Photoshopping and Planting


Two things I have been doing. Late last night I was working on a photo of me when I was about 6-7. It was taken for a contest for ‘cute kids’ way back when. Neither my brother or I won. Here’s the original-encased in plastic that was then bend. I had to use a filter over it to help with my forehead’s mark. I’m not totally happy with this-forgot my right arm and I just couldn’t get the forehead any better. But that is the correct color of the photo now.


to this:


And one of my 3 siblings and me:



Couldn’t help compare this to my pal Barbara’s kiddos as she has a big boy and a little boy with a boy and girl in the middle. Dave is 12.5 yrs older than Ken whereas Don and I were 1 yr and 8 days apart.


Then I was potting up baby coleus my Flickr pal Joy had left at her house for me on Tuesday. I hope they grow nice and bushy!



Tonight I watched Kate Winslet’s Oscar winning performance with Sean. ‘The Reader’ was a wonderful movie, but does have nudity and sex in the first half hour…so if you want to rent it, I’d watch it with the over 21 crowd.


I have to make something good for dinner today as for two meals yesterday we ate take-out. I am having ‘a visitor’ now every 3.5 weeks and it’s pulling me down. I’m hoping it will lead to longer times between-mom said she had this issue too. It ain’t easy girls.

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  1. I watched another Cate in a movie last night – Cate Blanchett in Little Fish. It came on TV really late, though, so I didn’t see the whole thing.

    Those are such sweet photos of yourself and your siblings. 😀 It’s funny to think of Rowen maybe someday blogging about her siblings when she’s our age. Weird!

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