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Scenic shots of Atlantic City


Last Saturday, Nov. 23rd, the three of us went to Atlantic City for the last ‘rah rah’ of 2013. I shouldn’t say that, because now I am scoping out places that will be decorated for Christmas like the home of President James Buchanan in Lancaster County. So the special treat was for Brian and me to go see one of my favorite singers ever, Bonnie Raitt. I even crocheted a scarf to give to her!

Bonnie was playing in Caesars and we stayed in the Tropicana for the 1st time. We have stayed in 5 out of the 12 now (actually the Sands was torn down, so it’s 4 now).

Brian and I were told taking a jitney was our best bet to get to Caesars. We went and stood a few minutes in the cold and one came along promptly. We had a more interesting experience heading back.

We bought a dinner and show package and had to find the restaurant. It was tucked in the corner of the 3rd floor. We both had Caesar salad and salmon. Brian chose cheese cake and me creme brulee. It was a nice meal!

We had some time to kill, and went over to the mall which wasn’t busy at all. We looked around a few stores, but I was anxious to get back to the venue and see who I could give Bonnie’s scarf too. The ticket guys really didn’t know and it took a bit for them to check to see what to do. Finally I was to give the present to a security guard.

We bet 2 whole dollars-that was it! Good for us!

The theater wasn’t really large and we had good seat in the second row of the back section. Unfortunately people kept climbing over us! We had to stand up at least 7-8 times!

Marc Cohn was the opening act for Bonnie and this was his last performance with her. I grabbed this shot off his Facebook page. Thanks for the memories Marc!



Found this on youtube, but what a strange angle!

I will treasure this evening forever! Bonnie sang ‘Rainy Day Man’ by another one of my favorites, James Taylor; Angel from Montgomery and so many of her new and older hits.  The little boys above are the sons of Marc and his wife reporter Elizabeth Vargas.

So we had a little trouble getting on the right jitney on the return trip. First we got on one going the wrong way. We thought they turned around maybe? Then the second one was the incorrect number for the Tropicana. So finally we got on the right one, got out and didn’t know how to get in the right area for the hotel part. We had to walk from the bottom level and finally found the right area to go. Sean was gone for a bit longer. He was having fun checking out the night life, but not eating a very filling meal.

We never sleep well the first night and it was warm in the room. We had a difficult time getting up for breakfast, but I did grab the Canon for these shots.

AC11_13 001

I’m sure that water was a bit chilly!

AC11_13 002Caesars is in front of that white parking garage. We have stayed there, the Taj Mahal and Revel, the place with the mirrored windows and the globe on the top. The lighthouse in Absecon (which I have climbed) is down the middle near the water-it’s a white dot here.

AC11_13 003

The curved roof building is convention center where the Miss America contest is now held again.

AC11_13 004

That’s the Borgata with the gold windows and the train station area (I think) and highway.

AC11_13 005

They do use wind machines for power!

AC11_13 006

What Atlantic City looked like before the casinos. I remember we stayed in a place similar to one of these when we were younger. Not that great.

When we were headed down, we stopped in Marlton, NJ where Sean works now. It’s really a haul for him each day. It’s good experience and if he needs to move closer he may have to as it’s 120 miles a day trip for him!

We stopped a few times coming home, but I wasn’t in the mood to shop and actually snoozed in the car. Yep, it was a long night, but a memorable one.

Oh Canada! At last we meet, eh!


Cruising up the New Jersey coast


Coney Island was calling to us


Atlantic City in April


Exploring some, researching and fun!


Since Sean didn’t go to Los Angeles, he wanted to see some place different, so he booked a room at the Revel Casino down in Atlantic City and said we could join him. Now it’s nice to see something different, but in April, you are going to miss a lot of the outdoor experience. It figures we did have summer like weather for a few days ‘before’ we went down to the beach, but unfortunately the temps went down 30 degrees and it was also windy and foggy besides chilly. The two places Sean wanted to see were closed on Thursday! Lucky for him and Brian, I wrote down some geocaches I thought would be interesting to find, two being at the places that were closed. They both agreed it would be something to do before heading to Atlantic City. We were in Stone Harbor, NJ and our first stop was at the Wetlands Institute. Sean is doing a research paper about NJ wetlands!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 003

We did get to go in the next day and checked out their indoor exhibits. Sean went up in that look out yesterday as both Brian and I were weary of the circular stairs. We want to visit again when it’s nicer out.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 005

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 011

There is a inside joke about every time I am close to the beach, it’s windy! See my hair! This is me with the 1st geocache find in hand. The other hand is holding my custom made stamper with my geocacher name on it. Stamp and go (and I do sign the date too-so it saves a little time, but looks nice with the red ink).

Our next stop was to the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary. It’s been here for 66 years and we have never seen it!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 022

I knew the geocache here would be fast and it was. Another place that will be worth a trip back to see when it is green and lush…and full of birds! We had a few Chickadees giving us the business though.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 017

One more look near the beach and it was 3 for 3! The little film canister blew away on me and Brian had to get it with a stick! We went behind a fence to see the beach and ocean and there was about a 10 foot or more drop due to Hurricane Sandy last October 2012.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 025

Foggy and gray!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 031

Sean on Friday at the 88th St. beach where there was a geocache hide(we didn’t find that one as the sand was really piled up)

So we asked the man at the Stone Harbor Museum (where we found another very nicely kept cache-4 for 4) where to eat and he mentioned Fred’s Tavern. We went and had the best burgers! I haven’t raved about food in a while, but these were on brioche rolls, so extra delicious.

We looked for one more cache near an ice cream parlor. It was a nano-Sean and me looked everywhere. Brian stayed in the car and generally if you tell him to find a nano, he can. After I logged it as a DNF (4 for 5), the CO emailed me and told me exactly where it was. The next day we went back and this time Brian found it.

Photo credits mostly go to Brian!

Next post Atlantic City!

Places I loved all my life


We’re waiting on the ‘monster’ storm Sandy to arrive. Today I picked up a few things outside that I thought would get tossed around in the wind and rain we are expecting within hours. We put tarp down in hopes that the water would run away from the foundation and not go in the basement. We have lots to drink, enough ice for a few days and flashlights and candles. It seems she will take her good ol’ time coming inland and staying a bit. Right now it’s rainy and a bit breezy.

So I am worried about our beaches and coastlines…we have seen on tv and FB the flooded out streets of Wildwood, NJ  and the waters covering Route 1 between the Delaware beach resorts of Dewey and Bethany. It’s going to be a mess and it’s probably going to be a while before things will be like they were when people are going on vacation in the summertime. I am glad I’m not on vacation now (if we were in NJ/DE/MD) as I’d be scared about where I am and what’s going on at home.

Brian’s a bit under the weather and I hope that Sean and him can tackle any labor this may make them go through. I won’t be able to do much leaning over as my hip has been bad this weekend. I did have one good night, not sure what I did, I took one glucasomine chondroitin that night.

Wish us well and again…we are on standby. We will be filling up pitchers of water and the tub tomorrow morning. We need the tub water for the toidy. Not fun.

I think this is Atlantic City, NJ about 1975

Sean and DianneCape May, NJ

Dianne sticking toes in ocean at night

Ocean City, MD

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guys hitting the waves
Fenwick Island, DE

NJ day two


I should add that for dinner the first night we were in Atlantic City we went to a restaurant that has been in business since 1912! I was picturing ladies in their bustled skirts and big hats coming to the ‘Fork and Knife Inn’ for dinner.

I had a lobster egg roll before dinner. If I had known I was going to have enough dinner for three people, I would have ordered a few appetizers! I had braised boneless ribs and Yukon potatoes. I brought what I couldn’t eat back to the room as we had a frig. I stored it on ice, but it was just a bit cool to touch after 7 hours in the car (and not in a cooler), so I tossed it. Brian had a nicely presented flounder dish.

We walked up and down that the boardwalk, but it was so windy, we headed back to the room. We did see some famous celebrities hand prints in cement-Cher, Joan Rivers, Frank Sinatra, Dom Deluise, to name a few.

The next day we got a light breakfast and walked along the beach for about 15 minutes. The sand was blowing sideways. They are finishing up a new hotel/casino called Revel-wow it’s spectacular!

Not sure how many stories it is. That’s a golf ball in the daytime and a globe at night on the top . You go up these long escalators to the different floors. At 10 in the morning , there weren’t that many people playing the slots. I have a $5 rule, if I put in $20 and lose $5,  I cash out. I sat down at a few penny slots and used a few dollars. I had a $20 left and we started winning and got up to $54! I cashed out. I used the money for a few souvenirs for Sean.

We decided to drive down to Margate, a lovely town with immaculate homes. You can’t believe you are a few miles away from Atlantic City as the main drag there is very seedy. I wanted to do a virtual cache at ‘Lucy the Elephant’ landmark. We decided to take the tour of the inside of Lucy and climbed up narrow, winding wood stairs.

Lucy looks like this on the outside

And like this on the inside:

 One of Lucy’s eyes shows a view of the ocean

The tour guide took our photo in the howda

Crazy windy and hair!

A view of Margate

See Lucy on the water tower? The original Lucy was from 1881 and fixed up both in 1970 after she was moved a few block and in the 2000s

We then headed 40 more miles south to one of my favorite places around Cape May, NJ. Brian says I should have a place there. : )  Not a ton of people because of the wind.

I’ll have to take a horse and carriage ride next time!

The Virginia where my grandparents honeymooned back in 1921.

This is so sweet.

I thought this was cool of my reflection-

From the hotel-not bad at all 35 floors up.

Better hit the hay, we are getting up really early tomorrow-250 miles!! That’s the longest drive we’ve done in a while (at least Brian and me).

Whirl-‘windy’ time at the shore


Brian and I were down in Atlantic City, Margate and Cape May, NJ from Thursday to early evening Friday. Monday we are all headed to Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and Chincoteague Virginia! Wow!

From parking garage

We were way up there!

Out the window near the elevators from the 35th floor of Trumps

We ate near here and then went to the Atlantic City Aquarium

I knocked off a Geocache challenge of finding an anchor!

Creatures on the Aquarium. I was fascinated by the 17 yr old turtle.


They had a sweet garden with wire structures that had vines planted to cover it. I was so glad I brought that jacket as it was chilly and windy on Thursday. My hair took a beating.

We were in the area of the Absecon Lighthouse where there was a ‘virtual geocache’. They wanted you to count the steps on the front porch and tell you the hours of operation. : ) No, I didn’t climb up it this time like Sean and I did back in 2008.

More tomorrow!

Zoey-we haven’t worked on the bathroom-most are cleaning jobs and me painting the medicine cabinet.  Guess I’ll be finishing that at the end of June.