Wall of Pockets


The Terrain Wall Pockets of plants
I went down to my hometown to get my mom to stay over as she has a hearing aid appt at a place that is local to me. I almost didn’t get this shot as the mirror phone protector was making it hard to capture this shot. Aren’t these neat? I think they are made of fabric. I guess I should take a closer look next time I go. My mom looked at was this huge hanging basket that was $85! This place has a display at the Philadelphia Flower each year and I love to see their color combos and other things. You just can’t touch the prices-$5-$8 for small plants is my limit. I got a Coleus, a Throatwart , a black ornamental pepper and a fern on sale. Mom got a black Petunia and a yellow Lantana.

Tomorrow the temp will be around 100 and the three of us (Bri, Sean and me) had tummy issues-from our dinner last night so I hope we are all better then. Sean and I are peppier, but Bri is still blah. We had wheat pasta and a salad with alfalfa sprouts on top (the lid said they were tested for e.coli-so I hope that’s so).
Terrarium at The Terrain Greenhouse
Isn’t this a sweet terrarium?

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  1. Hi Dianne – do you have Roamy? Let me know his progress so I can post it on his site, and then who you are sending him to – we want to keep him moving..

    Thanks! Karen of The Roaming Gnome…

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