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Good Walking Day


Good Witch 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The scent of fall (plus spent mushroom dirt-ugh) was in the air today as Sean and I went to the park-for the second time this week for me! Don’t faint! I’ve walked over a mile in two days. We have a lovely park (and I was going to bring my camera and forgot) a few miles away. Sean use to run on the h.s. track, but now that school is in session, he’s gone back to the park. He’s doing 3/4 mile, but stops a few times. I really try not to stop on my 1/2 mile. I did feel better today-not as achy.
I decided to do Glinda today. Who doesn’t love Glinda with her big pink bubble and equal bubblegum pink gown? I also loved her crown! I knew the movie was old when I was a kid (at least 25 yrs or so when I first saw it) and I couldn’t believe she would have a crown that looked plastic like my toys-lol. Did you not love her voice, rather high and Munchkin-like?
I thought my handmade paper made a great bubble!
Here is a comparsion of the two cards-I didn’t use the first as a reference, but used the same swirls and the homemade paper in different colors.

Comparsion of the two witch collage

Photoshopping and Planting


Two things I have been doing. Late last night I was working on a photo of me when I was about 6-7. It was taken for a contest for ‘cute kids’ way back when. Neither my brother or I won. Here’s the original-encased in plastic that was then bend. I had to use a filter over it to help with my forehead’s mark. I’m not totally happy with this-forgot my right arm and I just couldn’t get the forehead any better. But that is the correct color of the photo now.


to this:


And one of my 3 siblings and me:



Couldn’t help compare this to my pal Barbara’s kiddos as she has a big boy and a little boy with a boy and girl in the middle. Dave is 12.5 yrs older than Ken whereas Don and I were 1 yr and 8 days apart.


Then I was potting up baby coleus my Flickr pal Joy had left at her house for me on Tuesday. I hope they grow nice and bushy!



Tonight I watched Kate Winslet’s Oscar winning performance with Sean. ‘The Reader’ was a wonderful movie, but does have nudity and sex in the first half hour…so if you want to rent it, I’d watch it with the over 21 crowd.


I have to make something good for dinner today as for two meals yesterday we ate take-out. I am having ‘a visitor’ now every 3.5 weeks and it’s pulling me down. I’m hoping it will lead to longer times between-mom said she had this issue too. It ain’t easy girls.

Show & Tell


Shirley Temple at Play-1935, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I love old books-especially for children. They have to have detailed or colorful illustrations for me to want to add them to the front ‘seat’ of my old child’s desk in my living room. I think I found this book on eBay and it’s just too darn cute. It’s in great shape for being 74 years old.
My mom was born in 1930, so is only a few years younger than Shirley Temple. My grandmom tried to give my mom’s stick straight hair Shirley ringlets to no avail.

Shirley Temple at Play-Movie maker

Applebees and Oscars


Sunday seems to be my day to get mail together, make new collage cards and hopefully have a nice dinner.

First-the newspaper company that owns Brian’s newspaper declared bankruptcy (they just talked about it again on the news as I type this). We don’t know what that means right away, but it’s not something to put in the back of one’s mind. Bri’s worked for that company for 11 years now (though they were bought by another company a few years back). I guess we’re taking it day by day. I better keep my eye open for him and me! Sean will hopefully be adding to the finances in a few months too.

We had a boring array of food in the freezer as I need to go to the store and I remembered we had a $25 gift card to eat out!  We went to Apple*bees and got the 2-$20 special. The place wasn’t crowded, it was bitter cold tonight. We got the spinach and artichoke dip appetizer which was delicious. Then we both ordered the Lime Fiesta Chicken and that was pretty good too. I even had room for a Chocolate Mousse shooter dessert. It only cost us another $11 (plus tip).

Then I settled in with my stitching and watched the 81st Oscar ceremony. Hugh Jackman was the host and he was entertaining and quirky-funny dance and singing numbers. I liked how they brought past Oscar winners out-5 each, to each talk about each of the nominees. Many of the nominated ladies were very teary-eyed and touched. I was happy that Kate Winslet finally won. Many were moved when the late Heath Ledger won and his mom, dad and sister accepted the award for his 3 yr old daughter Matilda.

We are still getting  cold weather and wind-miserable. I should go to the store today. I’m probably not going to the doctor on Friday as the bloodwork Bri had last month is still in question-we have to wait for the bill so the family doctor can resubmit it.

Wish us luck and we’ll send it back to you!

Here’s a Mona Lisa card I made for a challenge to welcome spring! Mona is embossed in gold. I forgot how much fun embossing things are.

A small ‘I recommend’-
Shea body butter-it’s so nice to put on dry skin this time of year. I got some that was marked down and it was still fine and took away that dry skin itch.

Touched by Bees


I just got finished watching ‘The Secret Lives of Bees’ tonight. I loved the book, so decided to buy the movie. Dakota Fanning is like my ‘I wish I had’ daughter, she is such a great actress.
Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning
I wasn’t certain who played Lily’s dad, but I kept thinking-gee that looks like that English actor Paul Bettany and sure enough it was! He really is a great character actor. Everyone was good!
The movie was close to the book, but not as spiritual. Mary was a big part of the book-read it and find out!
Yesterday, my father has been gone a year. This movie shows a father with a trouble past, and of course made me think of my own.

Carolyn’s Birthday Oscar Bash


It’s that award time of year again and Carolyn invited us to attend a smashing birthday party like we did last year!
Here’s the cake I just picked up for Carolyn:

That ’70’ on the top is a mistake!


And I threw together this little number:

This doesn’t clash does it?

And crystal encrusted low heels:


Love this antique necklace:


This one may work better:


I tried to borrow this from the museum and they promptly said no and thought I was one crazy lady!

oscardiaThe Hope diamond-it clashes with my gown anyway

My date?


Look what they are doing to the statues!


I’m going to sneak some of these into the show-

oscarchocLittle chocolate Oscars

A gift for Carolyn, since she is so colorful:


And last but not least, a little giggle: