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These were some of the sparse flowers I grew from seed. With the unusual growing season, only certain things (thinking tomatoes and zucchini) shot to stardom in my garden.

I had a few visitors on this Monday; our parish priest and a house painter, though not at the same time. Father only stays for about 5 minutes for family updates. We talked cars a little since he drives a Chrysler Sebring (a gift from the parish a few years ago). He asked if my car was a ‘mustard’ color-I replied ‘Inca Gold’.
The painter’s sign was seen up in Kennett-we need the short sides painted and over the roof. I hope he’s not too pricey as the paint is peeling over the roof.
Brian is over with his dad as he couldn’t get his cell phone to work right. We go to the concert tomorrow night. It’s a bit cool tonight, so I better take a jacket with me tomorrow. Can’t wait. I love to go to at least one concert a year.
It was a glorious day here and will be for a few more days.

I put up a sunflower wreath and added the sparkley metal one to it:

I’ll be taking down the beachy decor soon, but since I just dusted it, I took a few shots of it:

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  1. I never have much luck at all with flowers grown from seed but with vegetable seeds, it’s a different story:-) The only thing I buy already started are the tomato plants, the rest are all seeds. This morning I was out in the garden again picking more beans, peas, tomatoes and cucumbers, then I baked two more squares for the weekend. I’ll truly be glad when I can have boring and quiet days again! lol

    Love your beach decor but as you say, soon it will be time to decorate for Autumn:-) I wait until mid September or so before I take mine out.

    Have fun at the concert tonight!! xoxo

  2. Zinnias always make such a pretty bouquet.

    Autumn decor–it seems too soon–but I am very happy to see September almost here.

    Hope you have a great time at the concert!

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