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White Clay Creek and then Tyler Arboretum


Ringing Rocks County Park-hammer time!


Before we headed to Ocean City, the three of us went about 70 miles to Ringing Rock County Park in Bucks County. A hammer was found and loaded in the car! Sean had just gotten his new car and wanted to take it for a test drive. It was one of those places that you have heard about and needed to see in real life. Plus it was an earth cache! We got there a little late, but the parking was close to the big field of rocks. Apparently their content of aluminum and iron makes them have a bell like sound when struck! Brian and I stated on the perimeter while Sean climbed a bit more into the main area. Brian didn’t have flexible shoes on and I just can’t climb that well. I got to hit a few rocks though. The field of boulders is in 7-8 acres of the 128 acre park. Apparently there is a waterfall too. We all agreed to go, not knowing it was 70 miles. I guess we travel enough to think that isn’t too far.

This is what we saw after a short hike!

RingingRocksPark15 005

I was hamming it up for the camera knowing I needed to post a photo for geocaching.com

RingingRocksPark15 006

Sean getting into the field

RingingRocksPark15 011

Brian had a rough time in his work boots.

RingingRocksPark15 020

RingingRocksPark15 021 RingingRocksPark15 022

No one is sure why these rocks are here, but it’s been forever!

We later went to Pizzeria Uno and grabbed a few caches. Just a fun different thing to see.

Shame on the park for having one, stinky porta potty! We couldn’t get within a few feet of it.

Philly Flower Show 2015


Awesome local PA places


Longwood Gardens seasonal display 2014-15


Backyard Visitor


Every morning when I go out in the kitchen, I pull the door curtains over for a view of the backyard. To my surprise, this pretty doe was curled up near the edge of the bank. The leaves and brush were camouflaging her well. She(assuming it was a she) stared and stared at the door. I moved to the dining room, her eyes followed me. I went and got my phone camera, but I had to get out the zoom lens so I could see every detail of this lovely lady.

deer14emb¬†She stayed about 15 minutes and then went down the hill. We are thinking she was with her herd and a hunter or someone spooked them and she ended up in the backyard. She is not the first one to hang around. The last one was injured by an arrow and died in my neighbor’s yard, probably from an infection.

I love to see these soulful creatures up close.

Day trip to Bucks Co. and Lambertville, NJ for Sean’s 28th b/d