Longwood Christmas Display 2010


~Click here to enlarge~
It was very chilly (below freezing) day today, but Sean and I headed over to Longwood Gardens as we were gifted with tickets and the display is closing on Sunday. There were some very imaginative decorations. I really liked the tree with the moss, dried roses, silver painted ferns and pine cones that were cut in half (photos #3-thinking Ms. Zoey would like that too!)The tent was interesting-the 5th photo. It displayed a collection of perfume bottles inside and there were at least a dozen bonquets of white florals around it plus lit evergreens.

I also wanted to see the gardens with an icing of snow, I don’t remember seeing more than just a dusting of snow there before. Very pretty. We also go for the lights which were just as amazing, but difficult to photograph at night. We went up in one of the newer treehouses called ‘the birdhouse’ and that was 3 flights of stairs-oy! Nice view of the Dupont house.

Another new area was the hall of bathrooms-I kid you not-with about 20 large individual bathrooms. The walls of the hall are lined with living plants (first photo).

We ate a sandwich and mushroom soup in the cafe. I had an eggplant one which was cold-would have been tastier kept warm. The mushroom soup tasted good and warmed us up. It took me a good 45 minutes to warm up when we got home.

More snow expected tomorrow.

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