Thumbs up!


A few hours ago, I went back to the eye doctor and a young man (not sure if he was a doctor or assistant) not much older than Sean looked at my optic nerves with a fancy machine. I had to stare at a green star twice while an infrared line went down the screen for 5 seconds. He said everything looked fine, no glaucoma! I feel truly blessed, but also feel for my mom who just had her umpteenth needle in her eye yesterday. She still drives and plans to come out here on Friday. Unfortunately most of us will get cataracts and glaucoma sometime down the road.

Happy 15th to my third nephew Kenny! He’s a talented guitarist, artist and now ‘remodeling’ an old Ford Falcon and doing a great job with that. All that talent started to shine when he was just a little tyke.
Sad to hear of the passing of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor. She said she lived her life to the fullest when she was well. She sure did after having 7 husbands! She was a beautiful woman with her violet color eyes and perfect face. I thought ‘National Velvet’ was one of her best movies.
Speaking of movies, my favorite two were named ‘Best in Film’ on ABC last night. ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. : ) They were both made in 1939, 20 yrs before I was born.

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