Fall trip 2015-part 1


Last year, we ventured to Charleston, SC in December. This year we decided to stay a little closer to home as we didn’t save up as much money as we did for that trip. We have never been to Ohio, so a great place to see there is The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We never really visited Pittsburgh, so that was our first stop to break up the trip a bit. Thank goodness for Trip Advisor! I love that site. It tends to bump me off the iPad, but you can look for hotels, places to see and restaurants there also. I have written a number of reviews and am not finished adding to them.

We took Sean’s new car, the Elantra. He was concerned about the brakes grinding a bit. Brian tried it and thought they were okay, maybe alittle rough. So off we went. A week later he would have to get it looked at! More later.

The scenery was amazing! We do live in a gorgeous hilly state. We went through 4 mountain tunnels to boot!

Falltrip15 006

These were taken out the car window!

Falltrip15 007

We got to Pittsburgh a little late as we had a delayed start. Sean works 4 pm to 2 am 4 days a week. He needs to sleep until at least 10-11. That day he got up around 9:30 which was rough for him.

We decided to eat dinner at a restaurant recommended by a friend. It was mostly a sandwich place and they put coleslaw and french fries on slices of Italian bread. Let’s just say it’s famous in Pittsburgh and they can keep it. The steak sandwich I had tasted like swiss steak, and not much there.

The next day, we packed up and headed to Phipps Conservatory.

We parked right near Carnegie Mellon University!

Falltrip15 014

Phipps did not disappoint. They had an Asian theme going on which I love! They were also putting the final touches on their Autumn display. This is the outside with their pretty flowers, lots of Lantana that is a garden favorite for me.

Falltrip15 017 Falltrip15 018

They had several blown glass sculptures throughout the conservatory

Falltrip15 019

Falltrip15 023

They call these paint brushes

Falltrip15 026Longwood Gardens did the parasols in their conservatory a few years back. Same color parasols too!

Falltrip15 027

Falltrip15 032

Falltrip15 038

Bonsai is popular too!

Falltrip15 041 Falltrip15 042

Falltrip15 044

They had a sweet train layout! Fairytale themed.

Falltrip15 048 Falltrip15 049 Falltrip15 050 Falltrip15 051

This was so adorable with the live crops

Falltrip15 052 Falltrip15 055

The children’s garden was very sweet. They had turned off the water features here.

Falltrip15 058 Falltrip15 062 Falltrip15 071

The dahlias were pretty!

Falltrip15 072

Falltrip15 068 Falltrip15 077Falltrip15 085

Such pretty orchids too. There was a pond with goldfish in the middle where. Sean and I are posing with a variegated hibiscus.

Falltrip15 086 Falltrip15 089

Falltrip15 093

We headed back to town to look for a place to sit and eat. We ended up at a sister place where we had eaten the night before, but ordered pizza. We went to a candy and cigar store and bought a few things. Sean was looking for a Pittsburgh t-shirt and they gave him one of theirs for free.

We did go up the Duquesne incline as recommended by a friend and saw beautiful views of the city! I will add them on the next post. We also drove by the Andy Warhol museum and went over the bridge named for him.

We then got on the road to Cleveland…..part 2

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