I keep adding to the mix


First of all Happy 88th Birthday to Brian’s dad Frannie! Wow, that is a milestone birthday. The guys are seeing him after work. I’m not as they both are taking separate cars. He was rather ill last year and could barely get around. He is so much better this year though we worry about him living on his own. The yard is way too much work. He has a guy cut the grass and trim some stuff, but he got poison ivy bad in the backyard and doesn’t want to tackle that! I don’t blame him. He needs a super duper bottle of weed killer.

Yesterday I was down in my hometown to accompany mom to the doctor. She has had a sore right arm off and on and the doctor thinks it’s a pulled muscle. He took blood to keep her sugar in check. After she was finished, we went across the street to an Asian market and produce place. I was snooping around (lots of their things are picked over now), but I found this beauty, a Passion Flower for only $14.99. I know if I had gone to the garden center I went to later to purchase the same thing, it would have been at least $40 or more.


My friend Meg had one a few years ago and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I will have to see if it gets fruit.
Mom and I had some salad and gourmet pizza next. I only eat one piece and eat mostly salad. I lost 5 pounds in a month which is a small feat for me! I’m trying to loss in 5 pound intervals which is the safest and most practical way.
After dinner we went to JoAnn’s and their lawn decor is down to 60% off. I got a few more gnomes as some here getting old and broken. I didn’t stop there and usually overdo it at that store.
After I dropped mom off, I headed to the fancy Terrain garden center again. Remember the pocket gardens from a few weeks ago? I looked closely at them and they could surely be made from gardeners’ block fabric, maybe doubled. My camera was losing it’s charge or I would have taken a photo to show how bushy everything got! Great idea. I was looking for things for a few bowl gardens. Remember they are pricey and I went ahead and did buy some things like an ice plant, etc. Also found a chocolate Cosmo-it sure looks like the color of chocolate.
Today it’s like a sauna outside and the catkins are falling from the Chestnut trees. I did up two bowls with the new plants. I think they need a few decorations in them! I’ll share soon.

Not sure if you have heard of the ‘Jackass’ tv shows and movies, but pretty sure you have. It was all over the news that one of the stars, 34 yr old Ryan Dunn was killed early Monday morning in a firey car crash along with his friend Zack. They were driving at 130 and his alcohol level was twice what it should be. That happened near the hospital I was in for my appendix in January as they both lived in West Chester, PA. So some people are cashing in on this tragedy-this one lady sold the local paper about the crash for $10K and another is up to $100k on eBay! Not sure if they are legit, but they do look like they are. I hope she donates some of her winnings to MADD (Mothers against drunk driving). Although this is indeed a tragedy and it took 2 lives, he could have hit other vehicles instead of going through a grove of trees. By the way, Brian works for the paper that got the big bids.

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  1. Cool Passion flower, Dianne! I hope it does great for you.

    I saw where Joanne’s had 60% off, but I just can’t get myself to go there after work. I like to get home and stay there after working all day. Maybe I can get to Joanne’s this weekend.

    It is humid here today, but only 66 degrees, so very tolerable.

    I have never seen chocolate cosmos for sale around here. We are so limited in what’s available to purchase. I will be watching to see yours.

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