay window about 3 yrs ago. These weren’t even all the snowmen I have either. I under light the batting. Not sure what I’m doing in this space this year, depends on how busy I am.


Brian and I may go to a craft show on Saturday as it’s a big one and will be a nice day too. There’s also a large book sale going on. After we saw my uncle (alas for the last time last year), we went to the sale, though we were all shook up from seeing him looking so bad. Miss him. I brought home a picture he had drawn of Sean years ago and need to photograph it to share with you.

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  1. At the beginning this month, Christmas decorations began appearing on some buildings in Hong Kong. Have to say that it seems way too early to me — but guess there are people who are already very much looking forward to Christmas! :b

  2. Such a delightful scene with all your snowmen:-) Makes me want to take out my Christmas decorations already! lol It’s going to take everything to make me wait until the end of November!!!

    Hope you were able to go to the craft fair today? There’s one in town this weekend over here and I had planned on going today but then decided I just wanted a relaxing day at home. Tomorrow is the auction and I may drop in at the craft fair beforehand just to take a look. xoxo

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