Philly Flower Show 2015


Part 1

The Philadelphia Flower Show was a few weeks ago. Sean and I went down with my mom, brother and friend. It was a chilly day and my mom had to walk several blocks from parking when we should have left her off at door. Luckily she did better than expected and we got her a wheelchair which helped her. She did not enjoy being in in the chair as she was always the guest butting in front of people to get the best shot.

Here are some highlights of our day, a salute to Hollywood with a dose of Disney added.

PhillyFlShow15 002

The Entrance

PhillyFlShow15 004

Near the entrance

PhillyFlShow15 008

I like getting ideas for color combos. Red is always a great choice.

PhillyFlShow15 009

Love how these reflect on that art piece.

PhillyFlShow15 019

The chandelier changed colors!

Can you imagine how many cut flowers were in here and the cost of this?

Can you imagine how many cut flowers were in here and the cost of this?

PhillyFlShow15 035

A place to relax in an oasis in paradise.

PhillyFlShow15 047

This said Gilligian’s Island to me. LOL

PhillyFlShow15 048

Springtime at the flower show!

PhillyFlShow15 050 PhillyFlShow15 060

Orchids galore!

PhillyFlShow15 067

A Winnie the Pooh kind of area over the little foot bridge

PhillyFlShow15 070

Not sure about this display, need to research it, but like the copper and lit top.

PhillyFlShow15 072

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

PhillyFlShow15 077

Changing light garden

PhillyFlShow15 083


PhillyFlShow15 086

Beautiful Cinderella table

PhillyFlShow15 091

My mom and me near the Cinderella display.

Close up of Cinderella's glass slipper.

Close up of Cinderella’s glass slipper.

PhillyFlShow15 095

I guess this was a ribbon chandelier

PhillyFlShow15 100

One of my favorite movies  ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’

PhillyFlShow15 103 PhillyFlShow15 105 PhillyFlShow15 107

‘Frozen’ was indeed included. I like the tribute to it!

PhillyFlShow15 114

Middle Eastern theme

Sean and the Phillie Phanatic. Good likeness!

Sean and the Phillie Phanatic. Good likeness!

Part 2 will be the Butterfly Room and Gene London salutes Hollywood!

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