Flower head and fun finds


Flower head 4" x 4" collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I told Bri I was going to find my collage piece out of my box of scraps. I had scanned the perfume ad from an advertising book of my mom’s. Someone made me the paper on her right. I just filled in the rest with similar colors and interesting shapes.

Today I ran some errands and also gave the van a little workout to see how the transmission is holding up. My mechanic brother told me it had a leak way underneath. I drove about 30 miles today and it was ok, though runs a bit rough. I went to the TD Bank and cashed in coins. I guessed within a $1.99 and won a small prize of chapstick. I know that our little can in the kitchen holds between $50-55 and I took out $5 for the kitty. Then I dropped off stuff at the Goodwill. I just can’t seem to get up energy for a yard sale this year. Maybe in the spring. I drove to the thrift store about 10 miles away and found some goodies!
Here are two:
Newly found Mushrooms
The mushrooms flanking the fabric pumpkin (which I found in a bag in the basement!).
This pretty light aqua candy dish (guess I have a collection now!)
Light blue candy dish
These itty bitty Salt and Pepper shakers:
2" tall corn on the cob S&P shakers
And these awesome shot glasses and I think highball glasses for 33 cents each.
High Ball glasses?
I need to tidy up my table again and add these! I plan to use the shot glasses for soup or dessert which seems to be all the vogue now.
Tomorrow it is going to rain like crazy-I canceled my dental appointment. I want to start to switch my summer clothes out as I am running out of clothes to wear and I won’t be doing tank tops anymore.
Hoping to stay safe and dry and wish my guys could too.
And how cute is this collage of my Sean at 7 months?
Seanie boy Age 7 months
I remember he had just started to sit up and was so proud of himself. He had the biggest toothless smile. : )

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  1. What fun buys. I love the shot glasses and think it’s a fun idea to use them for desserts.

    Cute collage of Sean. They grow up way too fast, don’t you agree?

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