Went to see my Uncle


Sean and I went to see Uncle Don on Saturday afternoon. I mentally get myself ready to go in a hospital, especially one I have recent scary memories about-like taking Brian to the ER in 4/09 and me having all those mammograms and the biopsy in 11/07. So as I walked past those places, I tried to focus on being sweet for my uncle who use to call me ‘baby doll’, etc. We get off the elevator and there was my mom and she says, I want to prepare you as he doesn’t look good at all, etc. I don’t know about you, but I want to be the judge on how I think people look and she made me all nervous and I had that post nasal issue and a funny feeling in my tummy. Uncle Don was covered over up to his neck, though it was hot in there. He was laying down and he’s only about 130 on a 5’11” frame, so he’s all skin and bones. He was tired as they had him up and walking a bit. His color is a bit pasty too. He asked how Bri’s dad was and also asked Sean when ‘Joe Pa’ was coming on (Penn State football). We only saw him for 15 minutes and left! I bet he went right to sleep and I hope he saw the game. He has a lot of contraptions around him too. It’s hard to go and stare at a sick one. I think he appreciated us saying ‘hi’ at least. He probably will be put right into a nursing home.
And Brian got his dad to the eye doctor for the 1st time in at least 15+ yrs. He of course has cataracts (age 87 like Uncle Don) and needs to have them removed. The eye doctor said he wouldn’t pass a driver’s test either.
After we left the hospital, my mom and her friend followed us to the Chester County book sale about 10 miles or so away. They had tons of books and we purchased a few and found some gems like a book about the town where mom grew up (Lansdowne, PA) and a book about the Brandywine area (where we live now). We parted ways and Sean and I went in the adjacent mall and got a Five Guys burger as we basically skipped lunch.
We started to watch ‘The Lovely Bones’ later and we looked up the movie on Wikipedia and found out that the author, Alice Sebold grew up in the same area as Brian did! Cool. The movie is based in Norristown, PA., about an hour from here.
Turn your clocks back people!

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  1. I know what you mean about going into a hospital room–I am always aprehensive about how they will look. I am glad you were able to have a nice visit with your uncle.

    I have been busy working inside all day today. I am finally taking a break before cooking dinner. It feels good to have accomplished a lot of cleaning, but geez I am worn out!

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