Please send a cool breeze…


White Pampas Grass, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

(The above photo is from my walk at Longwood Gardens last week)

We are in our 6th day of a heatwave-murder! I was out setting up a hose and sprinkle for the garden that Sean purchased yesterday. It’s one of those little round sprinkers and I had to move it around and get a little wet, but in 97 degree heat it was worth it.
I thought I’d share this photo of something that looks like it would blow nicely in the breeze…ornamental grass.
Not sure if consigning is right for me as out of 28 items, only 4 have sold so far. And I was peeved as some of my things are missing and the lady shrugged that off. I really like browsing around and finding some treasures, but when they aren’t watching their clientele that closely, that’s if they are stealing the Phillies t-shirt we couldn’t find along with a few books and a little shelf. I have an appointment for next week-think I’ll just wait until August now to pick up the things that didn’t sell. This time of year people are spending money on vacations, not used stuff.
I’m waiting on a few things for the car like mats and a seat cover. The driver’s seat is a bit ‘wrinkled’ (it’s leather), so I found a cover with the Chrysler logo. I’ll have to take a few photos when everything is in place. Did I tell you it’s the best car I ever drove? This surprised Brian for some reason. The van was good, but it was hard to see over the hood sometimes and Sean had problems galore parking it. I had a Crown Victoria which was nice, but that was a typical big 1980s car. ; )
Guess I’ll keep myself busy around the house.
Stay cool!

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  1. Wish I could send you some of our cool summer weather, Dianne! We’ve had only a couple of days over 90 and many in the low 80s. Not complaining! ūüėÄ Right now it’s 78^ so guess I should enjoy dinner on the patio before it chills off. Have a nice weekend and stay cool!

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