Halloween is just around the bend


I ‘do’ Halloween decorating just for us as we’ve never had trick or treaters here which is a bit sad. I do love ‘nice’ Halloween decor such as owls, pumpkins and witches. The owl shown is a new purchase this year and I looped the cross stitch I did around his neck.
Girl statuary with glow of lights
I found the little girl up in the emporium in York, PA.
Halloween tree in a blue vase
One of the legs broke off of this little tree, so I kind of stuck it in this cobalt blue vase. I should hide the broken part, but it does not neat with the blue.
Cute little pumpkins. The ‘smiling’ one in the middle changes colors.
Halloween Barbies
I only have a few Halloween Barbies, but really like these gals.
Happy Halloween! Give all treats, no tricks if you can.

Me stuff-I had a tooth fixed today and looked like ‘The Scream’ painting for a few hours as my lip was pretty swollen from the injection. After it went down, I saw a big mark on the inside where the dentist must have gotten me with an instrument or something.  I’m still having sinus issues as was the dentist! Wow, we must need a hard freeze!

Baking and cooking-Yesterday I broke an egg on the stove top when I went to put it in a pot of water, so I mixed together Trader Joe’s gingerbread-yum! Had an egg sandwich today with one of the last tomatoes from the garden-that’s pretty darn good to still have a tomato when it’s almost November.  I made turkey chili for dinner which was pretty good.

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