I wanted to do a 1-11-11 post


We are waiting on some snow later this afternoon. The weathermen just can’t seem to get it right with amounts, etc., but it’s cold enough and dreary.
We are a bit down in the mouth around here. Sean didn’t get the job he went on an interview for last Tuesday. There were 39 other people for a rather specialized job and it was entry level to boot. He has a new connection for another place, but the lady said they aren’t hiring. This is hard to hear for Sean after 1.5 years of looking.
We’ve had issues with our bathroom sinks-we have one on the first floor and one in the basement. After the terrible rains we had back in the early fall, the sinks drain like they are draining super thick molasses. Drain*o does nothing. I think there is a clog in the ‘elbow’ area upstairs that Brian doesn’t seem to want to tackle. After a few cups of water it backs up. He decided to use the plunger and made it worse. Everything gross sitting on top of the clog came up in the sink-ugha ugha!
One good thing, we got the funds to start looking for a replacement vehicle. I think we’ll have to finance some of it, but I want Bri to use the newer vehicle at least 3 days a week since his car has over 124k miles on it. He had trouble with his car stalling yesterday and he needed antifreeze. I hope that’s all. It’s not good not having a ‘second’ car (though Sean has a car, but he needs his for work too).
Trying to think positively and hoping for the best. Only time will tell.
Guess I’ll get the rest of my Christmas stuff put away.

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