Good Walking Day


Good Witch 4" x 4" Collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

The scent of fall (plus spent mushroom dirt-ugh) was in the air today as Sean and I went to the park-for the second time this week for me! Don’t faint! I’ve walked over a mile in two days. We have a lovely park (and I was going to bring my camera and forgot) a few miles away. Sean use to run on the h.s. track, but now that school is in session, he’s gone back to the park. He’s doing 3/4 mile, but stops a few times. I really try not to stop on my 1/2 mile. I did feel better today-not as achy.
I decided to do Glinda today. Who doesn’t love Glinda with her big pink bubble and equal bubblegum pink gown? I also loved her crown! I knew the movie was old when I was a kid (at least 25 yrs or so when I first saw it) and I couldn’t believe she would have a crown that looked plastic like my toys-lol. Did you not love her voice, rather high and Munchkin-like?
I thought my handmade paper made a great bubble!
Here is a comparsion of the two cards-I didn’t use the first as a reference, but used the same swirls and the homemade paper in different colors.

Comparsion of the two witch collage

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