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Tomato and Zucchini explosion!


I just picked these a few hours ago! I think I’ll be making salsa and freezing some Romas tomorrow. Just moving the garden did this. Unfortunately, I’m getting ‘nibbler invaders’ who are sneaking in and eating pieces out of so many tomatoes. I can’t tell you how many I tossed today! We have been picking them when they are still not quite ripe. I am seeing stink bugs in the garden, but I think squirrels, etc are having a snack. You can see a nibble out of one of the Romas.

I keep adding to the mix


First of all Happy 88th Birthday to Brian’s dad Frannie! Wow, that is a milestone birthday. The guys are seeing him after work. I’m not as they both are taking separate cars. He was rather ill last year and could barely get around. He is so much better this year though we worry about him living on his own. The yard is way too much work. He has a guy cut the grass and trim some stuff, but he got poison ivy bad in the backyard and doesn’t want to tackle that! I don’t blame him. He needs a super duper bottle of weed killer.

Yesterday I was down in my hometown to accompany mom to the doctor. She has had a sore right arm off and on and the doctor thinks it’s a pulled muscle. He took blood to keep her sugar in check. After she was finished, we went across the street to an Asian market and produce place. I was snooping around (lots of their things are picked over now), but I found this beauty, a Passion Flower for only $14.99. I know if I had gone to the garden center I went to later to purchase the same thing, it would have been at least $40 or more.


My friend Meg had one a few years ago and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I will have to see if it gets fruit.
Mom and I had some salad and gourmet pizza next. I only eat one piece and eat mostly salad. I lost 5 pounds in a month which is a small feat for me! I’m trying to loss in 5 pound intervals which is the safest and most practical way.
After dinner we went to JoAnn’s and their lawn decor is down to 60% off. I got a few more gnomes as some here getting old and broken. I didn’t stop there and usually overdo it at that store.
After I dropped mom off, I headed to the fancy Terrain garden center again. Remember the pocket gardens from a few weeks ago? I looked closely at them and they could surely be made from gardeners’ block fabric, maybe doubled. My camera was losing it’s charge or I would have taken a photo to show how bushy everything got! Great idea. I was looking for things for a few bowl gardens. Remember they are pricey and I went ahead and did buy some things like an ice plant, etc. Also found a chocolate Cosmo-it sure looks like the color of chocolate.
Today it’s like a sauna outside and the catkins are falling from the Chestnut trees. I did up two bowls with the new plants. I think they need a few decorations in them! I’ll share soon.

Not sure if you have heard of the ‘Jackass’ tv shows and movies, but pretty sure you have. It was all over the news that one of the stars, 34 yr old Ryan Dunn was killed early Monday morning in a firey car crash along with his friend Zack. They were driving at 130 and his alcohol level was twice what it should be. That happened near the hospital I was in for my appendix in January as they both lived in West Chester, PA. So some people are cashing in on this tragedy-this one lady sold the local paper about the crash for $10K and another is up to $100k on eBay! Not sure if they are legit, but they do look like they are. I hope she donates some of her winnings to MADD (Mothers against drunk driving). Although this is indeed a tragedy and it took 2 lives, he could have hit other vehicles instead of going through a grove of trees. By the way, Brian works for the paper that got the big bids.

Wall of Pockets


The Terrain Wall Pockets of plants
I went down to my hometown to get my mom to stay over as she has a hearing aid appt at a place that is local to me. I almost didn’t get this shot as the mirror phone protector was making it hard to capture this shot. Aren’t these neat? I think they are made of fabric. I guess I should take a closer look next time I go. My mom looked at was this huge hanging basket that was $85! This place has a display at the Philadelphia Flower each year and I love to see their color combos and other things. You just can’t touch the prices-$5-$8 for small plants is my limit. I got a Coleus, a Throatwart , a black ornamental pepper and a fern on sale. Mom got a black Petunia and a yellow Lantana.

Tomorrow the temp will be around 100 and the three of us (Bri, Sean and me) had tummy issues-from our dinner last night so I hope we are all better then. Sean and I are peppier, but Bri is still blah. We had wheat pasta and a salad with alfalfa sprouts on top (the lid said they were tested for e.coli-so I hope that’s so).
Terrarium at The Terrain Greenhouse
Isn’t this a sweet terrarium?

Neat find


Dress form made with florals, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Floral Dress farm at nursery for sale
Brian and I were garden center hopping yesterday. We got most of what we needed at Lowes (mulch, 75% off plants). We then stopped at a few more places (even a winery where we got snubbed-guess we looked too casual-I don’t know). These neat floral dress forms were at the last place. It sure looks like real flowers. I didn’t go and touch it, but will the next time. I noticed the price tag-$200! Makes me want to make my own!
Here’s the pond at the nursery. They have great supplies here for ponds:
Pond at Gateway Gardens
Today was mulching day-went through 3 bags and need a few more. Everything that was mulched looks so much nicer. I realized I haven’t edged gardens for a while. I may do that too, but I have to recover a bit from the mulching. And yesterday we put in a new round garden. I think it looks like a little pony corral-Brian isn’t sure he likes it, but the other garden isn’t doing anything and we had to move it if we wanted to get anything. It has 12 tomatoes and about 8 green peppers planted in it now. I want to add cucumbers and zucchini in the middle.
The DB Corral Veggie patch
Those are daffodils I need to tie up.

A part of the fairy garden after mulching. I stepped on some fairy wings and broke them. Is that bad luck? : )
Fairy garden freshy mulched
And to close…this was a birdbath, but it just got so dirty. I added some soil and made it a little fairy garden. That’s portulaca and a geranium. There’s a blue gravel ‘stream’ and some pebbles…and moss! I have some moss on top of the mulch-not sure if that will work.
Fairy planter

Happy New Year 2011 Giveaway!


I decided it would be fun to give away a book a month since I love them so much and like to share. For the new year, I am offering the ultimate domestic goddess cookbook by Martha*Stewart. I lifted the photo from another website, so please ignore the ‘look inside’

All you have to do is leave a comment here. If you have any resolutions, let me know. I have to get a bit more serious about exercise, etc. because of health concerns. (Taking medication daily for the first time in my life).
I will pick a winner in the middle of January, around the 15th. This time I will make you an Artist Trading card to go with cooking or maybe being a domestic goddess! Good luck-it’s a nice, big fat book (I own another copy of it).

Life is a Voyage


With so many people traveling this week for Thanksgiving, I found this saved calendar page from Mary Englebreit a good choice for a collage. I added the pink sunglasses-aren’t they cute? I was thinking about an old friend that travels a lot and wonder where she has been or is going.
Had a nice pork roast and sauteed mushroom salad for dinner.
Here’s Kate’s Quilt table piece I bought. Her contact info is under the photo on Flickr. I don’t have a link to her other pieces. This was only $10.
Handmade quilted table decor
Here is my knitted pom-pom scarf! Please note the newly ‘stuffed’ seat cushion it is on. : )
My first knitted pom-pom scarf
Very easy to do!
Here is my e-reader from Brian…
My new e-reader-Libre
I tried to download an Oz book and the pictures didn’t show, but the words were there.
The house is still in an uproar!
I’m waiting on the bloodwork results and am a bit nervous. Crossing fingers!

Flower head and fun finds


Flower head 4" x 4" collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I told Bri I was going to find my collage piece out of my box of scraps. I had scanned the perfume ad from an advertising book of my mom’s. Someone made me the paper on her right. I just filled in the rest with similar colors and interesting shapes.

Today I ran some errands and also gave the van a little workout to see how the transmission is holding up. My mechanic brother told me it had a leak way underneath. I drove about 30 miles today and it was ok, though runs a bit rough. I went to the TD Bank and cashed in coins. I guessed within a $1.99 and won a small prize of chapstick. I know that our little can in the kitchen holds between $50-55 and I took out $5 for the kitty. Then I dropped off stuff at the Goodwill. I just can’t seem to get up energy for a yard sale this year. Maybe in the spring. I drove to the thrift store about 10 miles away and found some goodies!
Here are two:
Newly found Mushrooms
The mushrooms flanking the fabric pumpkin (which I found in a bag in the basement!).
This pretty light aqua candy dish (guess I have a collection now!)
Light blue candy dish
These itty bitty Salt and Pepper shakers:
2" tall corn on the cob S&P shakers
And these awesome shot glasses and I think highball glasses for 33 cents each.
High Ball glasses?
I need to tidy up my table again and add these! I plan to use the shot glasses for soup or dessert which seems to be all the vogue now.
Tomorrow it is going to rain like crazy-I canceled my dental appointment. I want to start to switch my summer clothes out as I am running out of clothes to wear and I won’t be doing tank tops anymore.
Hoping to stay safe and dry and wish my guys could too.
And how cute is this collage of my Sean at 7 months?
Seanie boy Age 7 months
I remember he had just started to sit up and was so proud of himself. He had the biggest toothless smile. : )

Oh Mexico!


Oh Mexico! 4" x 4" collage, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

We went to Cancun back on our honeymoon in 1984. Never been out of the country since then. It was very exotic and wild too. We stayed in a place overlooking the gulf and the water was crystal blue. One day we went to the ruins which was an hour’s drive straight through the jungle You’d see little huts with antennas coming out of their roofs.
Sean found these ‘stamps’ at the thrift shop we went to yesterday on the $1 table. I used some of my homemade paper and also the school of fish that I used the bottom of yesterday.
My vintage find was the little teabag holders.
Vintage find-4 tea bag holders
Vintage tea bag holders in use

I’d say they have to be at least from the 1960s, not sure. There are a few chips out of them, but they are a complete set. Too cute.

Seed collecting


Just wondering if any of my gardening friends would like some Chocolate sunflower seeds, Dinner plate hibiscus or Cleome seeds? I am in the process of getting them rounded up. The Hibiscus and Cleome are okay, but the Sunflower heads need to dry out a bit. The birds got a lot of them too.
I had purchased the Hibiscus from an eBay seller and started them in pots. They do come up again year after year. The branches looks dead and all of the sudden you see green ones coming up. The Cleomes are self-seeders too.
Let me know. And if you had some to share with me-that would be cool!
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Dinner Plate Hibiscus
Chocolate Sunflowers
Chocolate Sunflower