First off, I don’t know why people are spamming my comment section! I just deleted 37 that the WordPress spam caught. So you are leaving those strange comments in vain-give it up!
It’s been in the 20s for the last few days-BUT-the wind chill make it feel much colder. I was fine all snuggled on the sofa making an cross stitch ornament and Sean had a day off and was itching to go somewhere. I mentioned Chili*s and he was on it! We got the 2 for $20 meal special-shrimp and fries with the chips and salsa appetizer. I wanted to go to K*Mart and I was not disappointed. I noticed Ms. Stewart isn’t affiliated with them anymore-is she with Wally World now? I know her crafts are there. I got a few things I know from the Jackie Smith collection, but my main venture there was for Brian. I feel bad as his tire started to get flat late this afternoon and he had to put the spare tire on in this weather. Ugh.
So I’m behind again in my collages-maybe I will do a few tomorrow. I did a little more decorating yesterday and am trying to locate the stockings. I only need to buy stocking stuffers now. : )
Hope to bake a few batches of cookies in a few days. I have to plan our holiday meals too, but may do what I’ve done in the past-pasta for Christmas Eve and roast beef for Christmas dinner.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I took the validation words off my comment section and right away I started getting spam…not nearly as much as you mentioned, but enough to annoy me.

    MS is with Macy’s now (I think), although I noticed Joanne’s sells her baking item enhancements–boxes, goodie bags, etc.

    Poor Brian–not nice weather for tire changing! It’s been -17 wind chill here for the past few days. Today it is going to much warmer – 27 I think, but not as much wind.

    Keep warm!

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