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Backyard Visitor


Every morning when I go out in the kitchen, I pull the door curtains over for a view of the backyard. To my surprise, this pretty doe was curled up near the edge of the bank. The leaves and brush were camouflaging her well. She(assuming it was a she) stared and stared at the door. I moved to the dining room, her eyes followed me. I went and got my phone camera, but I had to get out the zoom lens so I could see every detail of this lovely lady.

deer14emb She stayed about 15 minutes and then went down the hill. We are thinking she was with her herd and a hunter or someone spooked them and she ended up in the backyard. She is not the first one to hang around. The last one was injured by an arrow and died in my neighbor’s yard, probably from an infection.

I love to see these soulful creatures up close.