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Tomato and Zucchini explosion!


I just picked these a few hours ago! I think I’ll be making salsa and freezing some Romas tomorrow. Just moving the garden did this. Unfortunately, I’m getting ‘nibbler invaders’ who are sneaking in and eating pieces out of so many tomatoes. I can’t tell you how many I tossed today! We have been picking them when they are still not quite ripe. I am seeing stink bugs in the garden, but I think squirrels, etc are having a snack. You can see a nibble out of one of the Romas.

A few phone camera shares


The tomatoes! They are getting ripe now. Thank goodness we moved the garden as they are as big as softballs (some of them). The Romas are very chunky and meaty.

The color is off-these are certainly more red than orangish yellow.
Sean and I were driving around the other end of the county and found a Big Lots tonight! I happen to find some Crocs for only $15 and they are comfy!

This was Cosmo wanting to get up on my lap-nothing new!

I got the voucher info for the Beatlemania trip and I had to call the hotel to make arrangements. I could pick any day I wanted, so I picked a Saturday! Sean can come! He may not hear any of the bands, but how can you not even if you were standing near the gate? We can take turns anyway. He may take the Metro to DC or he could certainly go to Alexandria. The hotel looks like it has enough to it to keep anyone busy. Can’t wait!
Tip from Pinterest ‘pinner’-when you get strawberries, add them to diluted vinegar (white or apple) and you can rinse them or not. Suppose to get the bacteria off them and make them last longer. I’m trying it, but I’m also making some strawberry pops today.