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Getting prepared


This is a scary, bustling time here.  Definitely the calm before the storm. Today I was moving plants and stacking chairs up. I filled both watering cans, a metal bucket and the garden cart with water. When you have a well, when the power goes out, so does the ability to flush a toilet. We learned the hard way back in 1998 when we didn’t have power for 3-4 days. Brian was getting water from the stream out back to use. Not a pleasant experience. I am making ice, but bought a bag for the big cooler. I did get to the store. We have several groceries stores within a 5 mile radius, so I chose one outside of Kennett and it wasn’t bad at all. It’s funny what people buy when they think they will be stuck inside. Other than water, lots of canned nuts were gone. Not a lot of meat was purchased. Like me, they are worried about wasting money on food that may spoil. I bought tuna, soup, crackers, pudding, celery, and other things that may be easy to eat. I figure we could do soup on the grill. I’ll have to be really hungry to eat it that way though. ;  )    I cooked half a dozen hard-boiled eggs and also some bacon. I boiled up some pasta. I think we will be okay, much more prepared than all those years ago. We have lots of bottled drinking water. I’m more worried about my two large windows. I told Brian we need to make sure there isn’t any metal that will be flying around the yard. Of course another thing is 6-10 inches of expected rain that may have no where to go. We just had a lot of rain yesterday. Last year we had an issue with water pouring out of where the hole in the wall is for the well, not fun. I was thinking if we used the big funnel (we have) at the end of a hose and had the other end in the big sink in the basement, that may work or help. We have a few things to figure out, but I am worried about all the stuff in that basement. I’ve been wanting help to clean it out for years, we do a piddly clean up and stop. I do have a terrible dust allergy and I got pneumonia after putting Christmas stuff away last year. Not sure if that’s a connection, but it could be. It’s been smelling musty, so I put on the portable fan and spray Lysol aroun.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, you know we lost power. I will try to ‘tweet’ until the phone battery goes (I’d have to charge it up again in the car) which shows up in the left side bar. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as I will you who may be affected by this monster storm.

PC is having issues


Yesterday afternoon it got really dark around 12 and we had a downpour with lightning and thunder. I was in the family room and the power went off right after some electronic equipment made a terrible squealing sound. The power was off for a minute or two, but the laptops wouldn’t work for about 5 hours. Brian tried to get an internet connection with the PC and was getting a message about something being unplugged. He rebooted it, etc. and nothing. To make a long story short, looks like it needs some kind of network card that may have gotten fried. It should be around $10 if we are lucky and if that’s the problem. I do all my photo uploading on the ‘big’ computer as we call it, so I will resort to camera phone shots or photos on Flickr (I have over 11k there to chose from). Hope it is just the card. He can get on Windows.
We had two powerful storms go through! Wow-what a wild day weatherwise!

Please send a cool breeze…


White Pampas Grass, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

(The above photo is from my walk at Longwood Gardens last week)

We are in our 6th day of a heatwave-murder! I was out setting up a hose and sprinkle for the garden that Sean purchased yesterday. It’s one of those little round sprinkers and I had to move it around and get a little wet, but in 97 degree heat it was worth it.
I thought I’d share this photo of something that looks like it would blow nicely in the breeze…ornamental grass.
Not sure if consigning is right for me as out of 28 items, only 4 have sold so far. And I was peeved as some of my things are missing and the lady shrugged that off. I really like browsing around and finding some treasures, but when they aren’t watching their clientele that closely, that’s if they are stealing the Phillies t-shirt we couldn’t find along with a few books and a little shelf. I have an appointment for next week-think I’ll just wait until August now to pick up the things that didn’t sell. This time of year people are spending money on vacations, not used stuff.
I’m waiting on a few things for the car like mats and a seat cover. The driver’s seat is a bit ‘wrinkled’ (it’s leather), so I found a cover with the Chrysler logo. I’ll have to take a few photos when everything is in place. Did I tell you it’s the best car I ever drove? This surprised Brian for some reason. The van was good, but it was hard to see over the hood sometimes and Sean had problems galore parking it. I had a Crown Victoria which was nice, but that was a typical big 1980s car. ; )
Guess I’ll keep myself busy around the house.
Stay cool!

I wanted to do a 1-11-11 post


We are waiting on some snow later this afternoon. The weathermen just can’t seem to get it right with amounts, etc., but it’s cold enough and dreary.
We are a bit down in the mouth around here. Sean didn’t get the job he went on an interview for last Tuesday. There were 39 other people for a rather specialized job and it was entry level to boot. He has a new connection for another place, but the lady said they aren’t hiring. This is hard to hear for Sean after 1.5 years of looking.
We’ve had issues with our bathroom sinks-we have one on the first floor and one in the basement. After the terrible rains we had back in the early fall, the sinks drain like they are draining super thick molasses. Drain*o does nothing. I think there is a clog in the ‘elbow’ area upstairs that Brian doesn’t seem to want to tackle. After a few cups of water it backs up. He decided to use the plunger and made it worse. Everything gross sitting on top of the clog came up in the sink-ugha ugha!
One good thing, we got the funds to start looking for a replacement vehicle. I think we’ll have to finance some of it, but I want Bri to use the newer vehicle at least 3 days a week since his car has over 124k miles on it. He had trouble with his car stalling yesterday and he needed antifreeze. I hope that’s all. It’s not good not having a ‘second’ car (though Sean has a car, but he needs his for work too).
Trying to think positively and hoping for the best. Only time will tell.
Guess I’ll get the rest of my Christmas stuff put away.

Longwood Christmas Display 2010


~Click here to enlarge~
It was very chilly (below freezing) day today, but Sean and I headed over to Longwood Gardens as we were gifted with tickets and the display is closing on Sunday. There were some very imaginative decorations. I really liked the tree with the moss, dried roses, silver painted ferns and pine cones that were cut in half (photos #3-thinking Ms. Zoey would like that too!)The tent was interesting-the 5th photo. It displayed a collection of perfume bottles inside and there were at least a dozen bonquets of white florals around it plus lit evergreens.

I also wanted to see the gardens with an icing of snow, I don’t remember seeing more than just a dusting of snow there before. Very pretty. We also go for the lights which were just as amazing, but difficult to photograph at night. We went up in one of the newer treehouses called ‘the birdhouse’ and that was 3 flights of stairs-oy! Nice view of the Dupont house.

Another new area was the hall of bathrooms-I kid you not-with about 20 large individual bathrooms. The walls of the hall are lined with living plants (first photo).

We ate a sandwich and mushroom soup in the cafe. I had an eggplant one which was cold-would have been tastier kept warm. The mushroom soup tasted good and warmed us up. It took me a good 45 minutes to warm up when we got home.

More snow expected tomorrow.



First off, I don’t know why people are spamming my comment section! I just deleted 37 that the WordPress spam caught. So you are leaving those strange comments in vain-give it up!
It’s been in the 20s for the last few days-BUT-the wind chill make it feel much colder. I was fine all snuggled on the sofa making an cross stitch ornament and Sean had a day off and was itching to go somewhere. I mentioned Chili*s and he was on it! We got the 2 for $20 meal special-shrimp and fries with the chips and salsa appetizer. I wanted to go to K*Mart and I was not disappointed. I noticed Ms. Stewart isn’t affiliated with them anymore-is she with Wally World now? I know her crafts are there. I got a few things I know from the Jackie Smith collection, but my main venture there was for Brian. I feel bad as his tire started to get flat late this afternoon and he had to put the spare tire on in this weather. Ugh.
So I’m behind again in my collages-maybe I will do a few tomorrow. I did a little more decorating yesterday and am trying to locate the stockings. I only need to buy stocking stuffers now. : )
Hope to bake a few batches of cookies in a few days. I have to plan our holiday meals too, but may do what I’ve done in the past-pasta for Christmas Eve and roast beef for Christmas dinner.

I survived the ‘monsoon’ of Sept. 30, 2010


What a night we had last night. It rained so much, we think the well over filled and it was like someone turned on a faucet next to the water pump. We must have baled 50 gallons of water from that area around 1:30 am-1:45 this morning! The flow would lessen when someone flushed the toilet. It did stop and we all fell into our beds. Because we kept up with the sweeping, etc. we probably saved having much more water to clean up today. Bri had to go get a wet vac this morning as our old one sprang a leak. What a blessing they are. And I am glad most of my things are stored in plastic bins, but I have to move items to make sure all is well. We are all very tired tonight.
I did go take a few photos around the yard. Look at this pretty rose that survived all the rainfall!
I swear the trees even look perkier from that massive drink!
Here is what needs to be cleaned up in the side yard, those prickly Chestnut tree burrs! Yikes. And then the leaves will be next. Bri said he can’t believe it’s the 24th year of cleaning them up.
Messy Chestnut Trees-a squirrel's paradise
And my card for today was made mostly from things that were sent my way. I made the hook from a paper clip.
Hook, Line and Sinker 4" x 4" Collage Card
Hope to hit a church flea market tomorrow as it’s only open until 2.

Flower head and fun finds


Flower head 4" x 4" collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I told Bri I was going to find my collage piece out of my box of scraps. I had scanned the perfume ad from an advertising book of my mom’s. Someone made me the paper on her right. I just filled in the rest with similar colors and interesting shapes.

Today I ran some errands and also gave the van a little workout to see how the transmission is holding up. My mechanic brother told me it had a leak way underneath. I drove about 30 miles today and it was ok, though runs a bit rough. I went to the TD Bank and cashed in coins. I guessed within a $1.99 and won a small prize of chapstick. I know that our little can in the kitchen holds between $50-55 and I took out $5 for the kitty. Then I dropped off stuff at the Goodwill. I just can’t seem to get up energy for a yard sale this year. Maybe in the spring. I drove to the thrift store about 10 miles away and found some goodies!
Here are two:
Newly found Mushrooms
The mushrooms flanking the fabric pumpkin (which I found in a bag in the basement!).
This pretty light aqua candy dish (guess I have a collection now!)
Light blue candy dish
These itty bitty Salt and Pepper shakers:
2" tall corn on the cob S&P shakers
And these awesome shot glasses and I think highball glasses for 33 cents each.
High Ball glasses?
I need to tidy up my table again and add these! I plan to use the shot glasses for soup or dessert which seems to be all the vogue now.
Tomorrow it is going to rain like crazy-I canceled my dental appointment. I want to start to switch my summer clothes out as I am running out of clothes to wear and I won’t be doing tank tops anymore.
Hoping to stay safe and dry and wish my guys could too.
And how cute is this collage of my Sean at 7 months?
Seanie boy Age 7 months
I remember he had just started to sit up and was so proud of himself. He had the biggest toothless smile. : )

Close-up Black-eyed Susan


Close-up Black-eyed Susan, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The blooms of late July. So cheerful and sunny. Not sure what happened to the other wildflowers I planted next to these last year. I have my pink dinner plate hibiscus blooming too (grew from seed). The weeds/grasses are incredibly invading everything. I’m thinking about getting the weed wacker out tomorrow.
The basement is better, but I moved things and there was water under them. I made the mistake of using some cardboard and bags as ‘quick storage’ to be replaced. They all have to be replaced-only about 4-5 that I see so far. An old braided rug is a bit wet, so I’ll get the fan on it. I am spraying Lysol around too. What a mess. I’ll keep sorting the stuff. Can I toss old sparklers and fireworks? Anyone know?