Awesome local PA places


Sometimes there are cool places to visit that are in your own backyard. The way the winter has been going, when we got a break in the weather, and on the weekend, we would take a drive someplace. A few weeks back, Sean and I went to Phoenixville, PA. This is on the other side of Chester County where we live. We wanted to grab a few caches, which we did too. I am slowing climbing to 800 finds (Brian and I are doing so, but he doesn’t cache that often) and Sean is almost at 500.

The first place we visited was the Colonial Movie theater. There was a cache right there. We actually got a hint and saw it within a minute. Better than looking in some planters in the front of the place.


Some of ‘The Blob’ Movie was filmed here. We had visited the location where the original diner use to be for ‘The Blob’. Harry Houdini performed here too.


We walked down the hill to look for another place and found this renovated building.


We missed seeing the inside which held items about the history of the steel mill area.


As we walked to the cache location, another couple came along also geocaching. The man found it first. It was in a weird underneath location. I doubt we would have gone where he did. Pure luck!


The couple suggested we go up the hill to another cache. We had to walk down an old set of stairs where a train platform use to be. We found that one tucked in a tree. As we climbed the stairs, I wretched an old right sided back injury.

We visited the Morris cemetery. As we drove up, there was a tall bronze weathered statue leaning on a monument. It was a bit creepy of old Mr. Shimer, an area plant lover. He is holding a pot of something, maybe an orchid?


The cache was right near him in a scary tree.

We saw this beauty too:


We then drove through Valley Forge National Park. The visitor center was about to close, but we saw George Washington’s headquarters and some log cabins.




The scenery goes on and on.


We went to the King of Prussia mall which proved that idea was the last thing on earth that I should have done. I could barely walk. I ended up in a lot of pain. I tried everything and used the heating pad which proved to be worth it’s weight in gold.

The week before we went to Bel Air, MD and enjoyed getting a few caches there. We want to go back and try a seafood restaurant.



16254603098_e89731af35_zThe Bel Air Courthouse

This one on of the neatest caches we had found for a while. It really stood out with all the leaves off the trees. It use to be activated by motion to say something.


We are expecting hopefully the last snowstorm of the season tomorrow! I never finished cleaning up leaves and they will be a mess when we get to it again.

Next post will probably be about the Philadelphia Flower show. I will break that into a couple of posts as we saw a wonderful costume exhibit by Gene London.

Some of my photo altering:

One is a building in Phoenixville and the other is a little chapel in the cemetery

16352329269_9577dbe046_z 16382389740_f034ac6a3c_z

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