Longwood Gardens seasonal display 2014-15


Sean and I went over the the gardens at the beginning of the month to catch their holiday lights and decor before it came down. We went just as the sun was setting. It was a very chilly day. We have had mostly cold, not a lot of snow this year. I am complaining a little, but snow is pretty, but a nuisance.

LongwoodCmas14 013

LongwoodCmas14 014 LongwoodCmas14 016 LongwoodCmas14 018 LongwoodCmas14 022

The main fountain is getting an upgrade! It will take 2 yrs!

LongwoodCmas14 024

You can see how gorgeous the sky was that evening

LongwoodCmas14 035 LongwoodCmas14 039

There was a bird theme this year. I was delighted to see cardinals grace the tree in the conservatory

LongwoodCmas14 041

Lights in the bottom of the hanging baskets

LongwoodCmas14 046 LongwoodCmas14 047

Hands down, my favorite display of the hand cut feathers and leaves. There were many thousand of them for the peacock table

LongwoodCmas14 056 LongwoodCmas14 057 LongwoodCmas14 061

The duo of swans was interesting too.

The next couple are our Christmas decor. I had a pretty candy cane striped Amaryllis bloom too. My bird trees will be up for a few more weeks as we think they are nice to look at on these long winter nights.

LongwoodCmas14 001 LongwoodCmas14 003

We did a favorite thing tree. Sean loves color lights.

LongwoodCmas14 006

Some of my mantel decor

LongwoodCmas14 009

Sean and me

Back to Longwood Gardens

LongwoodCmas14 062

Pale yellow poinsettia tree

LongwoodCmas14 067

The bonsai tree had a full size pomengranate

LongwoodCmas14 070

Steampunk birds!

I like this area of the conservatory. These may be extra blooms or plants they are trying.

LongwoodCmas14 073 LongwoodCmas14 080

There are always trees for local schools. This was really colorful

LongwoodCmas14 087

Love how the lights look here. Look up-it’s a wreath!

LongwoodCmas14 088 LongwoodCmas14 093

I have seen a tree used as art over on the campus of Swarthmore College. It was red too!

My brother makes bird baths, lawn decor out of vases and dishes also.

LongwoodCmas14 095

The LED lights are interesting in the desert room.

LongwoodCmas14 098

Penguins-ha ha!

LongwoodCmas14 099

A gorgeous feather display

LongwoodCmas14 103

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