I survived the ‘monsoon’ of Sept. 30, 2010


What a night we had last night. It rained so much, we think the well over filled and it was like someone turned on a faucet next to the water pump. We must have baled 50 gallons of water from that area around 1:30 am-1:45 this morning! The flow would lessen when someone flushed the toilet. It did stop and we all fell into our beds. Because we kept up with the sweeping, etc. we probably saved having much more water to clean up today. Bri had to go get a wet vac this morning as our old one sprang a leak. What a blessing they are. And I am glad most of my things are stored in plastic bins, but I have to move items to make sure all is well. We are all very tired tonight.
I did go take a few photos around the yard. Look at this pretty rose that survived all the rainfall!
I swear the trees even look perkier from that massive drink!
Here is what needs to be cleaned up in the side yard, those prickly Chestnut tree burrs! Yikes. And then the leaves will be next. Bri said he can’t believe it’s the 24th year of cleaning them up.
Messy Chestnut Trees-a squirrel's paradise
And my card for today was made mostly from things that were sent my way. I made the hook from a paper clip.
Hook, Line and Sinker 4" x 4" Collage Card
Hope to hit a church flea market tomorrow as it’s only open until 2.

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