White Clay Creek and then Tyler Arboretum


On August 21st, Sean and I took a little hike down along the White Clay Creek area. We were trying to do an earthcache for a Geocache challenge. We had the coords up for the parking, then our phones went out and we weren’t sure what trail to take. We started down one, then Sean said it was like 100 feet from parking. We tried another path and asked a few people, a senior gentleman fishing and then a couple walking. They didn’t know where the gaging station was. I think it may have been in the one area where the trail was closed because of storm damage. Sean then recalled that he may have seen it in the weeds. We say a post with numbers on it, so took a photo of that. We didn’t quite find the beach, but maybe the man was sitting there fishing. We answered the questions about stream current. I said it was 50, and looking it up it was 33 that day. About 48 hours earlier it was 50 as it had rained.


Here is Sean with my walking stick checking out this rock dam. I was really proud of how good I did walking. I was wearing Crocs because of the water. I only tripped on a rock or root once. Yay! LOL

The next day I mentioned I had a coupon for an arboretum near where I went to high school. We had missed the full benefit of the coupon, but got money off. I wore different shoes and felt warm and tired that day. I did have fun with the camera.

We ran across this bird totem and as I love owls, so here you go!

TylerArb15 007 TylerArb15 011

This interesting tunnel led to a child’s play area. I saw some pretty wedding  photos through Instagram showing this area.

TylerArb15 016

These seed pods were interesting

TylerArb15 019

This cone flower was near the entrance to the Fragrant garden. When I came here on school trips, it was the Braille garden.

TylerArb15 022

I think these are some kind of chive or onion like herb

TylerArb15 024

I thought these were Chamomile, but you usually see the dried white petals underneath the middle section.

TylerArb15 028

Sean is having a meet and greet with that lavender in the Fragrant garden!

TylerArb15 037

Sean was showing how minuscule in looked in front of that tree from the 1600s!

TylerArb15 040

Ginkgo leaves

TylerArb15 041

A historic home on the property

TylerArb15 044

A Lace-cap hydrangea

TylerArb15 020

The Barn where they have wedding receptions, etc.

TylerArb15 063They have a butterfly house too! Not too many right now and many clung to the roof wanting to be free.
TylerArb15 064 TylerArb15 066 TylerArb15 067 TylerArb15 078

We checked out the garden. We need to do this. All the shredded wood kept out the weeds!

TylerArb15 079 TylerArb15 080

The fence utilized cut up trees!

TylerArb15 085He’s in my chair!

TylerArb15 087Turtles sunning themselves
TylerArb15 090

Hand carved chair out of tree

This is a great arboretum for children. We saw all ages here this day. We missed some of the tree houses and a maze. I bet it will be pretty when the leaves start to change. Many centuries ago, over one thousand trees were planted here, and a few of the large ones remain. That day brought back memories of coming here as a little girl on a class trip.

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